Winter Anime Week 9

Decided to pick up Mondaiji and Senran Kagura just for the hell of it. They’ll get series reviewed in a few weeks. I picked up a few Gintama episodes after seeing some more serious arcs show up. I swear, I hear Joseph everytime I hear Gintoki (used to be the other way around)

Nobume is so cute

Announcement: Maoyuu is not dropped, it instead will just recieve a series review.

Short comments but I’m already like 2-3 weeks late

Jojo Lisa Lisa

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: With tears dried, Jojo and Lisa tread through the abanonded hotel. They arrive at a strange door and Jojo freaks out when he feels the door’s handle is shaped like a hand. The door happens to be a vampire that Cars has converted and he introduces himself as Wired Beck. Jojo plans on killing the poor, unimportant vampire but Lisa takes over. She utilizes her scarf (much like Straits) and kills Wired Beck from his few minutes of screentime. Lisa reminds Jojo about Wham’s ring, but Jojo wishes to take it after he has beaten Wham in a fair match. In the farthest room in the hotel, they find Wham and in the other side of the dark room, Cars. Jojo is about to go fight Wham but Lisa stops him and informs him of the weird breathing pattern in the room. Wham then reveals that there are hundreds of vampires waiting on the ceiling to assail them. Cars is about to give the order but Wham explains that he and Jojo must have their duel at the arena. Cars however dismisses this, seeing the red stone as his goal first. Cars reiterates his order but then Lisa interrupts him, saying that if he uses his vampires, he’ll risk the red stone being destroyed by a time bomb. Cars doesn’t believe this but Jojo plays along Lisa’s words. Lisa then wagers the red stone in a duel. Wham fights Jojo and Cars fights herself. The Pillar Men agree to the fight and Wham decides the battleground of Lych’s Heel at midnight. Jojo is requested to grab the Red stone while Lisa remains there.

Jojo Wham

Jojo carries Messina’s body back and searches through Lisa’s stuff to find the stone. As he looks deeper, he finds a picture of Erina. He also finds a group picture with the younger Erina, Speedwagon, and Straits holding a baby dated 1889. Jojo trudges to the arena and presents the stone to be wagered. He also hears a little bit of Lisa’s past. When Jonathan died those many years ago, he told Erina to save the abaonded baby. That baby was Lisa so that fact makes around 50 years old. Cars then orders the vampires to prepare the arena. They light a fire and 2 chariots with horses are given to Wham and Jojo. Cars explains that these are “vampire horses” and can be tamed through ripple while Wham can tame them naturally. Jojo puts on the antidote ring and dons Caesar’s headband and swears he’ll defeat Wham.

Yare Yare Daze, this is but a transition episode for us to get more giddy about the Chariot race. We get to see Lisa fight with her scarf and kill a named enemy in around 30 seconds. Lisa also proves to be able to smack talk against beings such as Cars when she openly lies about the bomb. Cars is solely intent to getting the red stone while Wham is seriously concerned about the fight with Jojo. Thankfully, Lisa’s offer promises us two awesome fights. Love how they didn’t forget about Messina there, after Caesar died, I thought everyone forgot about him. Mysteries in family ties when Lisa is revealed to be the baby in the picture and happens to be close to Speedwagon and Erina. Enough of that though, EPIC CHARIOT RACE NEXT!

Magi Dungeon

Magi: The 4 find the dungeon filled with strange plants and doors. The strange doors lead to the discovery of even wierder inhabitants of the dungeon. They come across a large bear who asks them for money but fights when our crew obviously doesn’t have any on them. Hakuryuu is unable to do anything but watch. Continuing on to the central room, they meet the djinn Zagan. Zagan has been using people from the nearby village to supplement his garden for his creatures. Zagan flees our angry team and the team gives chase to defeat him and free the village people. They next room gives them flying, barried creatures obstructing their path. Hakuryu attempts to do something but he’s unable to pierce through their defensive barriers. Alibaba with his sword manages to cut them down and Aladdin helps with his homing fire spells. The crew is able to clear the room and move on. As Aladdin and Alibaa commend eachother for their growth in strength, Hakuryu sulks in his failure with Morgiana. He requests that he does not wished to be assisted in their next fight. Zagan’s voice echoes through the halls, saying that watching them help eachother is boring. He divides them into groups of two and we join Morgiana and Hakuryu fight a hall filled with armored golems. Morgiana’s complete physical attacks are unable to damage them but Hakuryu finally manages to do something by infusing magoi to his spear and cutting through them. In the other room, Aladdin and Alibaba defeat the golems without any trouble and Aladdin asks what Alibaba thinks of Hakuryu. Alibaba states that he’s painfully reminiscent of his old self. Hakuryu’s technique, while effective, continually drains his own energy and when Morgiana tries to help, he dismisses her. Morgiana gets fed up with guys trying to solve their own problems like this so begins to throw the golems at eachother to dismantle them. Hakuryu passes out soon after.

Magi QQ

Hakuryu wakes up with everyone around him and Zagan voices rings again. He identifies that one person is slowing the group down, and pinpoints Hakuryu. Hakuryu begins bawling his eyes out, much to everyones’ suprise. Everyone tries to calm him down but he insults all three of them. Alibaba then really tries to calm him down but Hakuryu gets fed up with the “care-free” Alibaba. He says that princes aren’t  supposed to be like that but Alibaba tells him of his experience in Balbadd; that if choosed to use everyone’s abilities from the start, he would have saved everyone. Alibaba begins crying too, as the recent events in Balbadd was less than a few months ago. Hakuryu see’s that Alibaba isn’t as simple minded as he thought and formally apologize to our crew. While all this is going on, Judal appears above Sindria.

This is why I don’t like Hakuryu that much. Much like how Light dropped Jojo for Jonathan being a wuss in the first episode, I hated on Hakuryu because he just bawled like a weakling. At least in Light’s case, Jonathan was a 10-12 year old kid who got everything stolen from him and became a buff beast that sired the many Jojo’s to come while Hakuryu..well you’ll see what else happens to him. Hakuryu also talks shit to Alibaba, who in the past few episodes killed his best friend and liberated his damn country. Zagan is quite the djinn, and trollishly commenates whats going on in his dungeon. Amends are maken, but that isn’t going to make Hakuryu any stronger. Of course, Judal only means trouble.

Oreshura Fuyuumi

Oreshura: Memeory Reel show an EXTREMELY familiar looking pink haired girl and brown haired boy playing together as kids. For those of you who were slow, well, there it is. In present time, Fuyuumi leaves a notebook behind in class and Eita finds it. Fuyuumi returns to take it back and in the confusion, she takes Eita’s instead of her’s. Eita has a chance to read some extremely delusional poems and anecdotes on “Takkun”. Fuyuumi comes back and gives chase to Eita. Eventually the two collide at the stairwell and Fuyuumi gets sentimental of how delusional she is. Eita tries to calm her down but has to invoke his inner delusions to get anywhere. He wants to formally apologize and Fuyuumi gets to decide what he could to atone. That night Eita turns down Chiwa’s offer to go look at the fireworks with Hime tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, Eita sneaks out so he could fulfill his deal with Fuyuumi and spend some time with her. Instead of going to where everyone is, the  two head down to where Eita spent his preschool years and gathering bits of memories. He brings Fuyuumi to a familiar spot to watch the fireworks and he finally remembers his past spent with Fuyuumi. Turns out that her boyfriend was a blatant lie as well. She produces a marriage document that the two made when they were children and says that 10 years ago, Eita promised to marry her. Eita takes off, seeing that Fuyuumi is pretty serious about that deal they made when they were kids. Eita runs into Hime and Chiwa and blends in with them to aboid Fuyuumi. The next day, Masuzu hears about all this and demands her compensation. Instead of something annoying, she just ask for a kiss. Later, Fuyuumi announces the repealment of the cancellation of the club and decides to monitor them from now on.

Oreshura Masuzu

Tonari no Kaibutsu + Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure + Chuunibyou + Haganai. Another childhood friend joins the cast with Fuyuumi now officially a part of Eita’s unwanted harem. The kindergarten relationship was dead obvious to me, the show even decided to spoil it for you in the beginning too. What a perfect match, delusional girl and ex-delusional boy, sounds really familiar. Believe it or not, the next few episodes will add even more additions to our Oreshura equation.

Haganai Dafuq

Haganai NEXT: Kodaka begins off by thanking everyone for making Kobato’s party possible and everyone seems to agree that making friends for more events like this is pretty entertaining. The group goes back into thinking up ideas on how to participate in the cultural festival. Yozora goes off erasing most of the choices and Kodaka asks Kobato why she’s with them instead of her class. When asked what their class is doing, Kobato says that they are making a movie and she got the lead role. With Kodakas’s encouragement Kobato leaves and the crew decides to create a movie. Yozora commissions herself to write the script (with some few things the group requests to be left out of her script). Later on, Yozora texts Kodaka an unecessarily long message to go to the movies to get inspired. After watching an expectedly steamy flick, Yozora demands that they stop at a cat cafe before leaving. Kodaka asks why she doesn’t just raise a cat but she harkens back to the days of yore when the two of them took care of a neighborhood cat. The cat left them after a while and Yozora’s mindset of “If it’s going to fail, I might as well not start” (I’m out of examples but people who don’t want to make friends in fear of losing them in the end) started from there. Either way, the two depart home and Yozora presents a rather nicely written script. The casting begins but the members deem it unfair and they do another round of voting. Kodaka hilariously ends up as the little sister character and the entire cast gets jumbled but other than Kodaka, it’s an acceptable casting. Yozora states that she will fix the error.

Haganai Timid

The error fix ends up being a complete rehaul of re-cast as Kodaka’s role from little-sister (who becomes little brother) now becomes a main character. Sena gets pissed and makes a pretty valid argumente for once in her life to complain about how only Yozora and Kodaka get any special parts. Sena throws out the “childhood friend” clause of anime out the window, the said clause is something Yozora takes extremely seriously and this time, it;s Yozora that runs out. Later that day, Kodaka finds Yozora who forgot to bring her stuff when she stormed out. She asks him which is more important, the present or the past and Kodaka answers back with the present. Kodaka’s response does get to Yozora and she slowly reconsiders (well she can’t decide at the moment) her thoughts. The next day, the perfect script is completed and the movie is prepared to be filmed.

I can see why the opening is based off movie reels since making the movie will probably take up a few episodes. Big brother Kodaka and little sister Kobato shows how much of a good parent he can become. Movie casting roles filled with awesome with Kodaka getting the least fitting role. Switch in character roles with Sena berating Yozora this time with the latter running out the room. Yozora is  cat person huh….she’ll just love the internet.

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  1. I still wonder if to pick up Haganai Next, I have seen the first season and it wasn’t that bad. If the second season is as good as the first one, it should be entertaining.

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