Galaxy Angel: Touring the Ship

Welcome to the second part of the Summer coverage of the GA trilogy. Currently, the first game is being problematic as it doesn’t allow Alt-tabbing or windowed mode so screencaps will be annoying to get. It was working completely fine with alt-tabbing during the first session of coverage but now it’s just being stupid. Thankfully, the other games are perfectly fine with it so I’ll have an easier time with them.

Chapter 1 had us introduced to everyone and the first half of Chapter 2 is going around the ship meeting everyone and knowing what they usually do. So that’s why I decided to split up the chapter into two parts.

I’m still getting used referring to us as just you and me and also when to use our protagonist’s name. Awkward reading ahead, hopefully I get used to it sooner rather than later.

This part will be the picture-filled part of Chapter 2 while the last half, not so much.

You're telling ME, to turn this thing ALLL THE WAY BACK?
You’re telling ME, to turn this thing ALLL THE WAY BACK?

Repairs to the ship are underway and we are taken by Luft to be introduced to the Prince. Shiva makes it clear that he wishes to retake the empire and orders the ship to return. Luft had apparently given the news sugar coated and we are given the choice to either do the same or outright tell the decimation of his family and planet. Being the honest guy I am, I chose the later. Shiva takes it nicely and agrees with your current course of action and retires.

Look at all dat hair
Look at all dat hair

Luft decides now is the best time to playback an excerpt from the coup’s leader Eonia’s speech. The Angel Troupe are called to the bridge and after viewing the speech, you can give your opinion on the speech. Anyways, it is basically established that Eona is a prick and you’re gonna fight him much later rather than sooner.

Sounds easy enough
Sounds easy enough

We order everyone to return to their posts and Luft asks what we think of the Angels. Luft explains how the Emblem Frames operate in tandem with how the pilot’s mind is. Case in point, he’s worried that if they’re not feeling their best, they will not be able to carry out their assignment. Luft advises us to be their main moral support.

Makes as much as sense as...
Makes as much as sense as…

So we are able to leave our post while Luft and Lester stay behind to scout out other plans. We leave to explore the ship and no matter what, we first end up at the convenience store section of the ship and encounter Milfie win a lottery. What’s suprising is that this isn’t her first time winning it and much to the storekeeper’s dismay, she has been winning the grand prize 4 times in a row. Her 5th attempt of course ends up the same way. She takes this oppertunity to help us around the ship

It's almost like Mass Effect
It’s almost like Mass Effect

Up above is the “map” screen of the ship where you are able to walk around during free time to socialize with your crewmates. It is divided into 4 sections A, B, C, and D. If there are faces of the characters there, that means they are currently present within the room. Most of the time, we’re given 30 minutes (each visit taking up 5) to walk around the ship and talk to anyone we desire. I will be covering every single available room so pictures ahead.

Block A

GA- Block A

Since Lester is awesome like that, I always visit the bridge.

What a guy
What a guy

Then its the Commander’s room. Only if you’re planning on romancing anyone will you come here and take a nap.

Plan on having fun with the game? Don't come in here
Plan on having fun with the game? Don’t come in here

The park holds many future events so it’s a frequently visited place.

Oh my, what is that ball of light in the sky?
Oh my, what is that ball of light in the sky?

Block B

GA- Block B

The Lounge is where we find Mint making her own sweets. Tact recognizes Mint’s last name from a large corporation and Milfie says she’s the only daughter of its boss. She seems reluctant about that piece of info and decides to switch the topic. While deciding what to get during the break, Tact thinks about a beverage but Mint seems to know what he’s thinking. She reveals to be a telepathic. Complimenting her suprises her and she leaves the room while Milfie comes back and we leave

GA- The Lounge

Back at the Convienance Store, we find Mint there and other than buying sweets, nothing big happens here.

GA- Convenience Store

The Hall also has an elevator and vending machines and acts as a resting location for other crewmembers with short breaks.

GA- Hall

Dining Hall we meet Ranpha again and we’re introduced to her love for spicy meals, which almost proves fatal to anyone else. Decide between regular food or spicy food to garner her approval

GA- Dining Hall

Block C

GA- Block C

We stop by in front of Milfie’s room and she explains Section C contains all the private rooms for the Angel Troupe.

GA- Shiva's Maid

Shiva’s chambers are here too but his attendant informs us that he’s eating. There’s a subplot for Shiva but I won’t be going for that, maybe next time.

Block D

GA- Block D

The Training Room has Ranpha training inside and after a small mishap, we leave to meet others. This room is where Ranpha normally is.

I wonder how much strength  it needs to pilot a ship that is powered by one's thoughts
I wonder how much strength it needs to pilot a ship that is powered by one’s thoughts

The Lockeroom and showers are pretty obvious in function and Milfie’s comments about the segregated areas leaves Tact disappointed. To be honest, not much stuff occurs around here.

Curses, foiled again
Curses, foiled again
Say hello to a rare male subject that isn't Tact or Lester
Say hello to a rare male subject that isn’t Tact or Lester

The “Whale Room” has Vanilla walking around helping out the ship’s crewmates and the room itself is one big beach. Milfie introduces us to the administrator of the room, Kuromie Quark. He takes care of animals around here, most notably the space whale. The large creature lets out a cry and Kuromie is able to interpret it. He reveals he’s somewhat of a telepath as well and can communicate with the whale.

GA- The Whale's Power

Meh, it's only the 2nd chapter
Meh, it’s only the 2nd chapter

He also secretly mentions that the whale understands the minds of the Angel Troupe and Luft had ordered him to tell us that the whale can provide for us how the girls think of us. Anyways, while getting a tour of the greenhouse there, Tact gets his finger pricked by a sharp edge of a plant and Milfie overreacts and rushes him to the Infirmary. From the above picture, I might as well start being nice to everyone that isn’t Milfie

Since I played MGS4, I get antsy with nanomachines
Since I played MGS4, I get antsy with nanomachines (FOX…..DIE)
Silver-haired beauty
Silver-haired beauty

In the infirmary we see Vanilla again who regularly hangs around there. She treats Tact with nanomachines, and Tact notices the small creature near Vanilla glow during the nanomachine healing. She explains that the being is composed of nanomachines and is essentially a walking first aid kit. Dr. Cera, the head of the infrimary walks in and apologizes for not being there. Much like how Eu from Zombie keeps her emotions to a minimum to keep her magic stable, Vanilla keeps her emotions like that to properly operate the nanomachines.

Sorry Milfie, I've been too nice to you
Sorry Milfie, I’ve been too nice to you

We meet Vanilla in the Storage Room soon after and Milfie takes note of Tact’s comments of being able to play hide and seek here and wishes to play. Vanilla doesn’t seem to understand the game but agreeing with one of them moves us on to the next area. Judging from the last picture, we already have Milfie’s approval so I wanted to gain some of Vanilla’s trust.

You hear that Lester? We're getting laid!
You hear that Lester? We’re getting laid! (I suspect none of you will get that reference)

In the Hangar we meet Creta, the head engineer but we also meet Forte who questions why we haven’t shown up to check the ships first. I answered back honestly cause I just know what every character expects in this game. The serious answers usually get Forte’s attention so yeah. She goes off explaining the Emblem Frames’ HALO Systems (what Luft said basically, keep the girls’ minds healthy so they can operate their ship better) and other stuff. She also explains each ship, which is basically what I said last post.

The Engine room is pretty straightfoward, we won’t be coming back here a lot.

Wish Pressly was alive
Wish Adams was still alive

GA- Shooting Range

The empty room below the Engine is Forte’s personalized area where she plays around with classic firearms, that is to say gunpowder guns. Other than her trigger-happy hobby, she’s pretty frank about not wanting to call Tact just Tact because she naturally sees us low in terms of experience and will start calling us what she wills until we proves ourselves. Answering in an earnest manner will of course will gain her approval.

Tune in next time to finish Chapter 2!
Tune in next time to finish Chapter 2!

Well that was a mouthful, we’ll continue with Chapter 2 next time. Stay tuned!

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