Winter Anime Week 10

New Character but that attitude

Catching up. Few more posts to go before Spring. I have 1 Gametalk done (and damn is it lengthy) while another one is being focused on. Jojo Varying degrees of want

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Cars announces that the race will begin as soon as the moon passes through the clouds. The vampire army now act as audience and thunderously roar and cheer for Wham’s victory. Wham explains the parameters of the arena and tells Jojo with each lap, a new weapon will be available for use at the first pillar. The weapon for the first lap is a large sledgehammer. Before the match formally starts, Jojo hops down to clean the rubble from beneath the wheels. Lisa yells to him that he should mount the chariot to begin and after some more cleaning, Jojo gets on his mount. The moon shines above the stone arena, and Cars exclaims the start of the race. Jojo and Wham begin their race, only for Jojo to move and Wham’s chariot being stuck against the small rubble that Jojo had placed. Jojo reaches the first pillar and obtains the hammer. The momentum however almost causes him to drop it but he is able to hold on thanks to Wham’s ring on his finger. Jojo prepares the hammer with his ripple and allows Wham to catch up to him. Wham however uproots a pillar and smashes it down on Jojo’s chariot, forcing the former to leap off. Jojo lands on the ground and is briefly stunned while Wham approaches with his chariot. Jojo regains his composure and grabs the hammer while Wham gets dangerously close. Instead of running though, Jojo runs toward Wham and hits the harnesses of the chariot to vault himself upward and land on one of the horses. While Jojo escapes the horses, he finds Wham gone from the chariot. Jojo’s leg is immediately grabbed by Wham from within the horse but Jojo is able to jump to the other horse by taking off his boots. Jojo leaps with his rippled hammer to smash Wham’s hands but Wham emerges from the horse and activates his Holy Sandstorm. Jojo is thrown to his chariot. Jojo Chariot Race

Cars takes a seat and has a minion bring him refreshments and tells how he feels that killing women is unsavory and throws Lisa a vial of poison. Lisa however tells Cars that the fight is not over. Cars is in shock when he see’s Wham’s arms disintegrating through ripple. Cars turns his head to find Jojo, still alive with a grin on his face. Cars is apalled but Lisa explains how Jojo was able to use his legs to ripple up Wham’s arms, weakening the Holy Sandstorm and damaging Wham. Wham is just STUNNED by how his signature move was countered and Cars explains that his pride is slowly melting away. But Wham is not down for the count, he decides to pierce his own eyes and use his horn on his forehead to use the wind to guide him through the rest of the fight. The first lap ends and the new weapons are chosen, this time, crossbows. One large one and one small one are up for grabs and Jojo makes the mistake of choosing the large one, which is unable to bend so easily. Wham’s smaller crossbow is able to fire a bolt directly at one of Jojo’s horses. Wham now locks on to Jojo’s position and prepares to fire, but Jojo quickly hides under the haze of the central fire. Wham however uses this to his advantage and shoots toward the circular wall, using the bolt like a roulette to richocet to Jojo’s sides. Jojo is hit and falls off his horse but is able to get one bolt loaded to his crossbow. Jojo locks on to Wham and Wham charges toward Jojo but the pain makes Jojo in a aim completely different trajectory. Cars is sure that Wham has won and Jojo starts throwing rocks to keep Wham away. Wham becomes angry at how pathetic Jojo has become…but then Jojo predicts Wham’s next words and then a bullet richochets off the wall to completely pierce Wham through his chest. Wham falls but attempts to kick Jojo, but the latter counters back with his rippled arms and Wham is knocked down to the ground. Jojo seems victorious but Wham stands up with his hands gone. Wham instantly launches severed hands to Jojo’s throat using the hole in his chest. Wham activates his “Final Mode” and starts gathering air.

Sweet lord was this episode amazing. The entire thing was perfectly paced with the situation (by that, I mean shit was going down fast). Jojo utilizes every trick he has to fight against Wham and the whole episode was one hell of a spectacle. Circumstances go back and forth for Wham and Jojo and I can see why a lot of fans see this as one of greatest battles in the entire saga (well, it’s an unorthodox style of combat anyway). I knew exactly what Jojo was up to when he started acting weak, it definitely wasn’t like him to act like that. Cars and Lisa as the two announcers were fun to hear. Wham gathers his strength for one last move, can’t wait.

Magi Jafar's Eyes

Magi: The group continues to fight through the dungeon as everyone has reconciled and determined to get out alive. Judal assaults Sindira and takes down Jafar, who gets up with some murderous looks. Sinbad intervenes and Judal questions him how very strange it is to have 4 magi. The normal number of magi’s are usually three and the inclusion of Aladdin must mean that one of them must have died. Speaking of Aladdin, Judal recounts how his past was shown to him, and he ends up bawling on the ground complaining on why he’s being used by the “Organization” and seen as evil. Sinbad attempts to do something before Judal trollishly laughs that he doesn’t really care what happened to him before. The 8 generals gather up and Judal remembers why he was sent from Kou. He delivers messages of War from his superiors from the Organization. He also tells Sinbad that the Organization has already sent in a few people to Zagan’s dungeon to elimate our crew inside. Back inside, the our crew finally encounters Zagan, but when Aladdin’s attacks actually affect him, the being reveals himself to be an avatar of Zagan and his clones engage ourcrew in combat. The group realize that is is futile to fight on the enemies territory (plus they respawn quick) and try to find a better location. Zagan then opens up the floor to drop our crew into his digestive pool to consume them. Morgiana gets her time to shine when she finally activates her household vessel in desperation to save those dear to her. The chains one her wrists now lengthen to catch her falling friends and propel them upwards. Morgiana then descends to finish off Zagan’s stomach. Using the chains to dodge the vines and give herself more momentum, she charges toward the source of the vines. The source however, opens its huge maw to consume Morgiana, the latter however see’s the vision of her household vessel and upon calling out its name, the chains constrict the maw and the chains are lit aflame and incinerates the source of Zagan’s power. Morgiana nails her 10/10 landing and is overjoyed how she can now use her metal vessel, but due to her low magoi, starts crying tears of blood due to exhaustion. The group descends to help her and quickly advance to the treasure room to finish the dungeon. Inside however, are the two people they caught a glimpse of back at the port and the mysterious masked man who announces that they will be offered to the Organization.

Magi Moegiana

Oh Morgiana, you were ALWAYS useful to everybody. Judal’s trolling even gets to me, I seriously want him to get hurt near the end. He reminds me a lot of Izaya from Durarara, he just deserves to get his ass kicked sooner or later. Zagan is a bit trollish too, he called out Hakuryu last time and he doesn’t even show up to fight. Morgiana was definitely the star of the episode (and the series) as she learned how to utilize her metal vessel….at the cost of her health. But damn, that smile. However, an even bigger fight awaits everyone through those doors.

Oreshura Chuuni mode

Oreshura: Fuyuumi now heads the club’s goals while keeping the boyfriend lie a secret. She uses that lie anyway to help out her fellow girls who don’t have girlfriends. Fuyuumi demonstrates some skills with Eita fake confessing to her, which doesn’t end well for Eita because he’s not trying. Masuzu suggests some lines from his delusional youth but Eita refuses, but enough blackmailing gets him to do it. The delusional confession works on a delusional Fuyuumi and she gets seduced, but dismisses that as a fake reaction to teach others (she gets seduced again). Chiwa and Fuyuumi get in a fight over “childhood” friends and then Hime buts in to add her “lover from a past life” clause to mix things up. Masuzu silences this by bringing up plans for summer and Hime wishes to go to the beach and everyone agrees to it. Hime and Fuyuumi decide to go buy swimsuits and Chiwa leaves to use the restroom. Eita waits for her outside and eases Chiwa, saying that in terms of knowing someone the longest, she still remains the first. Chiwa then asks him to buy swimsuits with her. Later, Masuzu is told of Eita’s plans for tomorrow and she allows it. The next day, Eita meets up with Chiwa to go to the mall, then Masuzu shows up for the trollish-lulz. Oreshura Well stacked

Chiwa and Masuzu choose their swimsuit while Eita gets whisked into Hime’s stall. Hime is, suprisingly STACKED. Eita commends her for her choice in swimwear and walks out, only to get pulled away by Fuyuumi. Instead of a swimsuit, she chooses a wedding dress. Eita finally gets apprehended by his harem and decide to spend 20 minutes with them for the day. At the end of he day, Masuzu seems a bit jealous with all the “childhood friends” that swarm Eita, but the latter is intent on making some memories with her as well.

What’s a harem series without its obligatory swimsuit episode? Well this one serves as a preview while the next episode doesn’t really have swimsuits. Anyway, not too much going on, only we finally got past Fuyuumi’s arc. Love how the chuuni mode confession instantly charms her that easily. It’s childhood friends vs Masuzu with only one actual childhood friend. Eita knew Fuyuumi, but with the “out of sight-out of mind” rule that doesn’t really make them any closer. Hime is just delusional but she’s too adorable. Unfortunately, it’s just Chiwa who’s the “actual” childhood friend here. Oh yeah, Hime is unexpectedly well endowed, how did she manage to hide those?

 Haganai Kodaka Trance

Haganai NEXT: Filimg scenes begin and our crew moves around from location to location to get some shots in. Yozora calls of the hard days work and tells everyone to go home. The next day, Kodaka has no scenes so he gets a day off from filming. As he approaches an announcement board, he finds a short red haired girl looking angriliy at the posts. The girl, Yusa Aoi, sees Kodaka and questions who he is, but identifies him as “Sena’s boyfriend”. Apparently, she’s angry because Sena, her self-proclaimed rival, has basically beaten her at everything. Looks, athleticism, height, grades, and now in romance. Kodaka tries to deny this reoccuring mistake of people thinking Sena and Kodaka are dating but the Yusa has noticed how informal Sena and Kodaka are to eachother, she says how jealous she is about Sena having a “cool” boyfriend. Kodaka, being rarely complimented, falls in trance. Kodaka enters the clubroom and only see’s Sena playing her games. Kodaka mentions Yusa to Sena but she has no idea who she is. She also says that she had never studied before and the time she invited Kodaka over was the first time she did. Kodaka thinks about how “perfect” Sena must be, he almost considers himself fortunate to have her actually remember his name. The movie filming crew resume their work through the afternoon and Kodaka encounters Sena’s dad. He asks him how Kodaka has been doing and asks him about his daughter. Like many other people, he thinks Kodaka is dating Sena but the former quickly corrects him. Sena’s dad bolts and runs off

Haganai Friends

When Kodaka returns to the room, Sena drags him out to the chapel and she explains why everyone and her father thinks they’ve been dating. The “make Kobato my sister” motive and innuendo-ish statement aside, she also reveals that they are actually engaged. Thanks to an agreement made by their parents when they were children, Kodaka and Sena were to be wed. Kodaka however just brushes that aside, seeing as how something that far in the past is not important and the present is what matters. Sena nervously agrees and the two head back. Yozora is obviously angry at how late they are but Maria mentions that she heard from Kate yesterday that Kodaka and Sena are married. The truths are spilled out and Yozora is more or less stunned and becomes completely despondent. When they try to film the next few scenes in the movie, Yozora just lies down on the grass. Kodaka meets Kate again and after explaining what happened thanks to her, she apologizes. She hears that the club is making a movie and Kodaka gives a brief synopsis. She recommends him a movie about transfer students and when Kodaka watches it that night, he finds out that Yozora’s script is a blatant ripoff

New character but I already hate that sort of attitude. Kodaka’s reaction to getting praised for the first time in his life was funny to see. The misunderstanding between Sena and Kodaka is finally answered. First when Pegasus shows up to check on their relationship, only for that to be non-existant. Sena confronts Kodaka about it and ironically agrees (reluctantly) that what’s in the past will remain in the past (even though yelled at Yozora about that topic). Maria however brings up the topic and makes it known to the rest of the club and Yozora is completely beat, poor Yozora…We get to see Kate again (yaaaaaaaaaaaaay) and she unintentionally saves the movie by showing Kodaka the source material

Late late late, leave me to my work

and allow me to catch up

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