Hataraku Maou Sama Episode 5

Hataraku Maou Sama Episode 5

Week 5 was quite the confrontational week for the majority of the series. This week and the next are the busiest weeks of the year for me so expect delays.

EDIT: What do you know, classes were cancelled due to massive power outage, so Oregairu and this post will be released on the same day. Woot Woot

Maou Lucifer

Emilia’s cohorts continue their journey through the portal while Alsiel, Maou, and Emilia confront Lucifer. Maou see’s through Lucifer’s ploy. Lucifer allied himself with Orba Meir, one of the six archbishops in the other world, an ally to Emilia. Orba’s plan was to remove Emilia from power after the victory in Ente Isla so he could gain all the accolades. To do this, he promised Lucifer (who now apparently takes from the Christian origins) that he would be able to enter Heaven again. Alsiel gets shot by Lucifer when he makes a small interjection and with a few comedic passing words, Alsiel is the first to fall. Maou and Emilia make a break for it and deduce Lucifer’s tactics.

Lucifer’s, or rather, many demons’ powers are fueled off negativity amongst the living and the string of crime in the area caused exactly that, fueling Lucifer’s mana. Maou had realized this when the earthquake at the mall occured, when the suffering around him caused him to briefly return to his demon state. Lucifer questions why Maou hasn’t collected more energy and return to Ente Isla but Maou appreciates how kindly this world had treated him and wishes to live the life he wants to repay it. Either way, Lucifer harnesses Maou’s emotions when he reveals an unconscious Chiho. As the running continues, Maou is shot by Lucifer through the chest while Orba shoots him with a pistol on the leg. Using what little mana he has, Maou transports himself, Alsiel, and Emilia to different location.

Maou chooses a station with a bunch of people around them and before he can continue, a hole is blown through his chest. Now with his lord out of the way, Lucifer has some fun by destroying a large bridge. Before the said bridge can collapse, a restored Maou stands up and holds up the falling bridge. Using the large amount of people, Maou had regained a portion of his abilities back. Now holding the breaking bridge, Maou pleads Emilia to deal with his rebellious subordinate before the bridge falls.

Maou ReturnMaou Alsiel

Emilia awakens her angelic powers and locks herself in combat with Lucifer while Maou places a barrier to ensure their fight doesn’t cause more problems than it should. Emilia is joined by a restored Alsiel who took his sweet time entering the fight just to get his mantle from home. Orba joins the fight when Lucifer tells him that saving his powers to return would be useless if they didn’t win the fight now. Maou stands on the sidelines holding the bridge and after he moves the stuff underneath, enters the fray to finish off things before he’s late for work. Orba is instantly incapacitated and the distance between Lucifer and Maou is instantly closed. With one hell of a punch to the face, the fight ends.

Maou Rage

Chiho had seen the entire thing go down and gets the simplified verison of who everyone is. As Emilia and Maou bicker, Lucifer takes time to explain how he tracked everyone down, starting from Emilia’s lost wallet. Emilia’s cohorts from the beginning are finally able to pass the portal into the modern world and reunite with Emilia. While they’re skeptical about the current mess and the state of situation, they all decide to meet up at Maou’s house. As everyone leaves, Maou restores the bridge to its former state.

Maou Restoration

The two of Emilia’s friend say a quick hello and goodbye when they announce that they have to head back to the portal to make sure a theocracy doesn’t take place in their world. They apologize for the earthquakes the sonar have been causing and tell Emilia that she should return as quickly as she can too.

Quite the action packed week but the next episode preview title doesn’t seem to nice in my opinion because it mentions highschool…I enjoyed the series particularly because of that fact that it focused on something other than highschool. Part time jobs are rarely fun but the series has done well enough thus far without bringing too much highschool stuff into it. We’ll see what happens but the episode was very enjoyable. I think the animations were a bit before the fighting started but the actual fights while not as unexpectedly good like the first episode managed to entertain us with good action and comedy.

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