Galaxy Angel: Touring the Ship

Welcome to the second part of the Summer coverage of the GA trilogy. Currently, the first game is being problematic as it doesn’t allow Alt-tabbing or windowed mode so screencaps will be annoying to get. It was working completely fine with alt-tabbing during the first session of coverage but now it’s just being stupid. Thankfully, the other games are perfectly fine with it so I’ll have an easier time with them.

Chapter 1 had us introduced to everyone and the first half of Chapter 2 is going around the ship meeting everyone and knowing what they usually do. So that’s why I decided to split up the chapter into two parts.

I’m still getting used referring to us as just you and me and also when to use our protagonist’s name. Awkward reading ahead, hopefully I get used to it sooner rather than later.

This part will be the picture-filled part of Chapter 2 while the last half, not so much.

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