Spring Anime Week 9-10

My computer’s internet got fried since Wednesday night and I was stuck planning out posts and what to do for summer since then. Other than usual academic stuff that I like to keep offhand to make sure I don’t forget too much, I decided to replay some of my games. I already Trophy Whored out Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 yesterday when I spent a good hour and a half unlocking all endings for the Gallery and spamming Crossover Counters and Triple Combo KO’s. I plan on tackling Metal Gear Solid 4 since I learned of its recent trophy update. But I have a more active plan for games over the summer and it involves the Gametalk I’ve been planning and that will commence as soon as this post is finished.

So due to time constraints and the sheer amount of work I need to catch up on before I proceed with my summer project, let’s get this stuff done real quick.

By quick, I mean Real.Quick.


Maou Politeness

Hataraku Maou Sama: Kamazuki, Rika, and Emilia show up to Maou’s work but end up in the rival fastfood joint across the street and Emilia starts badmouthing Maou. Alsiel happened to be there on a recon mission for his master and has an outburst against Emilia’s group. In front of Rika, Alsiel pulls out an elaborate story of how he and Maou got to know Emilia. The tale only fuels Rika’s facsination to meeting Maou. Speaking of Maou, he’s over back at the joint busting his head on how to attact customers. The people are swarming the streets for an event while no one is coming in. Alsiel brings over the 3 ladies to Maou’s work and as he gets something for dinner, he informs of the rival store’s methods. Rika isn’t too impressed with Maou but out of nowhere an old man brings up a truck and gifts Maou with a tanabata. Apparently Maou works with community service in his free time and the old man apparently owed Maou for his hard work. The tanabata somehow attracts an immense amount of guests, and Kamazuki notices something strange about the entire situation.

Maou Pool Party

The next day, Maou is assigned by his boss to help out at her friend at a different location. He tells his minions about this and Urushihara relates the location to a big park to a haunted house on site. He suggests that would be a natural place to replenish mana and Alsiel volunteers to go while Urushihara lays low like the shut-in he is. Chiho calls Emilia to ask her if she wants to accompany her to the park and Emilia accepts. She then recieves a call from Kamazuki who overheard the demon trio’s banter and says she’s coming with. Emilia realizes how inferior she is to Chiho but we all knew that anyway. Maou is working his ass off and then he gets visited by Chiho. I’ll give amnesty to Maou for being a little bit dense but he already got confessed to and oh right, he’s a demon lord. Back at home, Alsiel is getting his ass handed to him by past-date noodles and Urushihara doesn’t seem willing to go help Maou get some magic. Back at the pool, there happens to be a zoo there as well and after some literal interpretation of the saying “giving monkeys a key to a zoo”, everyone starts running as the park’s exhibit crocodiles are set loose into the pool. Maou takes all the fear and commands them back to their cages. Kamazuki is weirded out see why the Maou would do such a thing. On the way back, Kamazuki sees a hooded figure reveal their wings and then disappears.

In my opinion, two boring episodes. I mean they were funny but I feel like this is dragging on a bit. I already deduced who the bad guy in this story arc is anyway and I’ll need to see why they’re up to this anyway. It’s not even the girls I look at in this series, I just love the ex-demon generals just doing nothing of signifance at home. I enjoy watching it but hopefully it doesn’t get too stale.

Oregairu Summer

Oregairu: Summer nears its end and Hikigaya’s house is visited by Yui and her dog. Yui mentions fireworks that are going to place later tonight and while Komachi expresses her displeasure of not being able to go, she more or less makes her brother go instead to buy her things she won’t have a chance too. So Hikigaya is once again forced to accompany someone on something he doesn’t want to do and he meets up with Yui in her yukata later that afternoon. Other than awkward train rides and walking through the festival to try out food, Yui’s “friends” from class happens to be there and (like a bitch) teases Yui about her date. The two continue walking and stand to the see the fireworks but encounter Haruno and she invites them to the VIP seats to view the light show. Apparently, it’s the family’s mother that seems to be the dominant personality in the house. Haruno is unable to see Yukino as anything but an adorable little sister and not the distant and sarcastic speaker. Haruno begins to leave and offers a ride but both of them refuse. Haruno seems to know about the incident and tells them not to blame Yukino for anything. On the walk back home, Yui’s attempts to reconcile her feelings are interrupted and the two depart. Back in school, Hikigaya encounters Yukino again and the two are more distant with each other than ever. As Hikigaya walks to his class, he personally states that he had been (or at the least) charmed by Yukino’s honesty and resolve, and how he put his own “idealized” version of her before her true self disgusts himself

Oregairu Committee

Volunteer Club meetings still go on but the rift between our two key members doesn’t seem to be closing anytime soon. The school then announces its cultural festival and while the usual “protagonist gets dragged into it for whatever reason” happens, the classmate that teased Yui the night before is elected as the female rep. for the class. Hikigaya unsuprisingly finds Yukino there as well and when the honcho of the meeting spots her she recommends Yukino to follow in her sister’s footsteps and become the head organizer. Yukino refuses and the girl from Hikigaya’s class, Sagami decides to volunteer herself, seeking to “be a better person”. The club reunites for another day but Yukino and Hikigaya being in the committee leads Yukino to suspend activities for a time being. Sagami and her friends enter the club and requests their help in decentralizing the big role of the head seat. Yukino agrees to it as long as it does not interfere with her role. So Yukino moves next to Sagami’s seat and moves along the discussions to a more efficient pace. Hikigaya’s class prepares for their own participation in the festival, then he sees Sagami and her friends just chatting instead of leading the committee. Haruno shows up to the meetings and asks if she can be a volunteer member and Yukino refuses but everyone else says yes. Sagami gets her wit tested by Haruno, but Haruno “seems” to approve of her (in a passive-aggressive sort of way). Sagami decides to take a more passive role in her duty and advises everyone to help their own classmates too. The committee is reduced in size and the work is given in equal portions, but Yukino gets more work as she is the de-facto leader. Hayama comes in to help everyone out with their work and Hikigaya actually speaks up to lessen Yukino’s workload. Yukino agrees to this but fails to show up the next day.

I tried to shorten these posts but no avail, Oregairu constantly has me writing a lot about it even when I’m trying to rush through, now that means something. Anyways, Ep 9 served as a set up episode and episode 10 brings us the obligatory highschool-cultural festival setting. Instead of actually seeing what our respective class tries to do, we’re more on the administrative side this time around and our not-worthy leader is driving herself on a path of failure. I feel something from Haruno here but we’ll see how the entire thing end up.

oh lawd
oh lawd

Date A Live: So apparently, Kotori is a spirit and while Kurumi does have the overpowered ability here, Kotori has her healing factor and BFG screws up Kurumi’s plan anyway. Kotori then has herself some bloodlust moment going on as her rapeface shows up while charging her axe-turned-cannon. Shidou being the idealistic shounen hero he is decides to block the blast and everything fades to white. Shidou comes to when he wakes up on the Fraxinus and is told that Kurumi had disappeared and that everyone else is fine. Shidou meets up with Kotori and tries to see if they remember anything from their past. Kotori had “obtained” her powers somehow and they only remember a significant fire incident. Other than that, they don’t remember that much else. While they haven’t uncovered anything big about their pas (well other than that Kotori is indeed spirit-like), Reine informs Shidou of Kotori’s state of instability that will prove fatal in around 2 days time. Shidou must date..his own sister. Shidou tries to visit Mana in the hospital but encounters Origami who makes full use of his visit by making him carry her back to her room, feeding her, and taking her temperature.

Date A Live Kotori

To train Shidou for the obligatory fanservice episode of the series, Shidou is ordered by Reine and suprisingly, Kannazuki (who offers side commentary) to accompany Tohka and Yoshino to buy swim-wear. Origami shows up to cause some calamity with the spirits there but instead asks Tohka is she remembers anything about the spirit from the other day. Tohka of course doesn’t know anything significant and the two start trying out swimwear. However, Yoshino wins with loli points. Kannazuki brings Shidou to the videoroom to show footage of the fire incident from 5 years ago and Shidou blacks out. The next day, the actual date brings along Kotori and the spirits so it turns out to be more of an outing than anything else. So what else is there to say here. Other than frolicking around the water park and Shidou awkwardly wooing his little sister, it was a fanservice episode and it gets serious when Shidou overhears Reine and Kotori talking about how little time Kotori has left, and while she’s not expressing it, Kotori is trying to enjoy the moment. Shidou then takes off the earpiece and decides to GET REAL.

Dating your sister seems pretty awkward as hell, but turns out she wants to enjoy her time, now isn’t that sweet. I keep getting drawn to the small bear Reine keeps carrying around in her pockets. Anyways, swimsuit episode, tell me you didn’t expect this with a straight face. Nothing much to say here other than that if Kannazuke is underappreciated, DIO FTW

Shingeki no Kyojin Hanji and Levy

Shingeki no Kyojin: So while chaotic sh*t is going down with Eren and the former trainees, we have our actual Recon Squad tearing up some titans on their homecoming. Most notably is Lance Corporal Levy and Hanji Zoe. Hanji is the skilled but eccentric titan researcher while Levy is a cold-blooded badass (who is apparently very obsessed with being cleaning) and seems like a guy who would not tolerate failure. One of his lower ranking soldier gets chewed up by a titan and with his dying breath asks if he has served humanity well. Levy grips his blood soaked hands and relieves his soldier that he has done his best for humanity. We jump back in time where we  see Eren alive inside the Titan’s stomache and sees gory mess inside. After remembering his mother, his rage somehow shifts him into a titan and he bursts forth from his devourer. Eren then wakes up from his recollections and finds Armin and Mikasa with him whilst being surrounded by other soldiers. In all honesty, it’s just Eren trying to remember what had happened while trying talk out the scared soldiers and their commander from blasting them to bits. That exactly happens but Eren bites his finger and the cannonball hits the trio. Eren’s self induced injury has produced a large frame of what looks to be Titan remains to shield them from the blast.

Shingeki no Kyojin Alliance

The other trainees notices the blast and try to get a better look while the others despair in their recent mission. The trio of Annie, Bertholdt, and Reiner with Jean tagging along, scale the buildings to get a better view of the smoke rising from inside the wall. The burning carcass of the Titan that shielded everyone from the cannonball only terrifies Armin while Eren and Mikasa solidify their findings that Eren has some ability regarding titans. Eren realizes that this was his father’s doing and that he now needs to get to the basement of his house as soon as possible, that is of course after living through this situation. Eren decides to wander alone but Armin and Mikasa are not willing to let him go solo. Armin also is relieved to understand that he’s not really a burden on anyone. With that in mind, Armin steps out after another attack is blocked by Eren and declares Eren a strategic advantage they have against the titans. The weird superior with the blacked out eyes doesn’t seem to buy it and Armin gives a salute and swears that this is what he believes to be their last hope. It takes the bald commander from a few episodes back to calm the situation down and he plans to help our trio on what to do next.

Levy is a badass, Hanji is maddo scientist (son of a bitch). Set up episodes more than anything else. It’s just Levy and Hanji kicking titan ass and Mikasa, Armin, and Eren sitting by the wall to prove their innonence against the paranoid commander with the really blacked out eyes. Armin gets props for the short but emotional speech and even though being backed up against a wall for 2 episodes isn’t that exciting compared to the rest of the series, the melodrama still works for me and I enjoyed it for what it was, I’m still expecting a lot from this series so we’ll see what happens.

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