Winter Anime Week 8

I feel like my paragraphs are way too damn long, so I’m just going to split them up from now on. The 2 picture rule might be getting itself replaced.

That being said, large-unorganized amounts of pictures ahead. Prepare to be disgusted


 Jojo Wham

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Caesar’s past is chronicled and starts with his relationship with his loving father, Mario. One day when he was ten, Mario leaves without a word and this greatly angers Caesar for much of his youth. He becomes a hoodlum and he naturally developed his ripples as he beat (but never killed) people. One day, he finds his father back from god knows where in Rome and tails him to the site of the 3 Pillar Men’s…pillar. When Caesar gets too close, Mario jumps in to save him. Caesar is horrified to see that the Pillar is absorbing his father into itself but he’s also suprised that his father didn’t recognize Caesar (basically saving the life of an innocent man who he does not know). Mario tells Caesar to relay what he saw to a woman named Lisa Lisa and the rest is history.

In present time, Caesar approaches the hotel but when the doors suddenly open, he takes the defensive stance. Caesar sees a figure of a man for a brief second and then Messina shows up. Messina however gets completely owned and is dragged into the hotel. Caesar then recognizes this wind as Wham. Wham reveals himself in his new attire (closer to ACDC’s stylized personal wear compared to Cars’ human camo) and while wanting to fight Jojo who defeated ACDC, he finds Caesar as a worthy opponent. Caesar also sees Wham’s wind is shielding him from the daylight. Caesar begins the fight with his Ripple cutter that he based off Zeppeli’s wine ripples. The disk shaped bubbles practically carry themselves to Wham, who gets heavily injured from the ripple. Caesar advances his assault and then jumps to get a strike at Wham. Wham retreats into the hotel where they resume their fight. Wham whips the winds at Caesar while the latter throws his bubbles.

Jojo Will of Zeppeli

Wham is injured enough to force himself to his the Holy Sandstorm but before that takes place, Caesar tells him to notice how the bubble cutters he”s been using have not popped, instead they are positioned above Wham. The hole that Wham used to enter shines with sunlight and the bubble acts as lenses to bend the light toward Wham. Wham is immensely damaged by the sunlight and tries to put up his shield up again. Caesar leaps to really strike the final blow, but in the insant Caesar’s body casted a shadow over Wham, he unleashes his Holy Sandstorm. The noise is heard outside and Jojo and Lisa close in on the hotel. Caesar is down and Wham is stunned at Caesar’s growth and is too afraid to think of how Cars would end up against Caesar (seeing how Wham naturally countered Caesar with wind). Caesar however gets up and tries to continue their brawl. Wham does not retaliate against Caesar’s weak strikes though, he knows that both of them are severely injured and that Caesar is practically dead with all his muscles and vessels torn. Caesar is able to take the ring off of Wham and recounts how his grandfather gave Jonathan his ripple in his dying breath; he feels he should do the same.

 Jojo Last Ripple

Caesar unravels his bandana and with a last cry for Jojo to carry forth his will, he “passes on” the Zeppeli spirit with his final ripple. As Caesar loses his energy, a large piece of stone falls upon him…Wham then see’s that Caesar has made a blood bubble with the bandana and ring inside. He had used his most powerful life ripple to aid his friend rather than strike a lethal blow to Wham. He lets the bubble intact and remembers Caesar as an honorable opponent. Jojo and Lisa walk in and see the wreckage and they find the blood bubble, expecting only the worst. Jojo is driven to tears and tries to dig through the rubble to find Caesar but Lisa stops him, while close to tears herself. The sadness reaches its climax when one of the boarded windows illuminates the blood coming out of the debris. Lisa falls to her knees as Jojo yells to mourn his fallen friend.



If you couldn’t tell from the opening, then this episode’s beginning does it for you. Caesar’s past is shown to us and signals one HELL of a death flag. Even in the opening, Caesar is shown crying at the last rotation of our duo’s awesome performance. Even more spoiler worthy content when Jojo dons his headband before screaming into the starry sky. Anyways, while the death flag was raised into the heavens, Caesar put up one hell of a fight against Wham. This is one of the more “elaborate” fights so far…in a sense. Part 1’s fights were mostly Speedwagon talking and ripples spreading everywhere while this one features the gimmicky champions with Caesar’s bubbles and Jojo’s tricks. While this is Caesar’s only fight, we can tell how much he’s improved since he got his ass handed to him by Wham. The dazzling light show was pretty cool but then Caesar got a faceful of  Holy Sandstorm. Caesar’s sendoff was pretty damn emotional with all the lights and the final cry. Jojo and Lisa Lisa’s attempts to hold all the feels in gets crushed when the bloody stream (oooooo) is illuminated. Sugita usually soundS playful but I feel like he nailed the scream part. Props to the opera piece playing in that part too. Great episode, CHARIOT BATTLE COMING SOON, GET HYPE.

Magi Morgiana's Vessel  

Magi: Sinbad tells Hakuryu that before he can arrive at a firm stance on the matter, that Hakuryu should learn from the people around him first. Else whereAladdin’s mage training and Alibaba’s sword training continues. Aladdin makes considerable progress but Alibaba has trouble once again adapting to his new sword style. Sharrkan stops his training early one day to let Alibaba figure out the solution to his problem. Morgiana shows up to show the duo her stylized metal vessels. The two express their enamorment to the pretty chains akin to what dancers wore and they beg Morgiana to show case that they are capable of. The chains get stuck on their heads however and once that mishap is done with, they are visited by Hakuryu and Kogyoku. The two group reconcile and try to get over what happened in Balbadd (mostly Kogyoku and Aladdin) and Alibaba hears some malicious thoughts in his head. These whispers than become aches and Alibaba faints after a while.

Magi Ren Siblings

When he wakes up, he finds his left arm blotched with some ink like substance and when Sinbad comes to check on him, the mysterious masked man shows up from the blotted parts. Sinbad cuts the apparition in half but gets doused in the same black ink. The masked man announces that they have been cursed and their magoi will eventually run black and die. Sinbad does not seem fazed and Yamu concludes that this is more of a complicated spell than an actual curse. Since only the caster knows how to dispell a complicated spell as this, she has no way of curing it. Sinbad notes for one possible solution to this being a Djinn by the name of Zagan who is holed up in a dungeon near their location. Zagan is said to be able to cure any form of sickness and Sinbad assigns the trio to conquer his dungeon. Hakuryu then takes this chance to prove himself. The new crew head down to the isles and are accompanied by Pisti, who saves everyone from a large sea monster. Down at the island the crew pass by two strange looking people walk toward the dungeon in the distance.  They hear that Zagan has been kidnapping locals and a small girl wishes to accompany them to a dungeon. Of course, they turn her down but promise to see through what happened. As the approach the dungeon, they are allowed entrace by a blinding light and their trial begins.

Magi Mysterious Duo

I just realize how much of the Sindria Kingdom Arc they have skipped over. Sharrkan’s teachings were a bit more lengthened in the manga and they cut out Fat Alibaba and Aladdin. I would mention a few more things if I haven’t completely forgotten about it (it’s been a while since I read Magi’s early parts). Morgiana gets herself a vessel and djinn under Alibaba and we move on to the dungeon of Zagan. While Hakuryu is my least favorite, we have to trudge through this to get to the better parts. I patiently await.

 Oreshura Masuzu

Oreshura: Eita and Natsukawa meet again to conspire further on getting dirt on Fuyuumi. Eita tries to vouch for the latter but Natsukawa doesn’t seem too trusting. Eita points that out and Natsukawa apologizes for her untrustworthy attitude towards others, blaming it on the years of being a “faker”. Eita encourages her to have more faith in others, and he gets a kiss in return. Moving on to Fuyuumi’s part, the trio eat a a parlor and Eita notices Fuyuumi giving bananas to Kaoru, when she herself likes them. Back at home, Eita finds Chiwa reading more ways to get popular and finds a charm that details to “not eat your favorite food for 5 days” to get a guy to confess to you. The next day, Kaoru pulls out a flyer for a festival coming up and Fuyuumi questions if he will go with anyone. Eita plans on denying anyone asking him to go and Fuyuumi screams victory but is bummed out when he tells her that he isn’t planning on going with anybody. Kaoru switches plans and everyone agrees to go watch a movie. Natsukawa and our regular “crew” meet up and plan out a way to get to Fuyuumi. After another embarassing story from Eita’s notebook, Chiwa is chosen to act as another party member to go accompany Eita’s group to the movies.

Movie day arrives and during their walk, Fuyuumi asks if Eita remembers anything important during kindergarten (hint hint). Eita doesn’t recall anything so she asks him how her clothes are. When complimented, Fuyuumi is tempted to run around to exhaust her excitement but Eita stops her. Things get close, but then Chiwa blocks more development. The movie has some vaguely recognizable names that chronicle a love triangle between two girls and one guy. One argues the childhood friend clause and the other complains against it. Fuyuumi and Chiwa vocally cheer for their counterparts and the movie ends. Natsukawa admits later on that getting a blackmail picture in a movie theater wasn’t the best idea. The plan fails but Fuyuumi’s arc will probably conclude next episode

Oreshura Ai

As cute as Fuyuumi is, she’s starting to grow less cute. The series gets more cliche each episode and everything is pretty predictable. What I’m saying makes no sense either because what the hell was I expecting when I came to watch this series. I can pretty much tell what the relationship is between Fuyuumi and Eita too. Fuyuumi’s arc ends next week so lets see if my guesses were right

 Maoyuu Wizards

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha: The merchant from few episodes back who swore to come back to woo D.K returns again to see her. He however notices something out of the ordinary about her and Hero shows up to reveal that the D.K is being substituted by the maid. Hero and the merchant catch up (the two met before Hero met D.K) and also compliment eachother on how much they have grown. The Hero reminds the merchant of an agreement they had, namely on where the merchant treats Hero to a banquet of food and girls. The agreement is reversed as the Hero takes Merchant to the demon world for a small banquet. They teleport near Gate City and Hero reveals that D.K is a demon. Hero has sent to the dragon lady to prepare a party and in minutes, a group of demons arrive to set up a feast. With the party’s aftermath, Hero offers the merchant the entirety of Gate City, in exchange for for a changed “idea” to put in simpler words (I think I just complicated it more xD ). Small scene in the Demon World where D.K and Head Maid reunite and talking about the sorceress in the Outer Library. Back at home, Knight demands Hero to make her his knight. She accepts that D.K has “won” but she wishes to have a sense of meaning and be an “Actual knight” in service to some lord. She sees no one but the Hero to be this and offers her body and soul. Hero is reluctant at first but finally accepts. While everything is seemingly going well, before dinner is served, a knock on the door brings bad news from the front. The crew is informed that the crops and techniques that the D.K tought are “against” the church and are heretical acts of demons. The authorities demand the D.K to be turned in, and our heroes know that the D.K won’t be back for a while. They decide to use the ring and to let Hero act independently once more to save the day.

Maoyuu Knight's Oath

I wonder if the Hero knows the merchant’s aspirations for D.K’s love. Well those sentiments can go ignored because the two go ahead and decide to party with the D.K’s absence with some demon girls. The two share some bro-ing moments and they seem to be in mutual agreement with eachother. I also wonder what the Wizard(s) are doing in the empty space that’s called the “great library” and why D.K seems to be on friendly terms. I felt like the Hero also needed to act bit more serious in Knight’s situation. She’s giving up her life/soul in a pretty serious oath and he can’t seem to make a decision. Serious development occurs at the end when the D.K is figured out mostly for her plans instead of being a demon. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Haganai NEXT: Kodaka gets asked by….almost everyone that isn’t Kobato/Maria on a “date” to choose a birthday gift for Kobato. Because of this, not everyone is too happy with what Kodaka has done. Kodaka notes out Rika is in her labcoat and uniform again and exhibits some observational skill when he notes out the highlights in her hair. Rika is impressed but Kodaka lets his thoughts speak for themselves and Rika’s heart gets pierced. She returns back to reality and inquires Sena about her notable fashion sense. Sena’s ego tells them that she picks out her clothes herself at a nearby store but Kodaka remembers that her house is surrounded by mountains valleys and pinpoints out her lie. Then the focus shifts to Yozora’s clothes which have been picked out because they were considered “boyish” but Yozora completely missed the point on picking these clothes.

Haganai Reactions

At the mall, Sena and Kodaka go as a pair while the rest go off with Yukimura. Kodaka explains in detail what Kobato dislikes and Sena has no hope in finding something suitable for her. Kodaka’s last suggestion is just straight up meat products, but before Sena has a chance to say too much about that, Kodaka goes on a shopping spree for kitchen utensils. Later, Kodaka asks Sena (isn’t that rare, Kodaka on the initiative) about what she thinks about Kodaka and Yozora’s past. Sena describes how she was bummed out at first but quickly got over it, saying the past remains the past and it’s the present that matters. Sena then asks what he thinks of the other girls in their “social circle” but the question becomes if Kodaka wants a girlfriend. Kodaka considers himself boring but as they return, Sena quietly says that she doesn’t find him boring at all (now only if wasn’t such an idiot). The birthday celebrations goes well the next day and Kobato is able to mutter something positive to Sena for a change. On the way home, Kodaka decides to buy some ingredients for their dinner.

Haganai Juxtapose

When he arrives  home, he finds Kate and Maria, with the latter having a present for Kobato. Since they’re here anyway. Kodaka invites them for dinner and eventually sleeping over. The girls take a bath while Kodaka finds them so clothes, and as he approaches the bathroom, he see’s Kobato running out. When he opens the door, he forgets that there’s a(n EXTREMELY FIIIIIIIIINE) non-loli in the bathroom. Kodaka closes the door and apologizes, and Kate being the best girl forgives him. The sisters decide to leave and Kate mentions how she wishes he was “something more” than an older brother, but since he has Sena it doesn’t matter. Kodaka is suprised at that but learns what she means later on. Foreshadowiiing~

Haganai Kate

Kodaka’s density exceeds that of a pound of iridium, but hopefully this gets explained. You can probably tell that I enjoyed the second half of the episode compared to the first half. Doesn’t mean I didn’t like the first half though. The fashion sense everyone has and the comments on it were pretty funny and we learn that Kodaka would make a great stay-at-home dad. It’s hard to believe that Kate is 15-16 but why am I bringing the rules of reality/expected anatomy in anime? Kate seems to already know what’s going on with Sena and Kodaka it seems. What a pity, I’d take the snarky sis-con over the gullible, narcissistic Sena. Oh well, I can dream

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