Remembering Love: Samurai Champloo and the Walks of Life

Samurai Champloo aired on the 20th of May back in 2004 and while it is not a Sunday, this will be the 3rd post for the May Project. I watched this series when it reaired on AdultSwim and after my unattentive nights of playing just videogames, I had forgotten to finish it. With the internet, I was finally able to accomplish that endeavor. That was around 5 years ago and here I am watching it again

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Music of the Week #85

Whew, busiest part of the week is gone, only ACEN remains

Music 8

With some of my harder subjects becoming not real subjects anymore, I’ll be focusing my time to the weekly recaps and trying to get some promised Gametalks done. I renewed my interests in one of them and I decided to spread out the Gametalks so they’re not too widespread in a short notice. I’m still deciding whether or not to just cram episodes in the 2 day span I have or just tackle all of them in a double episode post (what I always do). I’ll decide that in the coming 2 days

Music from Fate/Extra this week is Dawn, the theme that plays in your private room with your servant. An OST that would fit in a some smooth, love making scene in an old movie now fitted into room conversations that include bragging about achievements, snarky rhetoric, and love confessions.

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 5

Expect episodes 6-7 (7-8 in DaL’s case) to be done around the beginning of next week. I have exams really soon and I have Anime Central for the weekend.

So with the little time I have left, I give you readers this post and the weekly music post while I go study and then completely burn out the remaining energy nerding out. Peace and thanks for stopping by this week

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Remembering Love: Yamaguchi-The Afro bearing Savior of Comedy-

Before you punch me a fast one, no this is not the Yamaguchi we’re talking about, but nonetheless  a moment of silence to him (even though I despised Louise).

We continue to trek through the halls of Cromartie Highschool, but today, we’ll take a breather and discuss one of many rival schools the badasses of Cromartie High attract. Armed with a stylish afro, sunglasses, and an unparalleled sense of comedy, we dive into the mind and situation of Destrade High’s Noboru Yamaguchi.

A genius within a society of idiots, his passion mistaken as something he despises. A comedic genius who sees potential in every action.

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Date A Live Episode 6

A curious break from the regular light novel path. I’m guessing they are trying to save up for the last Spirit that the anime will showcase while curiously they only cared for Tohka for 3 episodes and Yoshino for 2. I can only imagine that they’re gonna pull off…but as long as they don’t give an anime-exclusive end, I will be…quenched…

It’s quite the short post and the pics are low-res but hey, hopefully next week, we’ll go back to the regular formula

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