Remembering Love: The Delinquints of Cromartie Highschool

Remembering Love was a project started trzr23 a year or two ago that encouraged the many anibloggers to take a few days in May to rewatch their favorite series and simply talk about them. It was to commemorate why we do what we do and converse about the things we love in anime. This year, I’ll be participating in OASG Justin’s revival of the commemoration.

Since my weekends are free, I guess I will be posting in the next few sundays about whichever anime I happen to watch.

So what illustrious series shall I be rewatching? The answer lies directly above you in big letters, I shall be rewatching the antics of the so called “delinquints” of Cromartie Highschool

The moment I was introduced to Cromartie Highschool was back in my days of active manga reading in the mid 2000’s. One of my favorite places on the internet was Newgrounds with all its videogame related parodies and spoofs. One such creation was related to the Cartoon Network’s early years of the Cartoon City era and it focused on what would happen if all the characters from the channel’s series met in a large, inner city highschool. The site that hosted such a grand comic was SNAFU and I still visit it often.

Cromartie Highschool was actually referenced in one of the other comics hosted on SNAFU called Training Wheels and the particular panel that featured the characters Kamiyama and Hayashida was this. At first, I just laughed at the nonsense featured in the comic and had no idea who the hell these guys (and gorilla) were. It would be a few years later where I would stumble upon the glory of Cromartie Highschool.

I talk about Cromartie a lot, rather, I say that I haven’t laughed at other sort of humor after I watched it. Only series such as Seto no Hanayome or Nichibros would ever make me laugh as hard as I did since I watched it. With 16 year olds who look like 30 year old men, delving into the first episode of the series again gave me a breath of fresh air of seeing a quasi-realistic depiction of a highschool full of guys.

WRL Cromartie

Looking back at it now, Cromartie Highschool has arguably the BEST english dub for any anime series ever. The monotonous feel of the series and the shoddy (and completely intentional) animation probably made it the easiest anime to ever dub in the first place. The lack of any sort of females factored into that as well (as I remember female voice dubs were horrendous). The absolute lack of things, only make the series funnier, essentially making minimalism the key part of entire experience

Highschools in anime usually are filled with budding romance, drama, turning points in life, and life lessons. Let’s be serious here though, was highschool like that to you? Of course not, highschool was nothing more than coming late to class, sitting down with the bunch of weirdos and fools you called friends, and having a jolly old time laughing about the stupidest of things.

WRL Pencils

That’s exactly what I love about Cromartie Highschool. Even with robots, aliens, gorillas, and Freddie Mercury in the student body, delinquints judging their badassery by nicknames, and constant bickering about the most random things, Cromartie Highschool pretty much shows what goes on when all the romance and drama (and education) are factored out of the highschool equation. Hell, the kids keep saying that they’re so tough but the series NEVER depicted any sort of fight.

Next week, we’ll head toward the rival school of Destrade High and delve into the mind of a certain, afro’d comedian.

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