Summer Anime 2013 QuickPicks

This is extremely short

It’s going to be fanservice season for me, so I guess the picture count is gonna be skyrocketing, I’ll call Light to see if he can help.

Spring was a breakout season in my opinion but due to that, summer seems pretty laid-back. It’s more new seasons than actual new shows I’ll be watching. While that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I guess I’m just waiting in bated breath for the next big thing to take my breath away, that or I’m just waiting for Stardust Crusaders


What I will check out

Kimi Iru no Machi: I’ve seen and heard MANY things about this series and I’ll be checking it out to see how it turns up. I haven’t even started on the manga and that’s been going on for how many years? With so much working space, I’ll see if this is my series.

Monogatari Second Season: I loved Bakemonogatari while Nisemonogatari just felt….insignificant. Something about the increase in fanservice just didn’t make it any more appealing. As long as it isn’t a humongous fail like Nisemonogatari was, I’ll be content.

Highschool DxD New: I’ll never love this series, but it will always entertain me with its fanservice. I just can’t wrap my head around the extensive use of mythologies. I’m a guy who loves his mythology but to see it used like this in a series like this just makes me scowl a bit.

Dangan Roppa: I’m quite new to the Dangan Roppa craze going on at the moment, but I guess I’ll find out what’s in store for me. Videogame adaptations have become increasingly better and I hope to see great things.

Rozen Maiden: I never got into short loser stuck in his house finding gothic dolls to play with. I’ve seen too many Suigintou’s and Desu’s to ignore it this time around. I hope a few more old series can get themselves a redone version, I’m looking at you GTO.

Genshiken: I probably will not be watching this as the original Genshiken have passed down the club to mostly fujoshi’s and a trap. The usual guy centered Genshiken has shifted toward the other spectrum and while that might prove to be a good thing for some, it isn’t as entertaining to me then it was before.

Ro Kyu Bu S2: Guilty viewing. Well not really, I’m in it for the MC’s cute friend…okay  fine, one loli. What the hell is wrong with me

TWGOK S3: Katsuragi stands on the list of my favorite male characters ever. He dominates his life and is smart enough to treat the world as his game. Season 2 only scratched the surface of how many more spirits he needs to hunt down and while we’re pretty far off from the manga, I’m glad to see this return.

Neptunia: From my good friend OG, I have learned that the anime features its own plotline (yes it did have a plotline). I have no idea what to expect from this but hey, it was popular enough to get itself an anime adaptation from the game series. Unfortunately, the newest game’s characters will probably not make it. Oh well, I can stand Date A Live’s anime, I can probably handle what this can throw at me.

2 thoughts on “Summer Anime 2013 QuickPicks”

  1. No surprise that our lists are only similar by one show.

    Anyway, still have no reason of picking up TWGOK so I won’t. I MIGHT pick up Ro-Kyu-Bu again but my schedule is already packed.

    Anyhoo, that’s all I’ve got.

  2. I didn’t like the original Genshiken either, but for an entirely different reason – it had a somewhat depressing atmosphere to it. But the new show is only really related by name to the old one, so it might be fun. The original Rozen Maiden was super overrated and didn’t even follow the manga. Let’s hope it does a better job this time around. If you like Iyashi anime I recommend you try out Tamayura Futatose.

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