Winter Anime Week 11

Spring is almost upon us and my Spring Break week is only 3-4 days away… SOON

These next three days are gonna seem sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lengthy

Cue innuendos

Kill me Jojo Sexy Hair Cars

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Wham unleashes his Final Mode: Gathering Gales at the captured Jojo. The winds flow into his body and is launched in a high pressure stream from Wham’s horn. The powerful, directed win starts cutting through the stone edges of the wall behind Jojo and iches toward him. Cars sees Wham’s determination to win, but knows that Gathering Gale greatly injures Wham’s body in the process. Jojo’s last ace in the hole is the throw a bottle of oil at Wham in an attempt to use the intense heat within Wham’s body to ignite the oxygen, destroying Wham’s body. Jojo lobs the bottle but Wham cuts it in half. Jojo then lobs Caesar’s bandanna lit with flame at Wham, who counters that as well. Wham prepares to finish off Jojo but Jojo’s hidden plan prevails as his intention was to break the bottle of oil and have Caesar’s bandanna be damaged. The oil and the pieces of flaming bandana are absorbed into Wham and Jojo tells him that he was an incredible combatant, then our favorite Pillar Man explodes. Wham is now nothing but a head and Lisa prompts Jojo to finish him off, knowing very well of the Pillar Mens’ regenerative abilities. Jojo then aims a heavy punch toward Wham, only to hit the ground next to him. The injury gives off blood and Jojo uses it to ease Wham’s pain. Wham tells him to stop, as giving pity only shames his death, but Jojo comes back and asks him why he spared Caesar’s “will”. Wham realizes that Jojo’s act of easing is pain is because of the latter’s great respect toward him. Wham is pleased, and commends Jojo that he was surpassed him as a warrior. The vampires however break the bro-mood as they charge toward Jojo. Wham uses his last ounce of energy to slay the vampires, his sole horn then falls off. Wham honors his final foe by slaying the unruly vampires and tells Jojo to take the antidote in front of him. Wham then passes on to the wind, leaving no regrets. Jojo salutes his fallen foe in sheer respect. Jojo Stroheim's 2nd return

Cars remembers Wham’s early years, he pleaded to spare the child of a ripple user in the past and Cars outright killed him. Cars feared the humans knowledge of the ripple and saw the child a threat in the future. Cars then elimates a few vampires and unravels his turban (revealing a godly amount of hair) and stating that there was only one room at the peak of evolution anyway. Cars tries to take the Red Jewel but honors the dueling agreement (especially when Lisa threatnens him by warning she’ll break it). They switch locations to a building complex and Cars offers Lisa a weapon to duel him as he will be utilzing his lightblades. Lisa sticks with her scarf as her weapon of choice and the two have at it…only that Cars hides himself from view and stabs Lisa in the back. Cars scorns the deal and the duel, seeking only the red stone. Jojo flies in rage and the nearby vampires hold him at bay, but Stroheim appears at the nick of time with his glorious new android bodyand a squad of Nazi troopers with light emitters to destroy the vampires. Next to Stroheim is none other than Speedwagon and even Smokey is here to (commentate) view the ass kicking. Jojo reaches the building and then Cars attachs Lisa to a rope and throws her off. Jojo catches her but puts himself in a vulnerable state. Smokey and Speedwagon reveal a rather expected information that: Lisa is Jojo’s mother

Wham and Jojo have themselves a bromance worthy of legends. Cars see’s that the situation (sh*t) just got real and takes off his turban and unveils his GLORIOUS HAIR. He also just screws over Lisa and strums her legs like a guitar. Jojo’s ripples for some reason don’t kill the vampires but of course, we have our German Nazi’s and English Speedwagon Foundation guys to screw them over. Have no idea why Smokey came along but hey, the more the merrier (well, double the narration/commetary). Shocking suprise for people who didn’t realize this: Lisa Lisa is Jojo’s mom. More exciting stuff to come, cause just think…..where did the red stone go?

Magi Alibaba's Knif

Magi: Hakuryu and Alibaba moves Morgiana and the child who entered the dungeon to a safer location. The women and warrior descend from their mount to fight Alibaba and Aladdin. The girl however is particularly vehement when she asks Alibaba how he can still live with himself as his country “lost” its independence to Kou. She seeks to correct this and stabs herself with her Black Metal Vessel. The image makes Alibaba hallucinate the same scene with Kassim and only after dodging a strike from the black djinn snaps him out of his trance. Aladdin fights the monster while Alibaba gets in a fight with the girl’s bodyguard. Back in Sindria, Judal’s trolling progresses as he gloats about the Kou Empire, which is basically under him because he’s their Magi. He wants the Kou, not his organization, to destroy Sindria. Judal also insults Kogyoku but offers her a position as a general when wartime arrives. Kogyoku can’t really come to a decision but Judal leaves with just a warning. Sinbad and the rest of the military force begin a council to discuss further plans. Magi Dunya and Isaac

The fight continues within Zagan’s Dunegon. Aladdin’s magic have little effect on the Djinn while Alibaba’s current skill with his sword isn’t up to par with the bodyguard. Aladdin however utilizes his immense amount of rukh to strafe the djinn into using up its magoi. Alibaba reverts his large sword into his dagger again and imbues the dagger in his flames. Aladdin nails the monster to the wall and Alibaba freaking cuts off the bodyguards limbs. Before they can deal more blows, the masked man interferes and imbues the djinn to activate Black Djinn Equips. The djinn reverts back into the girl, only with the usual shounen-female battle armor. She apologizes for her un-ladylike attire but it won’t matter as she’ll kill them anyway. The bodyguard restores himself like a machine and uses his metal vessel to outspeed our crew. Hakuryu joins in to help but the situation is given more pressure as the masked man reveals that a large amount of soldiers are headed toward Sindria (well flying).

If you thought last week’s episode had action, boy was this episode ready to throw that at you. This week was full of kick-ass fighting from our main duo. Since Morgiana got her moment of awesome a week back, it’s only fair for the guys (that aren’t named Hakuryu) to get their turn. Pretty Dunya here stabs herself to make herself a Blac Djinn and her bodyguard Isaac outmanuevers Alibaba. Either way, they get their asses handed to them when Alibaba makes the choice to utilize his original combat style while Aladdin abuses his obscene amount of magoi/rukh. Then Power Ranger style powerup (and itty bits of naked Dunya) we have stronger foes. Isaac is a walking magnet while Dunya how has skimpy battle armor. Judal also makes Kogyoku cry (I’LL KILL HIM) and Sinbad seems to get the situation from her….but I definitely don’t remember an attack on Sindria in the manga though..either way, action packed. Oreshura Fuyuumi Wins

Oreshura: Eita’s aunt begs for food and while Eita does about doing that the girls gather at his house for a talk. His aunt falls asleep after eating and Masuzu starts to talk, only for Chiwa to interrupt and ask her about why Eita’s aunt called her a “fake”. That topic is quickly replaced with discussing funds for their little trip. Auntie who just fell asleep wakes up completely restored and assures them that their trip will be paid for if they enter a contest. Auntie here is a galge/otome game creator and is using the contest for publicity for her game. She says that all “3” of the girls in the room have a thing for Eita. Masuzu objects how she isn’t included and Auntie retorts that because of her work, she basically knows all the archtypes and workings of teenage love. Her skills make artifical love look more real than the actual thing. So in order to test all four girls, she pulls out a phone-app to rate their love for a certain male. The question asks what a girl would do about their boyfriend fangasming about a series. In short Fuyuumi, Chiwa, Hime, and Masuzu get their rankings and reasons for being where they are. Either way, all four enter the contest and are guranteed their trip to the beach. Later, Auntie asks what exactly Eita finds in Masuzu, to which Eita realizes he really can’t say too much about her. Masuzu calls Eita out to the park and discuss how easily their guise was seen through, and both determine to see through this to the end. Fuyuumi, Eita, and Kaoru talk about the club’s trip and Kaoru acts a bit jealous at all the attention Eita is getting. More or less, everyone is prepared for the trip.

Oreshura Wait Wha-

The picture above….ಠ_ಠ….anyway. Eita’s Auntie here perfectly see’s through Masuzu’s guise. Then basically boils down everyone’s rankings in the harem order by a game. Fuyuumi and her dere side proves to be the strongest, Chiwa’s childhood perk works wonders, Hime’s delusions is only above Masuzu’s fake persona. Masuzu keeps putting up the attitude and reminds us that all those cute moments she had are still fake (or are they?) but either way, the swimsuit centric episode is guranteed for everyone, more to come next.

Haganai Reaction

Haganai NEXT: Yozora is called out for plagarizing and the movie scenes are unusable. Then they decide to give the entire project over to Rika and what she does with it basically connects to the opening, with all the crazy make up and costumes. Of course, Kodaka remains the technician. Rika invites Kodaka to see her edited movie so far and Kodaka see’s how this is the first time he’s walked with Rika down the hall…ever. He also gets a nostalgia trip when he enters the science room where Rika passed out the first time they met. Rika presents to him another room within the science hall, where Rika does all her scientific endeavors. She embarassingly states that he’s the first person to ever see this place, but of course Kodaka doesn’t really notice too much. Rika’s editing skill makes the obnoxious movie actually look tolerable and Kodaka has some faith for their movie. When the festival begins, everyone decides to go see Kobato’s class’ film and the rather classical take of Kaguya-hime is well recieved. Kobato is assailed by Sena and is applauded with praise but then goes to hide in the classroom. A fellow student of Kobato greets Kodaka and notifies him about how everyone simply adores Kobato but she never tries to get too close to anyone. Rika makes an interesting connection both sister and brother but that certain someone doesn’t take that comment to seriously. Maria seems quite overjoyed when Kobato enters the clubroom that afternoon and our crew heads out to film more scenes.

Haganai Kodaka

When the athletic part of the festival arries, Yozora talks about how much she hates popular people (in particular, a 3rd year superstar). Kodaka spots Rika on the roof and tries to see what she’s up to. Talking about the movie aside, Rika dives in and questions what he thinks about Sena. When he responds with very little opinion, she openly dissects Kodaka’s thought pattern of ignoring everyone else’s “affection” while he hates to be alone. When Rika says that is about time he actually shows some reponse, he yells at her to stop and leaves. Rika says something but Kodaka drowns that out as well, but as he walks down the stairs, he shows us that he’s not as oblivious as we thought of him.

Kodaka more or less shows us he’s not a complete idiot, as he knows everyone’s growing feelings for him. Rika has really come a long since the first season, I didn’t regard her too much but thanks to her new prominent role in the second season (and the change in art style), she has definitely become a more “likeable” character. Now that kind didn’t come out right….I’ve liked her character but I guess I never considered her as romance material. As much as I would like to talk about other characters, Rika just takes dominance this week. She notes out how Kobato and Kodaka are very similar in terms of accepting other people’s deeper thoughts on them. She finally calls him out on this but Kodaka refuses to listen (and he’s quickly becoming a semi-meme). As of yet, Kodaka hasn’t explained himself but he knows how it feels to be abanonded by a friend. Being the nice guy he is, he probably doesn’t want to alienate anyone so he decides not to closely befriend them. Now that I think about it, Kobato’s movie actually portrays that connection very well.

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