Music of the Week #77

On time this time

Special Music

Not too much going on at the moment, except I have a lot of free time this week so I’ll be busting my ass off playing Pokemon catching up with Weekly Recaps. Just need pictures and sum up Maoyuu and there you have it, a 3 pronged and delayed posts in a span of three days. I could post them in succession but eh, I’ll give that some thought. New Series are gonna start up soon, but all I’m seriously wanting to see is STARDUST CRUSADERRRS

Pokemon’s been dominating what little free time I have. Currently breeding some candidates for my team in Pearl/Platinum while hunting for a Ferroseed, Pawniard, Golett, and Axew in my BW2. I swear, I get every nature that isn’t the one I’m busting my fingers to get.

League of Legends is REALLY starting to bore at the moment, and I’ve resorted to actually buying some new champs. I picked up playing Dawn of War II Retribution again as well, there are still a few games in the public matches that I partake in once in a while.

I think I got my wants in Figures down, or rather, I have categorized them even more to either InstaBuy, Waiting for Paintjob, If I have some extra cash lying around (never). Will talk about that at later time.

Enough of that though, let’s get to this week’s music. This week’s theme is The Final View by the one and only Nujabes.