Figure Wishlist Early 2013

Time to see me prattle on about stuff I want.

Dying of Cute

In terms of figures these days….I’m actually suprised that I’m not fawning over a lot of them at the moment (pssh, of course I am). Winter WonFes 2013 was a few weeks back and of course, it brought along a load of pretty figures.

This time, it’s more speculation than anything. I have a definite fine line between “INSTABUY” and “Nope” but the middle ground is extremely annoying. The good thing is that I only have like 1 figure that I really want (and it’s not even prototyped yet) while I have a bunch of “maybe’s” sitting around. So what am I currently wishing and waiting for?

Thanks goes for the pictures to their respective sites

The Preview of the 2013 Design before WonFes
The Preview of the 2013 Design before WonFes
Design for 2013. So pretty~
Design for 2013. So pretty~

Well let’s start out with the single “want” figure that I currently plan on buying. Of course, we have the world’s favorite idol, Miku as one of the only figures that I’m looking foward to. The thing that I love about Miku (other than her general, adorable looks) is the dazzling amount of costumes she has. This one depicted above is the artwork for the Good Smile Racing Miku for 2013. I love the 2011 version (while some people didn’t) with its mature and beautiful take on Miku while the 2012 version emphasized the youthful and cute side of Miku. While I have nothing against cute, considering the current state of affairs of my wallet and a part of personal preference, I decided to ignore the 2012 version for now and patiently await the 2013 version. The costume itself seems like a “merging” of the 2011 and 2012 versions and the it shows a mix of cute/mature (I’m bad at describing)

2012 Design by Good Smile Company
2012 Design by Good Smile Company
2012 design by FREEING
2012 design by FREEING

I guess this section could be called the “Awaiting approval” section. These figures currently not yet released but are sculpted and are awaiting their release dates. Either that, or are already out and I just need to make a decision.

Figures Sonico Nurse Figures Sonico Parka

Sonico has gotten a large collection of figures (most of them are 18+) and they always tend to abuse how sexy/busty she is. I have nothing against that but sometimes moderation acts as a form of beauty itself (but what is beauty, asked the engineer). So far, Sonico has gotten bondage outfits, swimsuits, dresses, nurse outfits, naked, the upcoming cheerleader and maid outfits, more swimsuits, and at the end of the perverse (but extremely fiiine~) tunnel we have this Sonico figure. Sonico happens to accentuate her cuteness through her attitude (mostly seen through her game Sonicomi and artworks) while her body naturally gives off the sexy air. I chose this one out of all the other ones because it doesn’t go too far without sacrificing too much of what is important. This happens to be the only Sonico figure that does this and I hope for more “moderate but sexy/cute” ones in the future (if not, I might grab the nurse one). To be honest, I just found out about the black nurse outfit (with glasses!) so will wait for that now.

Figures Laura Bodewig Figures Charlotte Dunois

Charlotte and Laura remain my favorite characters from IS. Houki is just too much of a tsundere, Cecilia is…well I haven’t seen too many figures of her, and Rin is just a loli who’s pretty close to being a (comedic) yandere (she’s cute but meh). Charlotte got herself a bunnysuit figure way back while Laura has been announced but no prototype as of yet. I’m the sort of guy who just…needs to have the full set of a collection (well provided that the majority of said collection pieces are actually good). Charlotte is an alright figure from all the stuff I’ve been seeing and I’ll probably get my final decision down when Laura is done, which means in a damn long while.

Figures Cryska Figures Inia Sestina

Inia and Cryska are from Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse. I was supposed to watch the series but then it became pretty generic with everyone falling for the clueless male character. Being that sort of series, it has to feature some pretty girls. Inia and Cryska are the Russian Mech piloters who work together with the Japanese mech team (along with other countries). Cryska acts as the “ice queen” who is at first hostile to our main male lead but later warms up to him (with like 1 other girl). Inia is the less sociable, younger “Version” (because the two look like) of Cryska who starts out liking the main character anyway. The girls are wearing their plugsuits and they happen to uh *ahem* “accentuate” every corner of their body. Cryska has more assets to boast but I’m not the biggest fan of oversized chest balloons. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t “hate” them but like I said for Sonico, moderation goes a long way. Inia has got a considerable chest and I prefer her short frame in this case. These two are part of the Muv Luv Series and I seriously hope I can resist just getting 1.

Who could resist?
Who could resist?

Figures Mai Red

Mai, in my opinion, is one of the “Fighting Game Queens” because every single fighting game will always feature “dat one hot female character”. Darkstalkers has their sexy Morrigan. Street Fighter has Chun Li, Cammie, and Juri (if you’re into that kind of thing, note: NO, KOREANS ARE NOT LIKE THAT). Dead or Alive has god knows how many pretty girls. Blazblue with Noel, Litchi, etc. Tekken with Lily (<3). Arcana Heart and its entire female cast. Then we have King of Fighters, one of the earliest fighting games to be released. Mai and Chun Li basically serve as the rivals during those times when female characters were getting their spotlight in the growing game market. Enough history though, there’s not much to say about Mai here folks, it’s freaking Mai Shiranui. She probably has the least amount of “suitable” fighting garments to suit an actual fight but King of Fighter lore explains that having little clothes is basically the strategy. This is actually a “re-release” of an older (and god-awfully expensive) Mai figure. I think the quality is improved here and I will await until it comes out to truly judge it. The question is: Red or Black? (where the hell is my blue color???)

Figures Ryoko

Ryoko was on my list since I got Haruhi in her bunnygirl outfit. While I do not favor the series, it’s pretty common to see figure buyers buy figures just because they look pretty. They don’t necessarily have to like the certain character (although it boosts the experience/enjoyment). Ryoko here just happened to look good in a bunny outfit. When I mentioned I have a sense of “collection” that makes me buy more than I need to, the series Ryoko comes from isn’t exactly the case. The rest of this particular collection of figures aren’t up to par with this one in my opinion. I would get it…if it wasn’t so damn expensive.

Figures Caster Extra CCC Figures Caster Extra

Caster has become one of my favorite Servants in the Fate/Nasu-verse. Like every Caster before her, she has a very close relationship to her master (you/me) and like the other Casters, isn’t the most “normal” in the head. Caster from FSN was manipulative and serves as the antagonist while loving her master. Zero’s Caster was plain creepy and he had some fun times with Ryunnosuke killing people. Extra’s Caster over here is a fox-girl who absolutely adores her master, at the price that they don’t look at anyone else..ever. But it’s only creepy if you would dare deny the love of someone as cute as her though. There’s the regular Extra costume and the CCC costume, and I can’t seem to make a choice over here.

Figures Kurousagi Blue 1 Figures Kurousagi Pink 1

Kurousagi is not my type of anime to watch, but pretty girls can attract my eyes anywhere. Kurousagi comes in a blue or pink version which is something I don’t like. Deciding is a pretty annoying/heartbreaking stage I have to go through. Personally, the pink hair version seems redundant with the red and black skirt so I’m leaning toward the blue one at the moment. Plus those garter straps.

Figures Gumi 2

Gumi is one of those Vocaloids not everyone knows about. Sure everyone knows Miku, the Kagamine twins, and Luka, but Gumi stands on the side a bit. You can’t deny Miku has taken over the entire figure line-up for the Vocaloid series but Gumi is getting two figures this time. I would post both versions but I just decided to post the one I’m waiting for. Gumi definitely needed love, and I’ll patiently see how she turns out. On the subject of Vocaloid though, I’m waiting for some Luka and Rin figures.

Figures Kobato Figures Maria and Kobato

Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai has done many things, especially making me add two more loli’s in my list. Kobato and Maria still remain in my “maybe” list but I keep having second thoughts. Buying one means that I just HAVE to buy the other (because of collector mindset and because I like the character in general). So while that rung through my head, Kobato got a new figure out. Buriki-san’s art are some amazing stuff, and the figure captures the essence of the art and style very well. I just have to decide or wait.

Figures Meiya

Meiya is from the earlier Muv Luv titles and follows the “I don’t know much about this series/I hate this series but I’ll get it because it looks nice” formula. Muv Luv actually started as an eroge so you can take that piece of information to account. Meiya is the primary love interest with another girl acting as her rival in a “childhood promise” setting…with mechas involved. Meiya is posed with her sword and I’ll save my judgement for until she gets painted.

I'm looking foward to just Saber Alter in the corner there
I’m looking foward to just Saber Alter in the corner there

So many Sabers for me to decide. No seriously, Saber is one of those characters that just keeps getting more merchandise. Miku, Sonico, Tamaki (even though I haven’t mentioned her yet), and Saber seem to be the all time queens of figure renditions. Saber has around 4-6 versions of herself (all mirroring in popularity) and the figures above are the Lily and Alter versions. I personally favor the Extra version though and wish a stylish figure of Saber Extra with the outfit from CCC would be released (not the figma).

Figures Alleyne

Alleyne is one of the many girls that get their clothes (what little amounts they had to begin with) torn off in Queen’s Blade. It’s one of the more shameless, borderline hentai series that only isn’t one because there’s not a male character in it. It could easily pass as a yuri hentai but never goes “that” far even though it does border it. Alleyne is an elf whose basic articles of clothing are composed of leaves and she’s….well it’s not really important because what I’m trying to get at is that: She’s hot, Imma wait and see.

Figures Yui

Yui from Muv Luv Total Eclipse just like Inia and Cryska from way up the list. I put Yui down here because as nice as she looks, her released version has some ugly-ass markings on her hair. She’s another one of the “ice queens” that melts up for our main character. Still is a beautiful piece of work, but remember that I ain’t the biggest fan of Total Eclipse, so it’s not so much as the character herself, just more on the looks.

Figures Nanoha 1Figures Fate 1

Nanoha is quite the mystery to me. I would go off on a tangent and just raise suspicions about the series (and how it was a spin-off hentai) but I’ll just get to the point. I have a thing for bunnysuits, more so for ones that have those damn fishnet stockings (who could resist?). Nanoha and her friend Fate have themselves a pretty large figures in exactly the type of stuff that I like. There’s a third member to this but screw her, she doesn’t look as good as these two.

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We have Sarja from the new Fire Emblem Awakening and Yuki from the popular doujin series Maid Wife

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