Music of the Week #81

Weeks behind, but what do you care

Music 8

I’ve decided to NOT review Maoyu for the particular reason of being a lazy asshole who’s already bogged down with enough stuff to type as is, and my small disdain for said series. It wasn’t horrible, but potential has been lost. Jojo doesn’t get one either because, hey, I loved it. I’m at the busiest part of my workload at the moment, but I am gradually working through what I can.

But that’s like the 50th time you heard me say that but oh well.

I have fully switched from LoL to DotA 2 and it’s good to be back with the DotA community, the leaver problem is somewhat fixed and the lag isn’t as annoying as before. Aside from that..there’s not really too much else going on in my game time.

Finally, the massive recap post will be completed around this week. It will cover the first 2-3 episodes while next week’s recap post will cover the episodes released this week and probably next week’s as well.

We’ll take a break with Nujabes and the other artists for this set of music. We’ll return to them at another close point in time. I seem to be enamored with the Fate series these past few weeks. CCC has took a hefty amount of my time, I’ve recently led a friend of mine my PSP and a copy of Extra to see what he thinks (so far so good), and Fate Zero’s dub (which will have its first ep premiere friday) actually has a decent cast of voices. Mostly because Fate Zero is more mature orientated and the generous lack of highschool children prattling about (one of the things dub voice actors can’t replicate well is highschool voices, the girls especially) makes it a much more “easy” dub to accomplish. I, personally, fancy it to say the least

So with Fate in my mind, I decided to tackle the jazzy soundtrack of Fate Extra for the next few weeks. So let’s get to it

This week’s theme is the 2nd Battle theme of Fate Extra’s regular fights. It picks up around 0:44 and once again in 1:13

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