Winter Anime Week 7

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Haganai Moe Moe Kyun Magi Kogyoku crying 2Magi Shock Jojo Maniac Cars 

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Jojo Stroheims's Return

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stroheim of all people turns out to be the familiar man in the hat, blocking Cars’s blade. Jojo is apalled to see the heroic Nazi who blew himself up to save the world in the flesh against the leader of the Pillar Men in the same room. Stroheim tells Jojo to relax since he will be the one to defeat Cars and save the world…twice. Cars is suprised one way or another as Stroheim was able to stop his attacks and contort his left arm in an unnatural manner. Stroheim declares that his body was made to surpass the likes of Pillar Men (just Santana though) and then he grabs a belt of ammunition and reveals his glorious MACHINE GUN attached to his chest. Stroheim hails Cars with a storm of bullets and Cars is forced out of the lodge. Cars then reveals his power and his blade begins illuminating. Cars is able to cut through Stroheim’s bulletstorm and then cuts him in half. Stroheim gets completely incapacitated once more but remains alive. Cars locates his Red stone at last but Stroheim gives one last attack in form of an ultra-violet eye laser. Cars loses his red stone and it goes skidding on the icy path. Cars begins running to catch up to it and Stroheim yells at Jojo to do the same. Cars realizes that Jojo will take advantage of the situation the second he reaches for the stone and when the moment arrives, Jojo kicks toward him. Cars dodges this and uses his feet to grab the red stone (as it was a necklace) but Jojo as actually aiming for the snow. The snow is kicked up toward Cars and Jojo is able to use the extra force to stop himself, he’s also able to grab the stone during the confusion. Cars however juts out a blade from his foot to hook Jojo to the deadly fall below. Jojo tries to grab on to the icicles but is unable to do so because of Cars hanging on to him. Cars pushes Jojo to the cliff’s walls so he will have a chance to strike him down, but Jojo uses the red stone as  shield which Cars refuses to hit. Jojo then has a chance to uses his ripple to grab on to the icicles, this time with Caesar’s help. Jojo is pulled up while Cars falls down through. Cars however, sees a few flowers at the bottom and quite literally rockets himself between the canyon walls so the flowers remain safe in his fall. Then he laughs like a maniac and is entertained enough to give Jojo a day with the pendant.

Things are in peace for now and after Jojo trolls a cat, our crew locates Cars’s HQ to an abanonded hotel. Caesar convinces everyone but Jojo that a full frontal assault against them in daylight would be the best course of action. Jojo goes against this because he knows how smart the Pillar Men are and attacking them in their turf would mean suicide. Caesar’s pride of his family fuels his need for vengeance and he thought Jojo would understand this because Jonathan’s death was transversely caused by Cars. Jojo however says that they shouldn’t care for two old men whom they never met. Caesar gets pissed and the two have a fight, and they get broken up. Caesar stands true to himself and decides to assault the hotel alone. Lisa tells Jojo that he has gone overboard with what he said to Caesar because of his family lineage.

Jojo Light Blade

GERMAN SCIENCE IS THE BEST IN THE WOOOOOOOOOOOORLD. Stroheim makes his glorious return and vocal cords have been restored to their amazing state. His strength now matches that of a Pillar Men and engages Cars in combat. He pulls out a freaking machine gun and is able to make Cars get a bit more  serious. The Light blade defeats Stroheim and then we have an epic chase. Bromance points for Jojo and Caesar as their ripples and minds have become to understand each other’s wavelengths. Of course, only Jojo could be able to think of such a plan to get back the red stone and have it actually work. Note again how Cars preserves innocent life as he saves a flower from his impact. Also, epic cars laugh. Caesar’s moment of shine next episode! Prepare to for epic fight!

Magi Morgiana Pouttt

Magi: Aladdin is taught the extensive use for magoi as a catalys   t for spells by the alluring Yamu (<3) while Alibaba has difficulty adjusting to his new weapon (seeing how his knife become a broad sword during Djinn Equips). Sinbad takes Alibaba to the kingdom’s vaults to attempt a transfer of Djinn from their metal vessels. Sinbad bestows the knife that Alibaba’s father gave him when he was young and passes it on to Alibaba. Alibaba’s djinn is instantly transferred. Seeing as how everyone is getting themselves new techniques, Sinbad suggests Morgiana gets inducted to Alibaba’s Djinn’s “Household” and borrow its powers. Sinbad offers her necklaces and jewelry but Morgiana has little connection to them since she’s never worn any. Alibaba wants her to try out some claws but Morgiana decides to use something that she has a connection to. The metal vessel she chooses are the shackles she used to wear during her enslavement and how Aladdin, Goltas, and Alibaba set her free. Before Morgiana gets even cuter, Jafar walks in to announce the arrival of the Kou Empire. Fresh off the boat, comes Ren Hakuryu the 4th prince of Kou and behind him the enraged Kogyoku. Sinbad seems completely oblivious to what happened in Kou a few days back. Kogyoku is too shamed to tell her story so Ka Koubun decides to do it for her. Sinbad’s last day in Kou was celebrated with a banquet and when Kogyoku awoke the next day, Sinbad was naked in her bed. The scandal is obscenely large scale and Kogyoku is shamed enough to kill Sinbad and then herself. Sharrkan and Spartos however attest that Sinbad wasn’t eve that drunk and they saw him off to his room. To solve every problem, Yamu decides to use her magic to show everyone what has transpired that eventful night. Turns out, nothing happened and it ends up with Ka Koubun was behind all this for some political gain (in a non-selfish way). The troops and Hakuryu apologize for this and everything turns out okay (since nothing actually happened). Later that evening, Hakuryu and Sinbad meet to talk about why Hakuryu is here. The latter states that he wishes to train here but ultimately reveals his intent to destroy the Kou Empire.

Magi Blade

The faces made in the episode were so awesome. Morgiana, generals, and espcially Kogyoku and her adorable crying. Episode was….a large filler episode that only got down to some real business when Hakuryu mentions his wish to destroy his country. Preceding that, we have metal vessel discussions and a false accusation against Sinbad. Other than epic faces and cute girls….there really wasn’t much here.

Oreshura Ai 

Oreshura: Eita wakes up next to a naked Hime but turns out nothing happened. Chiwa and Natsukawa are behind the infirmary doors and he tries to run away to avoid any bad hints from them. Ignoring the unimportant stuff, we formally meet the newest character from last episode, Fuyuumi Ai. Chiwa identifies Fuyuumi’s aggression toward their club due to the busy nature of her work stopping her from getting any time with boys. Fuyuumi however counters back even more aggressively, yelling that she has a boyfriend in college. Anyways, the group disperses after Fuyuumi leaves. Eita’s plans during break is to attend study classes, but is suprised to find out that his friend and Fuyuumi are there as well. Fuuyumi in particular shows extreme happiness when she learns that they are in the same class. Fuyuumi’s tsundere nature really peaks at this point. Later that night, Chiwa asks if Eita was ever asked out by anyone before meeting Natsukawa and then he remembers that someone kid ask him out during kindergarten. Natsukawa blackmails Eita out of his studying time and they discuss something suspicious about Fuyuumi’s boyfriend and she wants to use that to blackmail her to opening up the club again. Eita’s friend (Kaoru) now acts as match maker to help Fuyuumi’s obvious endeavor to get closer to Eita. At a diner, Eita almosts gets Fuyuumi to reveal something about her boyfriend, only to have Chiwa interrupt at the last second, Hime is there too but she doesn’t do too much. More Fuyuumi coming up

Oreshura Dere

This episode and the next really show why I don’t like Chiwa (as cute as she sounds). She constantly buts in on good moments like these. Fuyuumi is like any other tsundere but I particularly like how she “vents” out her excitement by running. I feel like Hime is being underappreciated, but if we focused on a chuunibyou, it might resemble another chuunibyou show. Seeing as how I’m late, I might as well say this too: Fuyuumi’s “arc” seems to last a bit longer than everyone else’s

Maoyuu Knight 

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha: The older maid chronicles the peace that follows after the fight. The Head Maid is currently away and particularly notes how Hero and D.K are spending their time together, as well as the Knight acting as the third wheel. Before she can conclude her writing, she stops as she finds someone outside the window. Hero and Knight train with swords together and they sit down for a talk. Hero is rather suprised at how good everyone is getting at diplomacy and economics while he can only fight. Hero goes off on a trip to the city to make sure some deals go down well and D.K pleads him to just return home once he’s done (Hero unconditionally attracts females, both human and demon). While having a small meal at the city, the entire area gets shook up with an earthquake and D.K states that she needs to visit the demon world again. D.K, maid, and Hero journey (more like fast travels) to the Iron Country to pick up some technology the D.K had been looking for. Hero asks why she brought the young maid along and D.K and she replies by saying that the maid has essentially become her finest pupil and she wishes to pass down some more experience to her. The invention turns out to be a printing press and the applications are just…boundless to say the least with a economic emphasis all over. Hero thinks about exactly that during the night until Knight and D.K show up near his door. The two quarrel for a bit until Head Maid just shoves both of them into the room. The two eventually end up sharing the bed with the flustered Hero and before they get to more fighting, they come into an agreement (sharing embarassing experiences with Hero, oh the humanity). Then D.K tells them her plans to return to the Demon world and more importantly, gives a ring to the maid so she can be her substitute.

Maoyuu Love

Knight and D.K are now officially rivals and best friends with the small time of peace. More technology and soft drinks are created by the crew and we hear a bit of the Hero’s troubles. Like Magi, this week’s episode didn’t do “too much” considering the serious stuff comes at the end (while there were a few scenes that diverged from all the merriment). Big development when D.K mentions the maid will be substituting her though, can’t wait to see that happen.

Haganai Rika 

Haganai NEXT: Nothing “big” seems to happen when Yozora and Kodaka are revealed to be childhood friends and the story quickly moves on to the week’s topic of what the club should do for the school festival. Yozora is completely against the entire thing, dismissing the school festival as an exclusive event solely for popular people. Sena however recalls her glorious time during the previous festivals, until Rika points out that she was more eyecandy/tryhard than someone “regular”. Yozora dismisses the case and before she can ask Kodaka to accompany her during the festival, Sena gets up from her sulking to have their club have a maid cafe. Yozora once again, is against this but a few of the other members are willing to try it out. Rika is up first and attempts the tsundere maid with deadly tsun efficiency. Yukimura acts a judge, seeing how she was a maid beforehand. Sena is up next and she turns out to be heartwrenchingly cute. Yozora’s glare eventually makes Sena cry and run away (this is like the….10th time now?) but not before she admits to have gone to maid cafes before. Later that afternoon, Kodaka also walks in on Yozora with the maid outfit on, awkward silence and Kodaka just leaves. So the maid cafe idea is out and the group decides to try out some horoscope readings. Yozora’s personal experience with this makes her against the idea once more. To prove how inane it is, she reads Sena’s future and gives her a bogus activity to boost her luck. The text message Kodaka recives later that day proves how much of an idiot Sena really is. Yozora and Sena have a more emotional falling out again where the former actually feels a bit of regret but that all subsides when Kobato shows up in the clubroom. While all this is going on, Kodaka remembers that Kobato’s birthday is coming up

Haganai Yozora

Rika has a tsundere maid didn’t fit too well while Sena’s performance gave her a bunch of points (if only she wasn’t so dumb/narcissistic). I expected a more exaggerated (in a good way) over the revelation of Kodaka and Yozora’s past but oh well. Maid cafes don’t turn out too well and fortune readings only cause Yozora and Sena’s hate for eachother to grow larger. Sena’s maid part was like I mentioned, adorable while Rika is better off with her regular weirdo self. I actually felt something for Sena’s stupidity at the end, only for that to disappear into thin air once her reaction to Kobato sparked up

Magi YamuMagi Dem FacesMagi Kogyoku

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  1. The only one I’m following in this list is OreShura haha, planning to watch Haganai Next though. I don’t about Magi, I got tipped that it is pretty entertaining. But I don’t know if it’s my cup of tea.

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