Date A Live Episode 4-5

Seeing as though how I’m covering the stuff from two weeks ago coupled with the stuff from last week, I decided that instead of just compiling it all in one post that will predictably move me back another week, I decided to just tackle the episodes and post them seperately.

So in the future, if I’m up to schedule, I will be using the Weekly Recap format, and as shown here: this will be the regular episodic style.

Genius plan no?
Genius plan no?

In this case, I was able to finish Date A Live a lot quicker than the rest. The reason behind that being Date A Live’s rushed nature. To be honest, DAL right here happens to the very few times I actually read the light novel before watching the anime (thats how far my love goes to Tsunako) and from that experience, I can say that the light novel is far superior than the anime (which honestly is not “too” much). The key point is of course the term “rushed” and the anime adaptation is without a doubt extremely rushed. From the looks of it though, I feel like we’re only going to get to the 3rd or the 4th spirit. Light novel adaptations tend to be less likely given an anime-original (usually bullshit) ending so at the very least, I can say I’ll be curious to see how they pull this one off.

Anyways, let’s move on shall we?

The Pictures for episode 5 are absolute shit in quality so they will be uploaded at a later time.

Tohka is given the surname Yatogami and enrolls at Shidou’s school. Origami is either keeping this quiet or really is convinced that Tohka isn’t the spirit she was trying to kill. Seeing how she ever gives her opinion on things, I’m not too keen on what she thinks but I’d go with the former. Tohka is integrating with the school’s student body and partakes in the everyday antics of the harem lifestyle with Shidou both at school and at home. Kotori shows her carefree side of her for just a few seconds and then joins Reine in explaining how sealing a spirit’s abilities work. Keeping the conquered spirit at a healthy mental state will make sure her cataclysmic powers will remain in check while having her have some bad thoughts might not look so pretty.

Date A Live YoshinonDate A Live- Tohka Raging

A spacequake interrupts an increasingly awkward lunch session with Tohka and Tobiichi. Shidou joins Reine to get onboard the pimp ship to plan the next conquering. Shidou recognizes the short girl getting mercilessly shot at by the AST’s and is willing to save her from this abuse. Shidou is deployed into a mall and encounters the little girl once again. Instead of her actually talking, she conveys her speech through a rabbit puppet. The girl (or the puppet) introduces herself as Yoshinon. Shidou is guided with the loser squad onboard the ship and following their tips get him nowhere. Shidou questions the identity crisis going on between the girl and the puppet but asking that only makes her mad so he decides to play along. The two start conversing and antics lead to another, and Shidou ends up breaking Yoshinon’s fall off a high area with none other than with lip contact. Yoshinon doesn’t seem to mind this but a familair spirit lurking in the corner glares at Shidou. Tohka appears out of nowhere and while she is enraged, she’s more upset over how Shidou is romancing another girl. Yoshinon taunts her and says that Shidou prefers Yoshinon over her.

Date A Live Adorable jumping

Tohka grabs the puppet from the girls hands and starts yelling at it. The girl tries to retrieve her friend, only that her height won’t allow it. Shidou tries to alleviate the situation and requests Tohka to return the puppet, but Tohka only sees that statement supporting the puppet’s claim. The girl (whose been trying to get the puppet) summons her “angel”, a large ice spitting rabbit and flees the scene. However, a certain someone on the AST finds a rabbit puppet down below.

Dem eyes
Dem eyes

Shidou tries to explain Tohka the situation but doesn’t show up out of her room. Shidou attends to his house’s food supply when he notices Yoshinon grunging through some trash. He notices the absence of the puppet and calls her out. Turns out that Yoshinon is indeed the puppet itself while the girl shyly introduces herself as Yoshino. Shidou takes this chance to get to know her more and joins her in trying to find the puppet. Searching turns to be a fruitless effort as they only get hungry afterwards. Yoshino is invited to the house and explains the puppet embodies her wish to be more outgoing and expressive of herself. Elsewhere on the city, Reine explains to Tohka that Shidou isn’t being a player and she shouldn’t feel too angry towards him. Back at home, Shidou reassures Yoshino that he’ll be able to help her, but he gets too close and then Tohka walks in. As both girls disappear from the room, Shidou is given news that the puppet is located inside Tobiichi’s house.

The randomness baffles me, but the LN sorta makes it clear
The randomness baffles me, but the LN sorta makes it clear

A trek to the mysterious girl’s house only becomes more awkward when she happens to be wearing a maid outfit and is void of any sort of emotion. Tobiichi requests a first name basis around Shidou and quickly goes off to take a shower. Shidou locates the puppet after searching the room and the spacequake alarm hits. Tobiichi warns Shidou to get to cover but Shidou doesn’t really comply to her wishes but he does get confirmation that if a spirit no longer causes any trouble, she will not kill it without orders.

Great Success!
Great Success!

Outside, the AST barrages Yoshino’s angel with bullets but she covers herself in a storm of ice. Shidou is helplessly caught in an ice blast but Tohka’s intervention saves his ass from getting frozen. She somehow was able to draw out some of her powers back and diverts attention to herself to get Shidou to his target. He enters the ice and his regen skill (still don’t know how he’s able to do this) allows him to make it to center. The puppet finally returns to its owner and Shidou is able to conquer Yoshino, thus removing her powers and also her clothes

You can basically tell from what I wrote all the way up that everything was fine, except for the pacing. We’re probably going to get 3-4 spirits in the span of 12 episodes, 13 if goes one more. Tohka got cleared in 3 and Yoshino got beaten in 2. With more than half the series left, I wonder how they will now get to the other Spirits….

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