Music of the Week #85


Whew, busiest part of the week is gone, only ACEN remains

Music 8

With some of my harder subjects becoming not real subjects anymore, I’ll be focusing my time to the weekly recaps and trying to get some promised Gametalks done. I renewed my interests in one of them and I decided to spread out the Gametalks so they’re not too widespread in a short notice. I’m still deciding whether or not to just cram episodes in the 2 day span I have or just tackle all of them in a double episode post (what I always do). I’ll decide that in the coming 2 days

Music from Fate/Extra this week is Dawn, the theme that plays in your private room with your servant. An OST that would fit in a some smooth, love making scene in an old movie now fitted into room conversations that include bragging about achievements, snarky rhetoric, and love confessions.

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