Music of the Week #89

The delays! THE DELAAYS!

Music 8

Well I’ve mentioned in almost every post I have planned for this week that I had an internet mishap that left me blacked out in connection for a good 4-5 days. I have the Weekly Recaps in their collective format just to get the workload off from me and regular coverage will continue. I have one big announcement that relates to games and of course an obligatory ACEN + Figure post needing pictures, for now that’s all.

Trophy Whoring out Metal Gear Solid 4 after I spent a few good hours unlocking endings in UMVC3, and League-ing with my buddies

Music this week is continuing off our nearly done Fate Extra Soundtrack. This Week it’s the School 1 theme which actually plays as the second theme out of three that plays in the general school area. First one has its vibrant sax all out while the second one here had its piano. It plays during the middle weeks of the Holy Grail War. Enjoy