Music of the Week #82


Boy am I late

Music 8

Well, the past 5 days have probably been the busiest one of the year, and I’m going to be working on all the late stuff today so hopefully I can get something done. I have pictures to upload and then more posts to write. Been listening to the openings of the animes I’m watching. Oregairu’s instrumentals in the beginning got me hooked, Shingeki no Kyojin’s is epic as hell and is becoming a meme, Maou sama is getting lazy, and Date A Live is meh.

Other than that, not much else to talk about here. Nothing new’s been going on so let’s just get the music out and continue on

This time it’s Fate/Extra’s 1st boss battle theme, it’s pretty calming but the intensity of moment was pretty heavy in the game when you’re about to get someone deleted.

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