Hataraku Maou Sama Episode 11-12

The subplot that started a few episodes finally surfaces and who else is more suspicious that our very own Team Rocket James Rival store owner. With Episode 11 having very few content for me to actually cover, I decided to bundle 12 with it since 13 will be the last episode. The fighting isn’t as good as the big fight that happened before but it definitely was a lot funnier.

The demon trio are in a slump when Alsiel is too sick to make anything, so it’s up to Maou to get some food done. They get a letter from the landlady about putting out all the crap she bought in Hawaii in the neighborhood bazaar that’s coming up.

Maou Kamazuki's Hammer

We get a glimpse of what Kamazuki did back on Ente Isla shortly after Emilia’s portal jump. The Church and an Alliance of Knights vye for dominance in influence and power and Kamazuki is caught in this feud as an assassin under Olba. Honestly though, I can’t take assassins seriously when they use a hammer like that.

Chiho shows up the next day at the demon residence to see it filled with boxes of Hawaiian loot. The house is completely stocked with merchandise and they request help in organizing it. Urushihara feels Emilia’s presence and it turns out that he planted a tracking device in her bag a while ago. Maou opens the door to yell at her but Emilia was checking in on Kamazuki instead. The combined crew spend the whole day getting everything prepared and all the while, Kamazuki seems out of it.

Kamazuki sits down on a bench to collect her thoughts and a familiar looking man with wings asks her to complete her assignment. She ponders of her previous duty of merciless assassinations. She joins Chiho and Emilia on the way home.

Maou Sad Chiho

Kamazuki comes right out with it and reveals who she really is to Chiho. Emilia isn’t too keen on that and Kamazuki mentions that she plans on killing Maou. Chiho, of course is completely against such a brutal frankness in Kamazuki’s words. The latter has observed the demon lord closely and seems to see a conniving individual than a legitimate hard-worker. Chiho defends Maou’s actions and when things get to a pitch, Emilia breaks in and while she agrees with Kamazuki’s ideas, isn’t willing to outright kill Maou just yet. Kamazuki leaves and then the assailant from the convienence store shows up to wreck some shit. The blue haired angel who previously fought Emilia unveils his scythe’s power to negate sacred magic and Emilia is beaten. Chiho is put unconscience by Kamazuki.

Maou Eyes

Maou gets a call from Chiho’s mother and is told that she hasn’t come back home. He then gets a call from Urushihara who did some snooping around on Sentucky’s employee list and reveals that the manager isn’t even on the list at all. With locations pinpointed by the tracking device, Maou leaves to save the day.

Maou Orba

Alsiel finds himself in the hospital and he walks out of his room to find a police officer unconscience. He gets punched by Orba who happened to be in the hospital as well and he leaves with Alsiel’s house information.

Maou Imprisoned

We see Kamazuki and James up on the roof with Emilia pinned by some rings. James occasionally takes some pot shots at her to get her to release the sacred blade and give it back to the angels. While all that’s going on, Maou finally reaches the premises, but gets knocked over by the barrier set up. James notices the disturbance sends Kamazuki to deal with Maou, who has just destroyed the barrier.

Maou Angry Kamazuki

Kamazuki descends and makes her presence known as she demolishes Maou’s bike in front of him. He appears to be more sad over the state of his bike than seeing his neighbor hostile toward him. Seeing as though she’s not going to stop swinging her comically oversized hamer anytime soon, Maou pleads for her to stop for just one minute so he can undress himself. Either he sees the situation to be unworthy of his work uniform or he holds the work uniform in high regards anyway (I would love to think as the former though).

Maou Shirtless

So it turns out that Maou knew of Kamazuki’s intentions all along, hell everyone in the demon household knew of her origins. Maou had appreciated her efforts and decided to ignore whatever potential mess she could have caused. Maou is disappointed though, he thought she adapted to the modern life and threw away some hostile desire but ended up endangering everyone. Even though Maou talks big, he used up his magic breaking the barrier and gets hammered. He gets up and approaches the building and Kamazuki doesn’t try to stop him.

Maou Return

Urushihara has been holding down the fort and wonders how the entire situation is going. He answers the doorbell thinking it’s Maou but finds Orba instead. The fallen priest offers him one more chance to get to heaven and Urushihara dons his sly smile once more.

James…err Sariel gets his powers from the moon and since he’s in a pretty high spot, abuses his powers around. He decides to just forcibly take the sacred sword from Emilia’s body. That leads to him to mentioning how flat Emilia is and expresses interest in Chiho. The angel gets berated with accusations of being a pervert and then silences everyone when he pulls out his scythe. Emilia warns him that if anything happens to Chiho, Maou will probably tear him apart.

Maou Alsiel

Maou finally does reach the top of the building after scaling the flight of stairs but finds himself out matched as he has no magic. Orba with the help of Urushihara was able to get Emilia’s bag that contained the Holy Vitamins she had recieved earlier. Using his replenished mana, Orba casts a large spell that brings the moon closer. While this does empower Sariel a bit more, the panic of the citizens envelops Maou’s body and restores him to his glorious form. Even at the outskirts of town, Alsiel awakens from his painful slumber.

Maou Lucifer

The overflow of magic begins to harm his surroundings and Kamazuki finally joins our crew’s side as she protects Chiho from demonic magic. Orba now awaits for Sariel to dispose of Maou and Urushihara asks if he can take Emilia’s bag. Orba realizes that even Urushihara has turned over a new leaf and prepares to fight, but gets Shoryuken’d.

Maou Satan

Maou’s fight with Sariel proves to be quick and one of Maou’s tricks involve him disguising himself as Chiho to get a free shot at Sariel. A rather concussive kick makes Emilia fly off the building but he promptly saves her. Maou then delivers the finishing blow by transforming his trust broom into an oversized sword.

Maou realizes that he must now relinquish what magic he has left to repair the large amount of damage the fight caused. Alsiel finally shows up to aid the fight but apologizes for being late as he went back home to get his cape. He starts crying when he finds out he missed the fight. With that, peace is finally restored.

Episode 11 was just boring, I’m sorry. The subplot of this arc was pretty dragged out and I was honestly getting bored (if not for the hilarious demon trio) of the whole thing when it kept going on. Kamazuki’s character was a nice intro but the drag issue persisted. Chiho’s support for Maou and Emilia’s attitude on him definitely seems to have changed for the better. Episode 12 finally brought things along with an equal spotlight on comedy and action which I fairly enjoyed. Everyone got involved and for a second there, I thought Urushihara would turn bad on us again but in the end, he turned out alright. In the end, it turned out alright. Was it worth the wait? Well, I’ll just say if I wouldn’t have been too happy if they dragged it any longer.

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