Music of the Week #76

Busy Week, late-late posts are being written up when I have the chance.

And here they are now, roll em out

Special Music

The weekday was seriously killing me with stuff to do so I couldn’t get ANYTHING done other than get my studying in. So far I have Weekly Recaps, 2 planned posts, bunch of Gametalks, and thats mostly it. In terms of stuff going on right now, I’m still playing Rollercoaster Tycoon and got into Pokemon again. Breeding Skarmory is a bitch. League of Legends is more active in my list because Light’s been playing that a lot and recently has been my way of communicating with that lazy bum again.

Been hunting for eroge to play too, but thats for a later time.

Anyway people, here’s this week’s overdue music, and I’m off to write more stuff since I have a day off tomorrow

Mystline by our beloved Nujabes 😀 Let the calming piano and bell sooth your mind through the day.

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