Hataraku Maou Sama Episode 3-4

So I was thinking, What am I going to do with the three series I’m also following but have not gotten write ups (the “not worth the write up section”)? Well I thought for a bit and just decided to post those 3 series in a smal column beneath Oregairu or Shingeki no Kyojin. Probably the former because of Kyojin’s atmosophere not jiving with those light hearted series.

Emilia wins in the facial expressions department this season
Emilia wins in the facial expressions department this season

Okay well, the above picture doesn’t picture that too well and I didn’t get her pouting face from before.

Well enough with that, let’s get with these episodes

Maou Emilia's Scowl

After the humiliating event of asking for a place to stay in Maou’s house, Emilia continues her day with a low brow. Maou gets a text from his cute co-worker who wishes to talk to him about the strange texts regarding the frequent earthquakes. Emilia also gets these but things get more direct then a mysterious voice contacts her through her workplace. The voice doesn’t identify himself but gives note that he knows both the Hero and the Maou and plans on killing both of them. Emilia meets up with Maou and Alsiel after she gets called down to the police station to certify Maou’s bike incident. She warns him that the both of them are being targeted

Maou Snooping

With that over with, Maou prepares to attend to his little excursion with his co-worker. Alsiel has somehow obtained knowledge on modern day fashion senses and assists his master in looking his finest. Mysteriously enough, he seems to have his source of income and also knows the workings of the minds of youths. Maou meets up with Chiho and the two go off to get a drink. While the two converse, our favorite underling of the Maou sternly surveys the situation. That act garners the attention of the passing Emilia who suspects our duo of doing something sinister. Alsiel explains the situation and Emilia agrees upon the mysterious occurences that have happened so far (and suspecting Maou of some malicious intent) decides to sneak in a bit further, dragging Alsiel along as well into the cafe.

She's adorable
She’s adorable

Chiho goes over the details of the strange voices she’s been hearing over the past few days. While the voices speak an unfamiliar language, she seems to be understand the words. She is able to draw a conclusion on how the voices are very much related to the earthquakes going on. Before Chiho can properly thank Maou though, Emilia steps in the conversation and condemns Maou as being a cruel and twisted individual. Chiho fights back against those claims but as the argument intensifies, an earthquake hits the area and the store gets crushed down. Thankfully, no one seems to be hurt and Chiho and Emilia make up for the argument. Chiho gets put into a deep sleep as Maou unveils himself completely looking like Jonathan from Jojo (ripped as shit) and prepares to get everyone out of the mess. Emilia thinks to herself she could end everything right now, but decides against it.

From humble beginnings
From humble beginnings

Episode 4 starts out with Emilia’s humble past as a daughter of a farmer. When news of the demonic invasion reaches the countryside, the denizens have no choice but to rely on the church templars to protect them. On a fateful day though, the soldiers and priests arrive at her house and her father reveals her angelic lineage and how she is destined to kill the Maou. She is forcibly inducted into the church’s training while the village is razed to the ground the day after she leaves. Back in present day, everyone seems to be safe from the accident and a local police officer identifies Chiho as the daughter of a police inspector. Maou then remembers the officer who took him to the station in day 1 and realizes that his hypnosis on him must have traveled down his family. Maou and Emilia split and warn eachother of the danger they’re in. Emilia gets picked up by her friend while Maou runs into a crying Alsiel.

Maou Angry Emilia

Emilia’s friend Rika comforts her with such disasters going around the city. She also expresses her gratitude for not bringing up memories she doesn’t want to think about. Rika’s hometown being assailed by a large earthquake happens to be the only thing people seem to want to talk about when she mentions where she’s from. Emilia finds that they’re not so different. Emilia returns the kindness our lovable duo has done for her and she returns 1000 yen to them. Before departing without problems, Emilia falls down the steep steps and is once again under the hospitality of the demon duo. Alsiel is sent out to buy some more medical supplies while Maou stays behind. Emilia is only maddened by acts of kindness done by the individual who was responsible for so much despair. The kindness she is recieving only leaves deeper wounds behind. Before she snaps even further, Alsiel comes back with Chiho as well but the presence of Emilia only prompts Chiho to run off in tears.

General No.2: Lucifer
General No.2: Lucifer

Out of the blue, the landlady appears and presents a form that states the residence will be renovated because of the earthquakes. She also happens to comprehend what exactly is going on between Chiho and the voices she hears. While this is going on, two people from the other world pass through the portal. Anyways, Maou gives chase to Chiho with Alsiel and Emilia following. Chiho bumps into another person but a stranger tries to force the other away. Black wings sprout from the other person as he states he will kill the the Maou. The Maou arrives on the scene, recognizing the winged person as his General Lucifer

I just happen to love every character in this series (minus the landlady). Maou is just such a nice person in the modern period and it’s hard to believe he’s done such horrible things in the past. Same goes for Alsiel, he’s just a lovable subordinate. Emilia’s tsundere-ish attitude might tick me off a bit but it’s completely understandable that she’s being grouped up with the very enemy who caused her so much grief. Lucifer is gonna be a mainstay bum who’ll probably end up as Maou’s competition in the real world now, or at least thats what I percieve in the future. Can’t wait for the next one, I can only imagine how everyone is going to deal with Lucifer here (or if the latter knows that his mana is limited)

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