Music of the Week #73

Busy week, sorry for the lateness

Special Music

Oh man, am I behind on some of my posts. I just have so little time on my hands because of schoolwork and…well I ain’t really got no excuses than that. I only have New Vegas to play and I just finished Jojo Part IV (and it’s official, Josuke is my favorite shounen hero ever). I guess it’s just laziness and school work that has been the reason for my delay

In any case expect these posts

  • Weekly Posts 7 and 8 will be worked in tandem
  • Around…5 gametalks slowly being worked on
  • Figures? Maybe
  • Kore Wa Zombie got interesting developments in the LN and once volume 12 pics are released, I will share them with you (plus the pics from 10-11)

Goddamn I’m behind…

Anyways music time: This week is World Without Words by Nujabes. Relax and take a small break to catch up with some music 🙂