Music of the Week #87

Somewhat caught up I guess, but whatever.

Music 8

I’ll go out on a limb here and say this is one of the best seasons I’ve had the pleasure of watching. While the seasons with Jojo and Fate Zero a year ago were exhilerating, I guess I just love the action provided by Shingeki no Kyojin, the comedy from Maou, and the social analysis from Oregairu. Summer is suprisingly packed with some series I wish to check out but that will be addressed when we get there.

My extreme boredom with my game collections prompted me to download a game I had when I came back to the states, Dawn of War: Dark Crusade just creeped into my head and I started playing it again. I thought it was fun back then, but easy mode just made things too easy…while on normal or hard, you’re expected to go against some tough stuff, but I enjoy the challenge now.

Me and Light quite literally spent the entirety of last Saturday talking about figures. Speaking of that, I delayed that post due to the amount of repitition on my list, but I decided to write a new one focusing on the new ones I haven’t talked about.

So on this week’s music is the more advanced dungeon theme of Fate Extra’s Arena. As you and your servant delve deeper into the wonderfully detailed Arena (of if you prefer, The Chimeric Lunar Sea) this theme plays in the 1st level of the Arenas after a certain period. It’s one of my favorite themes in the game and is probably my favorite Arena theme in the game as well.

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