Music of the Week #74

Like Week 5 and 6, I’m working on 7 and 8 at the same time and only pictures and Maoyuu are left to be completed

Special Music

Other than the weekly recap posts and Gametalks, I planned on Figure posts and a Spring anime preview. The former was delayed with because I honestly don’t have any figures that I want at this point in time and the latter probably-will be delayed because I can’t seem to find the right list of what’s coming up. Until I make up my mind for both, I’ll just continue working on gametalks and weekly recaps.

Been finding a lot of technical hiccup videos for the new DmC and realize how extremely EASY it is compared to the first 4 games. DMC4’s DMD mode was annoying as hell (but Nero’s buster moves were seriously overpowered) and don’t get me started about DMC3’s DMD mode…Been playing Fallout New Vegas again, wandering around to find the “unique” weapons that came with the Gun Runner’s DLC plus thinking about getting all the trophies (I hit platinum before the first DLC even came out and I have the Gun Runners and Lonesome Road trophies to unlock). Other than that…it’s just been League of Legends…and fawning over tidbits of info on Fate Extra CCC

Anyways music time. We continue with the beautiful tracks made by Nujabes: this week’s song is Horizon.