Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 8

Sweet mother of mercy..this episode…just..this freaking episode…and that firing squad scene from the opening….. Can someone make me a gif that? Connie, Mikasa, and Armin prepare to leave after having a momentary gawk at the abnormal titan who has just masscred its own kind a few seconds ago. Armin had just given his supply of gas to Mikasa’s gear and was willing to stay back but the remaining two decide to carry him. Armin fears another brutal accident if he gets involved but decides to propose an equally brutal plan as well: To utilize the abnormal titan to secure the support HQ. Connie is skeptical, but Mikasa believes in what Armin says and decides to use what they have to survive.

Shingeki no Kyojin The AbnormalityShingeki no Kyojin Jean's Squad

On the other side of town, Jean watches in fear as his actions have led to the deaths of a significant number of the remaining troops. He snaps out of his guilt-ridden trance and notices how a large group of titans are staring at something away from their field of vision. Jean takes this chance to immediately rally the survivors to make way to HQ. Sure enough, things work out for our crew. Armin’s plan works like a charm as the abnormal titan brutally beats down every nearby titan and prowls toward HQ. On Jean’s side though, there are a few casualties but dying mid-flight will have them die in vain.

Shingeki no Kyojin Crashing Through

Crashing through the windows, the survivors arrive at HQ and reunite with the support squad cowering benath furniture. Before Jean can go off yelling some more, Titans crash a section of the wall and everyone begins bolting. Jean is petrified with utter fear but before anything happens, a punch zips through the titan’s faces and Jean encounters the abnormal titan. Seconds after, Mikasa and her crew arrive and explain how they’ve utilized the titan to arrive here. Shingeki no Kyojin PlanningShingeki no Kyojin CalmShingeki no Kyojin Firing Squad

While the titan does his one-two thing outside, the survivors rearm themselves with some old-fashioned rifles. Armin devises a plan to utilize the sheer number of the surivors against the 7 titans within the complex. Their plan is to descend to the main room with the lift and draw attention to the titans and shoot them blind when they get close. As soon as the shots go off, the most versatile fighters are to jump from the support beams to kill them off. Sure enough that plans goes swimmingly, but then Connie and Sasha mess up. Thankfully, Annie and Mikasas promptly finish them off as well, with Sasha being more emotional than usual.

Shingeki no Kyojin Eren

Their success pays off as everyone refuels themselves and makes haste toward the walls. Armin and Mikasa are joined by Annie, Reiner, Bertholdt, and Jean as they watch the abnormal titan swarmed by others of its kind. They propose helping the titan in order to maximize their advantage and when the surrounding titans are slain, the abnormal titan lets out a cry and falls. However, from the burning corpse of the titan, emerges Eren from the back of its neck. Mikasa jumps down and is reunited once again with her family. Sweet balls of the lord, this episode man, it just blew me away. That ending too, I mean, I already got spoiled from the series description but they made the buildup to it worthwhile.

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