Spring Anime 2013 Mini-Preview: Minimalist Version

Redundancy for the sake of weak emphasis on how crappy this post is. Sorry folks, allow me to write some elaborate pieces after this

This is what I believe to be the current chart for the upcoming Spring season. Allow me to quickly disclose my thoughts on them


and by quickly, I mean VERY quickly. When the spring series arrive, I’ll probably just add the newer series on the weekly recap lists and decide from their if I will continue something or not.

High amounts of minimalism ahead, view at your own discretion

Spring Anime Date A Live

Date A Live: Date A Live’s LN’s illustrations were done by Tsunako, the artist behind the Neptunia girls. That alone makes me want to see this just for the eye candy. I’m not going to expect much because it follows the generic format of “normal guy meets extra-ordinary girl” sort of development. It the main can prove himself like Aikawa does in Zombie, maybe I’ll cut it some slack.

Spring Anime Red Data Girl

RDG Red Date Girl: From the pool of new shows, I decided  this one could be interesting and will see how it turns out.

Spring Anime Oreimo S2

Oreimo S2: I’m always for more Ruri, but I fear that the series might go down in quality as it shifts to the more highschool part of the series instead of the outside, Akiba, otaku setting.

Spring Anime Shingeki

Shingeki no Kyojin: I first saw the preview picture in one fanboy’s post about GunGale Online (godawful SAO’s third arc). The premse reminds me of Gurren Lagan (in the beginning) in a sense secluded civilizations and the strange beyond.

Spring Anime Hentai Ouji

Hentai Ouji Warawanai Neko: Art by Kantoku, one of my many favorite artists in the anime/manga world. Like Date A Live, mostly going in with the artist’s work than the actual content, but I’ll see through it for now.

And the rest don’t get one

HnG S4: Just added this to say WHY. ICTMEOY (I can’t take my eyes off you) was just plain bad, why in the world are they running its style instead of a proper “third” season?

Hyakka Rouran: This again? Well, fanservice is fanservice. I’ll see how desperate I am when the time comes.

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun: I prefer seeing more additions to Index rather than just Misaka. I can honestly say that I don’t understand the Misaka craze all too well. She’s just another tsundere who will start blasting the crap of the “misunderstood main character” with their respective super power. If this was an addition to the Index part of the series, I’d give it a watch but this is not.

Nyaruko: My inner Lovecraft fan screams at the pure madness that this show exists, further proving that Japan can make anything into a little girl. Oh Japan, I thought you knew some limits but I guess you can’t go past this. I haven’t watched the first one so it all depends if I can muster enough sanity to sit through the first one.

I’m horrible

2 thoughts on “Spring Anime 2013 Mini-Preview: Minimalist Version”

  1. This season’s going to be the shit:p I’m looking forward to:
    -Red Data Girl(P.A. Works fanboy)
    -Oreimo Season 2(still like the series haha)
    -Hentai Ouji(the manga was pretty steady, but I don’t know if J.C. Staff can pull it off like they did with Sakurasou no Pet. Which is pretty good for their standards)
    -Hanasaku Iroha movie WHOEEEE
    -Yahari Ore(artwork looks interesting)
    I think Photo Kano has potential too. No KyoAni show this season. Well enough to watch.

    1. Season is alright in my opinion, it just provides some good alternative stuff to watch when Jojo isn’t subbed

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