Winter Anime Week 6

Here it is

I didn’t catch up with Week 7 but I might as well get this out as fast as I can.

The Generals Magi

More posts shall be worked on in the coming days. Kamidori will get a seperate gametalk as the game really deserves a full post. I’ve gotten back into Fate Extra and Fallout New Vegas again too, but they won’t last me TOO long.

 Jojo Possessed Suzie

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Jojo walks back to the mansion as Lisa prepares to take a bath. Jojo passes by Suzie Q who mistakes him for a stranger but turns out she’s a bit of an airhead as she didn’t recognize Jojo because of his lack of the breathing mask. Jojo hits on her and turns out that his feelings are given back. She tells him that Lisa is taking a bath and he should visit her in half an hour. Jojo notes at how his shoulders are not aching anymore. He watches Suzie give a package to the mailman on the note and decides to entertain himself by peaking through the keyhole infront of Lisa’s door. He’s suprised to find Suzie on that floor though, having seen her outside a few seconds ago. Lisa asks her if she has told Jojo and Caesar if to visit her later but Suzie is unresponsive. When Suzie turns around, she has empty eyes and darkened veins from her skin. A voice from Suzie Q mocks Lisa as it turns out to be ACDC’s brain taking control over her body. He reveals that the package he just sent a few minutes earlier contained the red stone (which Lisa put on a table before entering the tub) and that they will never retrieve it now. Jojo bursts in the room and prepares to fight before Caesar shows up. Caesar is enthralled to see his friend alive, but quickly tries to mask his enthusiasm. Caesar mistakes Jojo for barging into Lisa’s bath but the latter points to Suzie Q. From a moment, Suzie cries and tells Caesar to save her from being bullied. Of course, everyone just saw how ACDC possessed her and he prepares to completely melt Suzie using his blood and melt down everyone in the room. Jojo tries to justify killing Suzie but is unable to do so, he’s not too keen on doing stuff like this after what he did to Stroheim. Lisa states that she will bear the burden of killing her but Jojo comes up with the idea of ripple cancelling with Caesar. The plan works and the brain comes out and now latches on to Jojo, but the morning sun vanquishes the horrible night ACDC and the brain disintegrates into dust. Caesar insults him for hiding in a woman’s body but Jojo rather honors the dead warrior. ACDC casted off his warrior’s pride to retrieve the stone and detain his enemies and with that, has earned Jojo’s respect (no matter how heinous the person was). Lisa is able to gain some info from Suzie and they find out the package is headed toward Switzerland by train. Jojo, Caesar, Lisa, and Messina hop on the car and prepare to chase the train. Jojo also calls out to Suzie and says t hat he will return to Venice for her. Somewhere in Switz, Cars looks pretty dapper dressed in modern sleuth-like clothing and deduces that ACDC must have been defeated as he missed to inform him about th stone. A preview of Cars’s power with his arm-blade is shown when he saves a dog from getting run over by drunkards by slicing up the drunk’s hands from in his own damn car.

Jojo’s crew corner the train that’s being held up but the package is taken in front of them by German forces. A man with a cap keeps talking to Jojo in a familiar tone but Jojo does not recognize the man. The Nazi officer tells his crew to follow them to a cabin that they’ve prepared. That night, Cars approaches the cabin and identifies 5 men within the room. Using his “light blades” he cuts all 5 men from the outside of the cabin and enters. He is suprised to find another man, alive in the room, and attacks him. Jojo walks in to find the officer block Cars’s blade with his..MECHANICAL HAND. The officer’s hat is cut in two and reveals the one and only STROHEIM.

Jojo Boss Ride

Suzie Q’s possession was extremely well done in my opinion. It legit felt like a horror scene with the red tinted background it had for most of the scenes she was in. Jojo and Caesar bro points + 1 with equal and opposite ripple powahs. Episode just finished off ACDC’s efforts of sending the Red stone to Cars’ location, currently no idea where Wham is. We get a glimpse of Cars’ powers, first when he saves the puppy and when he is able to cut through the interior of a house and do no damage on the outside (that is until he makes his way in the said house). Jojo and Suzie’s relationship is admittedly forced but hey, we have Jotaro for next part right? Stroheim is back in his glorious self which we will see more of next episode.

 Magi Yamuraiha

Magi: Alibaba is whisked away to Sindria along with Aladdin and Morgiana while Sinbad takes it on himself to restores the relationships between the newly reformed Balbadd and the Kou Empire. Alibaba is pissed that he has left his people again but his extended stay in Sindria calms his anger. Sinbad returns after a few weeks and informs that he has properly restored Balbadd and Kou’s relationship. He also informs us of the mysterious Al Thamen group that were responsible for the black djinn and the corrupted black metal vessels. To fight against such foes, Sinbad has gotten Aladdin and Alibaba teachers to train them (Morgiana is getting trained by Masrur). News of a sea monster brings our crew to witness a large serpent tearing apart a village. Sinbad unveils his crew of the 8 Generals and he sends two of them to dispatch the beast. The water mage Yamuraiha binds the monster while Sharrkan, the swordsman cuts it up and serves it on a platter (really). The entire land then begins its celebration. Morgiana appears with her dancer outfit which suprises our duo. They compliment her and she gives us her adorable pout.  Anyways, Sinbad calls everyone up to introduce the Generals. The first four introduced being Jafar, Masrur, Yamuraiha, and Sharrkan. The rest are Hinahoho, Drakon, Pisti, and Spartos. Sinbad ends his talk with news of someone from Kou coming to Sindria as part of his negotiations with them. A little bit later, Alibaba asks Morgiana why she wasn’t left for her home country yet (assuming that she really wanted to go back) . She wants to thank them firts for allowing her to stay with them and asks if she can remain by their company, and of course they accept. (who wouldn’t? Plus I would expect a monstrous kick if someone said no, even though Morgiana is a nice girl 😀 ) Morgiana, being the ever so modest girl who appreciates her two friends is overjoyed by them allowing her to accompany them. She dances her heart out while our duo once again promise eachother to see the world. On the ocean blue, we see a ship heading toward Sindria with a black haired, young man looking out into the distance. Inside the cabin though, we see a familiar princess enraged at what Sinbad as “done to her”

Magi Pout

Nothing too notable this episode other than the introduction of Sinbad’s OP (but personally very cliche) crew. The only one that stuck out was (of course, who did you expect) YAMUU~~~~. That womanizer Sharrkan can go die in a hole, YAMU IS MINE. Now that that’s over with; Morgiana decides to stay with our duo and dances her heart out (a nice moment for a Alibaba x Morgiana people) and plot events get set up for our new character Hakuryu (whom I despise) and Kogyoku’s rage in next episode. More Kogyoku, Mor, and Yamu plz

 Oreshura Hime

Oreshura: Eita plays along with Hime’s act only to hide the fact that the latter is infatuated with him. The excuse she provides us is that she’s Eita’s ex-girlfriend. Such a callous statement doesn’t go unnoticed and Natsukawa decides to have a chat with Hime. So it’s quickly figured out that Hime is not normal in the head (and after watching Chunnibyou, it’s understandable where she’s coming from), and offers her a place in the club, which Chiwa doesn’t really like. Natsukawa advices Hime to write her a poem to gain entry. Chiwa tries to invoke a “practical test” to induct their newest member but they get caught by the hall monitors. Hime and Eita have their alone time while the other two are apprehended by the monitors. In short, Hime was another outcast who found solace through acting the way she is and she tells Eita to have hope for the future. The punishment for the club dealt by the hall monitors is to clean the school’s pool. Everyone except Hime is there and their peace is disrupted by the appearance of Masuzu’s pretentious sister. She delivers bad news about how their father is against Masuzu’s wishes and wants her to come back home. Masuzu has no choice but to comply and Chiwa is angry at how quickly she gives in. Hime arrives at the worst time with the blonde little troll breathing about. Said blondie takes Hime’s poem and starts reading it; Hime being weak in general starts crying (even I felt bad) Eita once again tries to be the man but is detained by the loser bodyguard. A roughed up Eita is pretty strong in willpower, so much that it creeps out the blondie and Masuzu finally shows up. Small glimpse of some family problems but Masuzu changes her mind and tells her sister off. Hime joins the club but before they get anything done, Hall monitor Fuyumi Ai waltzes in and announces that they’re being shut down.

Oreshura Dere

Although chuunibyou’s like Rika got cute when she WASN’T  acting all chuunibyou-ish, Hime is just so adorable either way. Her voice just soft like melted butter and I love her even if she is acting with her fantasies. It’s a breath of…familiar fresh air (since Oreshura’s plot is the merging between Tonari no Kaibutsu, Chuunibyou, and Jojo references) with a new character around. Chiwa is starting to grow on me while Masuzu’s scenes like that near the end keeps her in the #1 spot. Her sister’s a complete bitch though, nice move on Masuzu to invoke the family hierarchy. New character next ep, go go go.

 Maoyu Monster

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha: The older of the two maid sisters ask on why such a terrible thing like war even exists. D.K explains it as a neccessary evil and we switch scenes to a battlefield…err sort of. The Hero is busy fighting “against” the humans in a more psychological battle. With the help of some fairies that were mentioned a few episodes back he is able to detain any sort of real violence against the soldiers. D.K visits the Knight in her headquarters and meets the 3rd member of the Hero’s old crew, the old man. He wastes no time in trying to get close the D.K and gets his head smashed by a pot. D.K meets the country’s king and they discuss the retaking of the island that they had lost. D.K brings them so rope and steel to connect the large debris of ice around the island to make themselves a makeshift bridge. The soldiers are able to do so and a swarm of demons come after them. The bridge is secured and while planning out an assault on the main fortress against the demon ringleader, news of the demons’ reinforcements hinder their plans. However, the Hero just teleports in (and hilariously pushes away Knight clinging on to him) and tells them that the soldiers from the city he convinced to help them are fighting off them as they speak. Everyone is somewhat relieved until the boss-emon comes plowing through the infantry lines. Knight goes to challenge the thing 1 vs 1 and flawlessly kills it. With that simple blow, the crew is able to secure the island and the celebrations and festivites are underway. The Hero and the Old man catch up after their long break.

Maoyu Duo

This episode was suprisingly action packed and it’s pretty…absurd how such a boring looking Hero is so powerful. Before I get into more stuff, I apologize for the sh*t summary. We get “some” action, but that’s topped off at the end when Knightess solo’s the boss by herself and wins. You have to imagine how strong the old man and the girl wizard is and my god, their entire crew together. War and its “neccessary evil” is discussed briefly in the beginning and of course, we actually get a fight later on the episode. Hero shows up again in the middle of it all but doesn’t do “too” much for the actual fight as he sabotaged monster advances. More stuff coming next ep, sorry for the crappy review on this one.

Haganai Angry Rika 

Haganai NEXT: Yukimura now begins wearing a butler outfit, and after a suprisingly well done recap of Mayo Chiki by Sena, Rika’s explanation on otome games ends up with Yozora playing one. The certain game being the genderbent version of the game first played in season 1 (where Yozora messed up Sena’s ingame name). Sena attempts the exact same thing but only incurs the wrath of Rika who plans to make the game an enjoyable experience for Yozora.  The girlish-ness of the ingame character doesn’t help her experience that much and she only spends time buffing her stats instead of socializing with other characters. She falls for the delinquint character but gets a bad end. Rika has trouble getting some “hints” across to Kodaka and pretty much gives off a confession right there and gets mad at how he doesn’t notice her at all. Rika changes her hairstyle twice the next day and introduces a “time machine” to Kodaka (after he completely dismisses her, poor Rika). The time machine sends him back 10 years into the past where he tells Yozora about his moving plans and apologizes, things get strangely out of hand and Kodaka returns back. Rika lied as it was a dream-machine that she put on him but the two reconcile. What matters though is that Sena mentions how the dream took him back 10 years, and she inquires why Yozora was in the dream.


Back in Season 1, I really liked…well I kinda rooted for Yozora because of her level-headedness and I just enjoyed watching Kobato. Rika was weird, Yukimura’s gender wasn’t too questioned, the loli’s were just there and Sena was good competition against Yozora. This season, I just happen to like everyone a lot more, well except for Sena because of how much of a vengeful creeper she is. I think the more “refined” and softer palette just made the series more “presentable” (not sure that’s the word I want to use). Yozora with her short hair looks great, Sena got creepr points, Yukimura is now a officially a girl, the loli’s still remain cute (plus points for Kate’s introduction) and finally we have Rika. Rika’s been trying pretty hard the past few episodes at making passes at Kodaka. Her hair changes were pretty nice and speaking of season 1 again, blast from the past with playing games. Good episode, let’s see how the crew handles Yozora and Kodaka’s secret.

2 thoughts on “Winter Anime Week 6”

  1. Hmm, haven’t watch any of these yet but I do plan to start the new Haganai season soon.

    Good that you’re still progressing with gaming.Kamidori is a good VN^^ I managed to finish Fate/Extra but I didn’t fight the extra boss.

    1. I’ve finished Kamidori two times and as much as I would like to go farming like mad for everyone’s ultiamte weapons and maxing out stats, it just lost its luster after a while. Still a great game, would love an anime adaptation but VN adaptations are usually crap.
      I finished Fate Extra two times as well (Saber and Caster), my brother played Archer’s snark-fest route and I plan on playing Archer myself

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