Hataraku Maou Sama Episode 6-7

Short, uneventful filler episode that sets stuff back in to place while episode 7 brings us into a whole new conflict. Also, it’s apparently been two months since Lucifer and Olba’s fight with our crew.

Internal disagreements cause trouble back in Ente Isla as news of Olba’s betrayal spreads through the theocracy. Apparently, they have limited access to the gate.

Life returns to normalcy for our hardworking duo. Lucifer, now Urushihara is allowed to stay in their house and joins Alsiel into finding potential ways to restore their mana without causing people to suffer. To aid this, Urushihara requested a labtop and internet connection that set back the household instances of money. Urushihara demonstrates his proficiency in hacking by trolling Emilia at work which ends up with Emilia interrupting Maou at his worktime as well.

Maou Demon FamilyMaou Chiho in School

After suffering a traumatic experience of seeing a postcard sent from the landlady in vacation, Urushihara mentions how magical hotspots are numerous on locations other than ancient ruins that Alsiel had previously considered. Urushihara pinpoints an anomalous classroom at a nearby highschool. Maou then consults Chiho, who happens to attend said school and she volunteers to help them find whatever they need to find about the mysterious classroom. Maou, Alsiel, and Chiho go over what the other rumors of the school are until they run into Emilia who tailed them to see investigate what they were up to. After chasing them around, they eventually investigate the cursed room

Maou What

Turns out though that it happened to be Olba and Urushihara’s hideout when they first arrived in the modern world and Urushihara had sent everyone to retrieve his PSP. With their quest becoming nothing more than a fetch quest, life returns to normal. However, when Maou returns home, he encounters a short girl in a kimono falling off the stairs.

Maou Kamazuki SuzunoMaou Regular Day

The day after formally introduces the pretty girl as Kamazuki Suzuno, who now lives next door to our demon trio. With her “ye olde” Japanese style of speech, she offers them some food as sign of good will and fortune for their personal struggles. The trio introduce themselves while in another location, Emilia calls her magician friend about the package full of vitamins she has recieved from the latter. These, Holy Vitamin Betas will supply a sufficient amount of Holy Magic back to Emilia’s mana pool. Then we see what Emilia regularly does when she’s not at work: Staking out near Maou’s house to see anything suspicous. She’s suprised to find a girl there lecturing Urushihara how to clean and cook as Alsiel is suffering from heatstroke. Emilia is more worried about the girl being there and tries to get close for a better vantage point. When Kamazuki begins to step out of the room, Emilia runs off down the stairs and once again falls, only to be caught by Maou.

The girls then introduce each other to one another and after the usual banter from Maou and Emilia, Emilia see’s something in Kamazuki’s eyes and asks if she’s “after Maou”. Kamazuki promptly drags Emilia outside and is slightly flustered out Emilia was able to notice her actions. Emilia’s paranoia on demons tells her that Kamazuku is way too polite with her and her suspicions slowly die out. She then warns her with some parental sounding advice to keep watch on Maou and his crew as they are originally not what they appear to be. Emilia gives Kamazuki her number and email and Kamazuki appreciates Emilia looking out for her as the two depart.

Maou Jealousy

Maou then heads off to work, only to have Kamazuki give him a boxed meal. Emilia talks to her magician about current situations and she talks of Ente Isla’s chaos due to Olba’s disappearance. She warns Emilia that the church might send people after her and cause trouble for the city. Maou is made shift manager but also is given charge of the store while his boss is off on some errands. On dinner break, Maou pulls out the meal Kamazuki made for him and Chiho notices it with extreme suprise and fear. These extreme emotions are amplified when she hears it was a girl who handmade it for Maou as well.

Maou Sacred Sword

On the other side of town, Emilia walks into a store until a thug rushes toward her but fails to realize the automatic door. Emilia notices something in the thug’s eyes and pushes the store clerk to safety as she pulls out her blade. The thug gets knocked over to a light pole but produces a scythe and the two fight it out until the thug uses an eye laser. Emilia deflects this but her blade is weakened but before any lethal blows are given, the store clerk throws some oranges to drive off the attacker. The situation returns to normal and Emilia gets a call from a panicking Chiho who is more worried about Maou having meals made for him.

Nothing happened in Episode 6 other than reinforcing the fact that Lucifer has become a lazy NEET and is going to be following Maou’s lifestyle for the time being. What I fail to understand is that Ente Isla should have access to gateways to the modern world and I’m guessing Emilia’s magician friend is keeping their meeting a secret as to avoid more complications. Olba’s personal vendetta with Emilia might have been part of the church’s plan all along and they’re trying to finish her off or they legitimately have no idea what to do. Then we’re introduced to Kamazuki who seems to have the purest of intentions, only to have suspicious attackers kick start a new arc for us. After watching 6, I guess a break was needed with all the fighting and all. Kamazuki is adorable, I don’t care if she happens to be part of this new conflict.

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