Oregairu Episode 11-12

I think this might turn out to be my favorite series of the season. Shingeki no Kyojin’s 2-3 episodes of exposition made it lag in my opinion and these episodes for Oregairu were just great.

I cannot WAIT to fully talk about this season’s shows.

Anyway, Wednesday will have its obligatory Music + Announcement post so I’ll cover what I need to then. So let’s head right into Episode 11 and 12 0f Oregairu

Hikigaya’s class rehearses a play…by the fujoshi. Hayama and Saika have the lead role with……”interesting” dialogue. Sagami bitches out on the prop makers while she at least commends Saki (yeah, haven’t seen her in a while have we?) for her costume work. Yui gets a rare call from Hikigaya who tells her that Yukino has no shown up for school today.

Oregairu Visiting

Yui and Hikigaya visits Yukino’s lofty apartment room and it turns out quite empty. Even though she feels a bit uneasy, Yukino has been working at home to compensate her absence. Hikigaya isn’t too keen about having Yukino and himself do all the work, while she see’s no big problem, Hikigaya does. Yukino goes off to get some tea and Hikigaya drinks it down quickly to leave the house. Yui tries to follow but Yukino slows her down with a rare compliment. Downstairs, Hikigaya seems prepared to pull something off.

Oregairu Change the world

The next day, the committee is in slow business and Yukino is prompted to star off when Sagami doesn’t. The topic of the discussion being slogans for the entire event. Each one gets rejected and Sagami decides to put on up with her friends. The slogan reads “A cultural festival where everyone cooperates”. Hikigaya then strikes, starting off with a large sigh in front of the group. Sagami then asks if he has anything better.


Hikigaya then proposes his slogan: Human. A cultural festival where if you look at it closely, one side is just relaxing. Everyone is stunned for a second then Haruno breaks out laughing. Shizuka then asks for an explanation and Hikigaya proceeds describing the character for human that resembles people supporting eachother. He continues with inspecting that one of the “persons” is actually leaning on the other for support and it perfectly fits a certain committee and its chairman.

Oregairu Rejected

He then adds a little personal statement that he’s getting too much work. Sagami is left speechless while Yukino covers her face and tries really hard not to laugh. Yukino then rejects Hikigaya’s suggestion with a smile. The meeting concludes on grounds of nothing to be accomplished at the current time.

Oregairu WaveOregairu Smile

As Hikigaya walks out, he finds Yukino waiting and asks him that he should clear everyone’s misunderstandings about his statement. He rejects that as he see’s nothing wrong with the solution he has achieved. After exchanging a few quips, Yukino says goodbye and even waves her hand. Hikigaya for once genuinly smiles and exchanges farewells like a normal person.

By the next day, the slogan is decided and everyone heads off to finish their work. Hikigaya already has himself a pile and he gets visited by Haruno. She gives him a piece of advice disguised as a riddle where she asks what holds a group together. Hikigaya thinks of a ruthless leader and he is corrected with the answer: a common enemy. Haruno seems to have realized what Hikigaya has done to himself and eventually Yukino forcibly enters the conversation and piles even more work.

Oregairu Blush

The day of the event comes and begins with a small pep rally done by the committee. Sagami is prompted to give a few opening words to the entire festival but fails to say anything. Hikigaya tries to signal her to get off the stage but his natural lack of presence is not helping. He gets into an argument with Yukino but that stops when Hayama informs them that everyone can hear them.

Oregairu JealousyOregairu Time Alone

The fujoshi’s play garners significant attention from the girls. I understand that Hayama is liked by everyone but I guess Saika is adored by the girls too. Other than that, Hikigaya sits outside managing and Yui joins him with some cake. Yui more or less hints that she’s interested but Hikigaya really has nothing to say about that. Hikigaya more or less suggests that he’ll buy something else for themselves at a later time.

Oregairu Amazed Komachi

Hikigaya seems to have been inducted to the photography unit as he goes around the festival taking pictures. Komachi jumps him and is impressed to see her brother actually doing something. She goes off to have some fun while Hikigaya encounters Yukino and follows her to where everyone else seems to be rushing off to. We see Haruno conducting a jazzy band ensemble. He’s suprised to hear her praise her sister and lightly mentions that she’s fine the way she is.

Oregairu Reliance

Yukino is informed that Sagami is nowhere to be found and that she is needed to finish off the festivities. Having no choice, they decide to delay the end by having a few filler performances. Hayama convinces Yuiko to sing one more song and in the worst case scenario, Yukino decides to make a makeshift band as well. She asks Haruno for help but a small confrontational conversation occurs that ends with Yukino stating that she will owe on to her sister. With the committee 3rd year (I forgot her name, but she’s a likable character), Haruno, Shizuka, Yukino, and Yui forming a band, Hikigaya is now tasked to finding Sagami.

Hikigaya enters Batman’s detective mode and tries to list out all the locations a person with no where else to be would go. He also narrows it down to where a person who desperately needs some sugar-coated words to comfort her would go. He calls up the chunnibyou and eventually gets intel and locates Sagami on the roof. Hikigaya tries to convince Sagami to attend the last event and he respects Yukino’s efforts and refuses to just take the information only. Hikigaya knows exactly what Sagami needs to hear to convince her to go, but he’s not the person or has the considerate attitude to say it.

Hayama along with Sagami’s friends finally join them on the roof and Hikigaya is relieved because Hayama is exactly the guy who can convince her to leave. Hikigaya then takes this chance to finally do things his way once more. Realizing that she’ll only get berated onstage, he decides to take upon the ridicule she’s going to get and direct it onto himself.

Hikigaya calls out Sagami’s attitude of needing pampering and words of praise. Her actions of being on the rooftop an evident example of wanting to hear herself being “needed”. She wanted to be like Yukino and be someone who could be relied on. Instead, she only used her position as chairman to boss people around without actually being relied upon to do anything. Hikigaya laughs as he is entertained to realize that he was the first one to find her, even though he doesn’t even know her that well.

Oregairu Hayama

Hayama pins Hikigaya to the wall and tells him to quiet down. The girls comfort Sagami as they leave the roof and Hayama joins them. Before he leaves though, Hayama seems to understand what Hikigaya was going for, but is unable to comprehend why Hikigaya must take this sort of path to achieve his goals. Hikigaya then walks in to the makeshift band’s stellar performance and sits through the pitiful ending with Sagami’s closing speech.

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Oregairu QQ

Sagami bawls once the ordeal ends and the news spreads quickly about what Hikigaya said to her. Everyone seems to blame Hikigaya for the mess with at least Hayama recognizing why. Saki doesn’t seem to care too much, Saika is bit worried, while Chunnibyou is pleased with our hero’s actions. Haruno seems to approve of Hikigaya’s choices and leaves with her usual attitude. Shizuka however stays to relay a few words to her student.

Oregairu Shizuka

Technically speaking, Hikigaya’s actions has led to a very successful festival but Shizuka finds it hard to praise him. Shizuka takes Hikigaya’s face and says that helping people at his expense is not justifiable. She says that while he might not get hurt by these turn of events personally, some people might get hurt seeing him get hurt anyway. Hikigaya heads up to the club room and finds Yukino in there as well.

Smiling, Yukino asks how it feels to be hated so much by the entire school. Hikigaya responds back with their usual volley of retaliatory comebacks and finds Yukino filling out a sheet for future plans while he decided to finish off the committee work here. Yukino seems to finally awknowledge Hikigaya’s worth. Even Hikigaya admits to himself that because they’re so different, he actually finds some joy in their small arguments. Hikigaya ponders to himself if he can finally ask THE question.

Oregairu Wink

Hikigaya asks if Yukino would be his- and then he then gets rejected before he finishes. Hikigaya complains but Yukino asserts that she can never be friends with him. Yukino does reassure him though, she says that she didn’t know him before (rather she didn’t want to know) but now, while winking, says that she understands who he is. Before their conversation continues, Yui walks in and Hikigaya thinks to himself and forsees his time as a loner might come to an end.

Boy did I love these two episodes. I wrote a review beforehand on these episodes but they were too lengthy so I decided to write a new one. These two episodes, other than showing how much Hikigaya is Batman, shows how far our lovable cast has developed so far. From Yukino’s trust to Yui, mutual friendliness with Hikigaya and Yukino (dat laugh and wave), near confession-like lines, and putting trust in one another really does me some good to see some progress between characters who started out with nearly any social skill. Hikigaya’s slogan comment and speech to Sagami served their purposes and only those who are a bit more perceptive seems to know why he did so. Haruno’s comment on the “common enemy” was latched onto Sagami due to ineffective leadership and Hikigaya took it upon himself to relieve everyone of their hatred for her onto himself, projecting an image that he doesn’t want to do work and saying some toxic stuff to Sagami in front of her friends and Hayama. Hikigaya denies it but he definitely is Hayama’s foil, or rather the other way around, since the former is the main character and all. I loved the talk with Hikigaya and Yukino at the end. It ended the way the series started off but their talk is much more friendly, so much that Hikigaya confesses that he enjoys their quick arguments. I’m not sure if Hikigaya wanted to ask Yukino to be his girlfriend or just a regular friend but Yukino gives a quick answer. While he is rejected, that wink at the end….it definitely meant something that she suggests that they’re more than just “friends” already.

Episode 13 will be an original story written by the LN author so it will not continue to current story arc. Still, as long as I get to see more of this series, I’m content with anything they give me.

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  1. Hachiman, one of the best male leads for his haughty, yet pessimistic personality. And Yukino, that awkward wave is lovely indeed.

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