Music of the Week #90


Woah, WordPress got itself a layout change. I’m digging the black color scheme.

Music 8

As usual I’m pretty late with some updates because of some actual internal disorder within my family ranks, but that’s not importan at the moment. Spring is nearing its end and I will be sad to see some really enjoyable series go. Date A Live Review only needs its pictures and Maou + Oregairu still needs its weekly stuff from last week. It will most likely get itself a recap and then a Series review but if things turn out for the worse, series review only. There are two other series getting a series review so look out for those.

Haven’t made a Galaxy Angel update but I have been able to get ahead of it and keep track of my gameplay, so I just need to polish up the writing and add the pictures. My buddies haven’t been able to show up so no Zelda marathon just yet.

Expect Galaxy Angel, Series Reviews, Recap Posts, and the new Summer season in the coming weeks.

This week’s music concludes our Fate Extra Soundtrack selection with my favorite theme, School #. It plays during the last 1-2 weeks you have in hte Holy Grail War and the lonliness of the school is accompanied by some amazing saxophone play with the nice piano in the beginning. Enjoy

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