Music of the Week #88

My reckoning will come in a few weeks. I’ll be mentally dead in a while but that’s my problem

Music 8

Been busting my ass to get Dawn of War Soulstorm on my PC. As bad of a game as it is with shoddy voice work and a horrible cast of characters compared to the previous entries in the series, I only want to play it because I never did get around playing the Dark Eldars. The Sisters of Battle can go screw themselves because they’re basically Space Marines. I also want to try my hand out in the Campaign which I’ve never played as well. I loved Dark Crusade’s campaign and I plan on playing the Imperial Guard and Dark Eldar.

You can expect a figure post real quick, Weekly Updates to continue along with music, Gametalk will be continued, and the rest follows on. Not much to say here but hopefully I stay productive during the Summer. If everything goes as planned, me Light, and that other dude might actually start recording our conversations.

Anyways, we continue on with Fate Extra’s Soundtrack. This week’s theme is the School theme which will done in semi-proper order of appearance. While it is titled School 4, this is the school’s theme for the beginning weeks of the game. The jazzy sax is there but as the weeks go on, it gets even better.

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