Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 3-4

Titans titans titans

Shingeki no Kyojin Eyes of Determination

An extremely busy week that has left me sick both physically and mentally has hindered my posting for the last 3 days. I gave it some thought and I actually like the episodic formating of the series at the moment compared to the weekly recap thing I’ve been doing (probably because this season’s shows actually go somewhere). So expect more episodic posts for now

As for the other series I’m not writing about, I’m pretty sure Hentai Ouji and Oreimo will get themselves talked about at the end of the season.

Anyways, let’s talk about Shingeki no Kyojin

Shingeki no Kyojin Sasha

Eren and his friends want to murder some titans, well they’re not gonna get anywhere without some formal training. Episode 3 is our bootcamp episode and what bootcamp is complete without a silver tongued drill instructor? The ready and willing volunteers and tryouts valiantly try to express their determination but are gunned down by the harsh words of our brazen officer. Going from each young soul to the next, the drill sergeant crushes their hopes and dreams down to dust. While the instructor berates one poor sap, everyone notices a girl eating potato. The instructor approaches her and with a few easy steps of saying the completely wrong thing, we see her 5 hours later still running laps.

Shingeki no Kyojin Bread

While conversing on the subject of the “potato girl” Eren spots a carriage and he’s told that it contains those who failed to qualify. Eren calmly states that the weak are not needed and the rest of the accepted bunch ask him of his origins. When told that he was from the outer district when the burning titan showed up, he is assaulted with questions about rumors and details. One question regarding the regular titans causes Eren to gag. One nice guy attempts to calm everyone down and let Eren recuperate but Eren chokes his weakness down and boldy remarks that their training will allow them to combat the titans and wipe them out. From the other side of the room, a gruff laugh calls out Eren’s brave words as a cover to hide his fear. Eren and the dude stare eachother down but when bells ring, the two immediately apologize. On a lighter note, potato girl comes back from her laps and nearly passes out, but the scent of food carried by a generous individual wakes her up and she is able to eat

Shingeki no Kyojin Bonding

Training begins with the rudimentary functions of the 3D Maneuver Gear and while a majority of the group seems to be able to handle it, Eren is suprisingly unable to maintain balance. Eren is predictably devastated by this outcome, his goal of vengeance toward the titans are dwindling and he goes around asking how he can improve. His harsh words used against the first day drop outs comes to haunt him. Eren and Armin share their stories with the duo of Reiner and Bertolt and they cheer eachother on to wipe out the titans.

When training day comes again and Eren is unable to handle the training gear. The instructor commands that he borrows a belt and it turns out that Eren’s was broken all along, and that his talent with the training gear isn’t deficient at all. Formal training with the 3D gear finally begins as the trainees race through the forest.

A number of exceptional trainees are catalogued on both their strenght and weaknesses. Training continues everyday and everyone is stuck with hand to hand combat skills. Eren fails to see the point in trying to CQC when what they’re up against are a few stories taller than they are. His partner however has different sentiments and sees the mastery of all combat techniques are beneficial to a soldier. The two spot one traines trying to sneak off, and the two try to stop her, only to get their asses handed to them. Annie happens to be that exceptional trainee from before and explains to them that nobody actually takes this training seriously. She mentions how stupid it is that the top ranked students are promoted to be inducted into the innermost city’s police force, efectively making the strongest of soldiers not fight titans at all. Eren is stunned with such a revelation.

Shingeki no Kyojin Choose your path

The graduation ceremony explains the three options the graduates have in store. They can join the Garrison, Military Police, or the Recon Squad. The top 10 graduates are the only ones that can apply to the military police and during the graduation party they hold, Eren wishes to transfer in to the Recon Squad. A large portion of the graduates envy the position of the people who are able to live the safe life within the inner walls as the military police but Eren rejects such safeguards and wishes to challenge the titans. His peers depressingly find it a wasteful gesture but Eren isn’t too keen on letting such primitive fear of titans stop him. Mikasa and Armin decide to join him wherever he goes.

The Recon Squad seems to have advanced since the events from last time as well. The people seem to adore the Recon Squad now. The trio reunite with Hannes, now the captain of the Garrison. Hannes takes this chance to apologize for his cowardice 5 years earlier, but Eren remains strong and vows to never let something like that happen again.

Shingeki no Kyojin New StartShingeki no Kyojin How did we not see that

It turns out that a lot of the graduates joined the Recon Squad as well, even Sasha joins them with some stolen food. The lively banter lifts up Eren’s mood and with the confident words of “humanity’s counterattack”, Eren is eager to do some work….that is until the burning titan appears right behind them

Eren Jaegar wins this season's award for the biggest set of balls
Eren Jaegar wins this season’s award for the biggest set of balls

The Titan exerts is force that repels everyone off the top of the wall. Using their gears, everyone is able to hang on the wall and see a nightmarish hole in the wall. Instead of caving in, Eren takes this chance and commands the squadron to their artillery positions while he ascends the wall and stares down the burning titan.

One would not definitely expect comedy from a series like this. Sasha’s character definitely lightened up the grimdark nature of the series after countless people died and the only civilization of man is under attack. We’re introduced to a large amount of characters and we see the “melting” pot within the trainees. With different attitudes and goals, there is bound to be some internal conflict amongst the to-be soldiers. Eren’s adamant words bite him in the ass but only turns out to fuel his inner self when it turns out that it wasn’t his fault at all. The irony of the top graduates not fighting against the titans hits Eren hard and when he transfers in to the Recon Squad and front line works, a group of “true friends” join him. Their comradery is soon to be tested with the abrupt appearance of the colossal titan. You would think you could see him a few miles away but right in front of the wall? Why do I have the horrible feeling a lot of people are going to die.

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