Galaxy Angel: Fortunes

Forging on ahead.

I apologize firstly for being late and second for the “detached” feel of my coverage so far. Galaxy Angel has the awkward no alt-tabbing thing going so I cannot get the pictures I want to actively keep up with the game’s coverage as much as I want to. So far, I’ve been relentlessly saving and loading in order to get pictures. It’s been hell because in Chapter 2 because I wanted to show all the rooms. Anyways, I promise it will get better and once I get locked into a route, I’ll try to get more pics.

We leave the bridge yet again to go have fun. Because screw work
We leave the bridge yet again to go have fun. Because screw work

So with that, let’s continue on!

Milfie divines herself a fortune. I won't say anything
Milfie divines herself a fortune. I won’t say anything

With the next Chrono Drive scheduled after the fight, Lester tells Tact to go off on his lazy sprees to go hang out with the girls. Ranpha has been conducting everyone’s fortunes and mentions Milfie’s as having horrible luck with the opposite sex. Mint also mentions how Milfie and Ranpha knew eachother before all of this happened. I picked Ranpha’s fortune next and she her fortune comes out with something embarassing that Forte has to take it from her to read it.

Now doesn't that just sound fun
Now doesn’t that just sound fun

Everyone skedaddles and we get 30 minutes to check around the ship.

There’s Forte and Vanilla in the lounge looking for the fortune book but I guess we’ll find out about Vanilla’s fortune a bit later.

Forte in the dining hall with oden stealing. Food in exchange for better attitude (even easier fights?) why not. By the way, she’s not going to pay you back.

Seniority in age, but not by rank. Like hell that's gonna stop her though
Seniority in age, but not by rank. Like hell that’s gonna stop her though

Vanilla in the infirmary and Cera knitting a sweater. Decision to either tell her to make it for us or Vanilla. Now what do you think I chose anyway?

The bridge of course to see the Bridge crew with Almo wanting to date Lester here.

Thus begins a subplot that will remain unanswered for the rest of the entire series
Thus begins a subplot that will remain unanswered for the rest of the entire series

I mean the ENTIRE SERIES. Poor Almo here will never get through our dense (but awesome) 2nd in command (not even in the sequels).

I also checked with Kuromie to see what the girls think. Didn’t get a screencap of it, but I will get more meticulous about this later.

Mint’s attempted trick to see if you have anyone in mind

I'll be honest, I really thought the candy would mean something
I’ll be honest, I really thought the candy would mean something

I mentioned that Shiva had a subroute and since I’m getting paranoid about who I’m going to end up with, I decided to see what Shiva had to say. That led to nothing as the servant tells us that he’s not available. Oh well.

Creta’s idol worship of a young singer in an idol group has been kept secret to her engineer crew for quite some time. It’s only when we hear her scream and see her fawn over the TV that we learn of her fandom craze. She tells us to keep it a secret.

Visiting Ranpha will make her flustered over the divination. We can assure her that it might lead to Lester while it might not go too well if we recommend ourselves. I guess we’re not that appealing….yet

I won't lie, Lester does look a bit more manly than we do
I won’t lie, Lester does look a bit more manly than we do. I blame the eyepatch.

After that, we get news of getting hit by some missiles and shutting off some parts of Block D.  We run to the bridge and identify two unknown fighters. Only Milfie and Ranpha are able to launch and they meet these two: Camus and Guiness.

Smooth Talker
Smooth Talker
No Interior Voice
No Interior Voice

The former being a smooth talker with a rose who creeplily knows what Milfie did during her academy years while meathead Guinness is a guy who has no inner voice and wants to fight strong opponents. They’re not too tough but these guys will return.

Once we repel them off, Ranpha laughs as Milfie’s horoscope comes true while Ranpha is anxious to how hers fulfills itself. Vanilla mentions how the missile did not do signficant damage and wonders if there was another reason for the attack. Chrono drive starts and we get to rest for a bit, then we hear a camera click…

We meet Kuromie in the halls and he mentions seeing us near the locker room while we refute that sighting, he leaves to take a rest and then we hear Ranpha scream. Then this happens

I would call it cliche, but this is from the early 2000's. Sooo pioneering?
I would call it cliche, but this is from the early 2000’s. Sooo pioneering?

Everyone else shows up and Milfie mentions that this relates to the earlier horoscope. They don’t seem too appalled to see their commanding officer be accused of doing something like this. Either they really understand it was an accident or they really expected us to screw up sometime or another.

I guess fortune comes first
I guess fortune comes first

Something isn’t right and we go off to investigate this mysterious imposter onboard.

There's no way I could ever hate this guy
You hear that? Sounds like a friend who’s been through hell and back with you

Lester at the elevator hall has been wanting his break for a bit but more pressing matters seem to be at hand with your “twin” running around. Ranpha apparently is now tailing you like a stalker.

On the Bridge, nothing new is going on other than Lester complaining about being two of us onboard.

GA- Lester's Comments 2

I went ahead to the infirmary to check up on Kuromie, who still seems weirded out by seeing two of us.

Elevator Hall with Mifle with Ranpha hot on your tail. You try to get in an elevator to lose her and uncover more of your imposter and try to get Milfie to trust in you. Being such a nice girl, she has no doubts about you but that nice moment gets awkward when the elevator malfunctions and you’re left in the dark with her. Call up Lester and he sends help but Ranpha just decides to pry open the door herself and runs off.

Too bad we don't see more engineers
Too bad we don’t see more engineers

Creta runs around crying about how we stole a picture of her favorite idol. The big secret’ssout and in her panicking  she’s been yelling about to yes through the Hangar where everyone hears her. Hilariously though, everyone else happens to be a fan of the idol’s group so somehow, everything turned out okay

At the Convienence Store we run into Ranpha again  Objectives change when Ranpha asks to help her find her lucky charm. Being the superstitious girl, you might as well help her and repair your reputation.

I guess to her, it looks legit
Looks legit

Infirmary is in chaos when Cera gets mad at you for unraveling a knit sweater, but you can convince either Vanilla or Ranpha to vouch for your word. LOOK INTO MY EYES VANILLA.

Forte’s gun assembly, you can tell her or agree with Ranpha, Forte knows either way if you took a part of her pistol. About that gun part though, Forte wants it back once you meet her in the halls. She’s a bit skeptical but it’s pretty much certain there’s an asshole on board who looks like us.

Milfie’s room, she helps you look for the charm, no avail. You’d think the luck would actually help us.

Ranpha stops us midway through the hallways to take a bit to thank us for our efforts. Being the really superstitious person she is, she really seems to take the horoscope seriously and thanks us for the help. Lester calls us up and spots the double in the park . Once we arrive, there’s a power outage. Even though she’s a tough girl, Ranpha is scared of the dark (why am I not suprised) but the moment is lost when Shiva happened to be walking by as the lights come back on.  Now out of the bushes, we hear some rustles in the other bush. Then the lights go out and again and then we have two of us.

I like the way she thinks. Least it isn't Forte with a gun
I like the way she thinks. Least it isn’t Forte with a gun

The violent action taken on us and the imposter proves worthwhile as Ranpha’s kick merely leaves a flesh wound on us but a crippling blow to the imposter. The fake loses its image and reverts into a machine and helplessly explodes.

So it turns out that the attack before was just a ploy to get a drone onboard to certify that Shiva was indeed onboard. It only caused a mess because other than locating Shiva, it might as well stir up a feud. With one problem over with, Lester calls up to get our asses up on the Bridge as enemies have been spotted.

Look at the dialogue box
Look at the dialogue box

Enemies around us due to drone’s interferences and information. So combat begins and since this is Ranpha’s chapter, she will most likely get the most kills. Add that prediction with her offensive stats onboard her Emblem Frame and you got her guns doing absurd amount of damage. Coupled with her speed, this might go as the easiest mission.

Aha, she's so happy
Aha, she’s so happy

Once everyone comes back onboard Ranpha is evidently estatic about her performance in her score and then she mutters that. You join the girls later in the lounge again when she hints of some interest in us while it turns out that the horoscope book we used since the beginning of the chapter didn’t really work out. Apparently it only works on Transabaal instead of on a ship, stars don’t align so go figure.

Chapter 3 was pretty short in my opinion and I definitely favor the later chapters. Ranpha was my first choice ever since I was introduced to her character in the anime but I later found someone else I decided to go for. Who might that be? Well, we’ll find out.


Join me next time for Chapter 4!

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