Oreimo S2 Review

Oregairu’s review has been delayed because I spent a few good hours trying to find a good style to write them in and rewrote it around 2 times. So I decided to go reviewing the other series this season before I get more late work piled on me.

When I saw the end to Oreimo a few years ago, I was left satisfied with the ending. The relationship seemed fixed and Kyosuke had himself a few new friends to enjoy his new hobby with. Then the OVA’s came that followed the True Route (AKA: the light novel path) and that spiraled Kyosuke to get Kirino back from her leave overseas and also open up a romantic oppertunity with Kuroneko. Even then, I found the ending decent and didn’t expect any more from this series.

Unless I’m actively searching for that one anime adaptation of a LN or manga series, I usually don’t pay too much mind to new series. Hell I wasn’t even looking foward to almost half of the series this season with all the second seasons and revamped series. When I learned Oreimo would itself a second season, I questioned myself: What exactly is there left to tell?


Apparently, I wasn’t alone in my sentiments as some other watchers thought that the beloved series of otaku’s doing what otaku’s do will become yet another highschool harem. So did it become one?

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