Winter Anime Week 5

I hate waking up late (f*cking alarm clocks never work on weekends…)

Anyway, Imma see if I can get two of these done in two days without getting distract. Minimalism invoke, as always. (Sorry)


Oh yeah, Happy belated Lunar New Year

 Jojo vs ACDC

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: A flashback shows Cars demonstrating the power of the Red Stone of Aja to ACDC. It holds the keen ability to refract light a million times within the crystal. Cars wishes to incorporate this into his stone mask project so his crew can withstand sunlight. However, all forms of the Aja stone have proved too weak to power the mask efficiently. Thus begins their search for the “super” red stone of Aja. In present time, Lisa Lisa explains all of that to us in a few minutes. Suzie Q shows up to bring Lisa the red jewel, yep, Lisa is in possession of the stone that the Pillar Men are looking for. Caesar gets pretty ticked off at Cars and the red stone, as the stone mask that ruined his family line was because of his doing. Jojo suggests that they smash the jewel but legends state that the Pillar Men would be even harder to defeat if that is done. With that aside, Lisa assigns the duo their final test: Jojo and Caesar must face Loggins and Messina respectively. Jojo heads toward his part of the island, but he finds Loggins with his lungs pierced. The culprit is the one and only ACDC who has tracked down the red stone  to Lisa’s estate. Jojo exhibits his newfound ripple strength by piercing ACDC’s hands but the latter prepare to crush his entire arm. Jojo flips around and reveals that he had placed strings around the area and now tightens the strings to severe ACDC’s left hand. After telling ACDC about the art of war and disintegrating his arm to nothing but bones, ACDC unexpectedly CRIES HIS EYES OUT. Jojo is suprised and can’t seem to read through if crying is either a ploy or the real thing. After a few minutes, ACDC returns to his calm self and apologizes for his crying. He happenes to be the more emotional of their trio. Jojo is now lost because he was used to reading his oppponents and now he’s in their position. ACDC notes this out and also quotes the Art of War, scaring Jojo even more. ACDC lobs off one of Loggins’ arms and replaces his severed one, Jojo then sees at how Loggins’ body is melting. ACDC reveals his abilities with the technique of fire. He is able to manipulate his blood and turn the heat up to 500 degrees. Jojo attempts to use his clackers but his fear shows right through as ACDC dodges it without trouble; he retaliates by extending his blood vessels from his fingertips and lobs some blood at Jojo. From afar, Caesar is able to make Messina declare his loss and when he uses his binoculars to check on Jojo, he is horrified to see him facing ACDC already. Jojo’s mask helps him survive the first volley of blood and Jojo, in a hurry, decides to use his string trick again. ACDC pinpoints him with his idea and then pierces some holes into his bodies using the field of spikes around them. With this, he lashes his blood vessels and Jojo starts hauling. Jojo however, asks ACDC if he has realized that his hat is becoming smaller. The strings circles ACDC but the latter had already predicted this and then cuts the strings, he even taunts him by predicting Jojo’s next words. Messina tells Caesar that Loggins is probably dead and their main priority is to protect Lisa. Caesar relunctantly follows. Jojo pulls one of his special tricks and reveals that he had laid out false ropes to trick ACDC. The ropes cover ACDC and Jojo predicts his words and then with a blast of ripple, destroys ACDC. Jojo goes back to the masnion, completely unaware of an intact brain and blood vessels hiding on his back.

Jojo Phantom King Blaze

I always thought Wham would be fought first but I guess not. ACDC’s power is…pretty freaky. The archtypal fire user is ignored and we are given the power of fire…through heating one’s own blood and flinging the burning blood through extended blood vessels. OF course, I’m guessing nobody expected someone like ACDC to cry his eyes out like a baby and revert back to his normal self. If Wham has shadow issues and ACDC is over-emotional…what the hell does Cars have a problem with? (we’ll see that later, or at least my interpretation). The fight was intricate as always. Jojo is put into a pinch when his plans are countered by more taunts and predictions by ACDC but of course Jojo comes out on top. ACDC however remains alive in a sense that his most vital organ still functions. The conclusion of the fight coming next.

 Magi What could have been

Magi: With Aladdin’s overpowered intervention in the fight, Alibaba is given his restored blade with Aladdin’s new skill in fire magic. Alibaba charges toward Kassim and is able to enter through the black magoi. Aladdin buys him time by fending off against Judal’s attacks. Alibaba pierces through the darkness and meets Kassim’s darkened soul at the center of a vast ocean of the sky (did that make any sense?). The two have their argument again. Kassim’s hate for the injustice given to him in his life while Alibaba who grew up with him so different from him. Punches and stabbing aside, Alibaba cries over how they weren’t different at all. On the outside, Aladdin completely subdues Judal with his newfound abilities. Back inside, Alibaba never thought of himself as superior and they both share a good cry. What I just said doesn’t really do justice toward the scene so I suggest you just watch it, the hell are you reading this before the episode? Anyways, with Kassim pouring his heart out and thinking what could have been, his inner self is made clearer and lighter and the “light” beckons him. A dark stain from Kassim’s hand flows onto Alibaba and he relives Kassim’s memories. Kassim’s last words to him asks if they’re still friends, and Alibaba tearfully cries that they always were. Kassim’s form is dispelled and the masked man is attacked by Sinbad’s Djinn items himself. Elsewhere, a mysterious group of similar masked men discuss their further plans… To end the episode on a hopeful note, Alibaba embraces Kassim’s lifeless body and Aladdin tells him not wallow in sadness. Aladdin activates his broken Solomon’s Wisdom and brings back the souls/rukhs of the cities passed away inhabitants to return to their families for their last farewells. Alibaba meets his parents, Mariam, and the freed Kassim before they pass on. Morgiana reunites with our crew and city’s peace is restored.

Magi Kassim's death

Emotional episode. It’s more crying that actual fighting, and in this case, its understandable. Kassim and Alibaba finally make up, but seems like redemption equalled death. While the ordeal is tear jerking (both in sadness of the two friends and the pure joy of watching Judal in despair) the episode ends on an extremely happy note as Aladdin just brings everyone back for a moment. With the peaceful passing of Balbadd’s dead, we finally finish the arc and we move on to larger setting of the Magi universe.

Oreshura Mana 

Oreshura: Eita gets a love letter that refers to “reconnecting” a previous relationship. After consulting his only male friend on the subject matter of who would say such things, he deduces that it must be Chiwa. Chiwa did have a small falling out with Eita but it seems that she’s completely over that incident. Natsukawa walks in and voices her displeasure against the Hall Monitors of their school. Apparently they’re a lot more powerful than any other school’s usual monitors. Either way, we get introduced to a new character when Masuzu and Eita get out of school and stop by a park. We meet Masuzu’s little sister, who’s strangely blonde and seems to have more pull with the family. Masuzu wishes to stay in Japan against her father and the little sister says she’ll try to convince him. She also takes a small kiss from Eita as well, pissing Masuzu off a bit before the former just runs off in her car with her bodyguard. The next day, Masuzu passes out in a pool and  Eita gives her CPR. So basically, Eita gains some points with her while Chiwa gets sick a few days later and he has to treat her. Eita once again finds a letter in his shoe locker and goes up to the school’s terrace to meet the letter’s writer. The girl who’s been writing the letters is Akishino Himeko, a cute, short, black haired girl who confesses to Eita on the spot. She also turns out to be a complete chuunibyou and she starts hugging Eita. Then Masuzu and Chiwa show up…

Oreshura Masuzu

Masuzu just referenced Jojo (as expected), Earthbound, and Do You Remember Love. That’s probably why she still stands at my Num.1 seat in this series…well who else is there? Chiwa? She’s cute but she feels to trendy. Masuzu seems to have more family troubles than we have thought. Plus another irk to my tastes is the completel hair color shift for the siblings. Mana is blonde while Masuzu is silver haired….but why am I questioning the anime-hair-color law? I digress but first: Mana is a bitch. Anyways, the new girl being introduced is a chuunibyou, oh boy, I can’t wait to judge this.

 Maoyuu Inverted

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha: Preparations for war spreads around the country and we get a small glimpse of what Hero has actually done on his “trip”. Mostly finds out how society will be completely one-sided and equality would be just a bad dream on the victor’s side. He saves a demon girl from a couple of human scumbags and realizes this fact. Across the world, ships and armies are prepared but their efforts are soundly defeated by a large sea monster (bummer right?). The Knightess is commissioned as the leader for the next advance against the demons. She comes to the D.K’s room to say her farewells but they have a revelatory moment that turns out to be anti-climatic in a sense that the Hero already told the Knight that D.K was well..D.K. Knightess rather just absolves D.K of her sins and leaves with friendly terms. A total year has basically passed since the Hero has “left” and while reveling in that fact in bed, D.K turns to see Hero. She’s first enraged and starts beating her with the body pillow. He apologizes and the two make up as the festivities outside with a Spice and Wolf esque slow dance, only the intimacy dies when their embarassment gets the better of them.

Maoyuu Beatdown

The Hero’s armor reminds me of the heavily armored villains from the old Final Fantasy games. Along the lines of Garland and Golbez, and he’s pretty powerful to boot. While I do enjoy badass protags, I just don’t feel the badass vibe coming from Hero….ever. The voice doesn’t really fit my usual taste in the main character seat but at least he can do something right? Morality check with the demons and humans relationships. Reminds me a lot of District 9 (last thing you would have thought eh?), with all its segregation and superiority topics. Episode ended off nicely, that REALLY reminded me of Spice and Wolf but the scene preceding it was adorable as well. Getting beaten by a bodypillow likened to one’s own image, oh the humanity.

 Haganai NEXT Rollercoaster

Haganai NEXT: Sena charges toward Kobato and asks her if she wants to go the amusement park with her. Yozora turns the idea around into bringing everyone along much to Sena’s chagrin. When everyone arrives, they seem to be rather knowledgable on what rides to take. The particular ride in mind is the infamous Black Dragon roller coaster. At first (that is, before they even reach a drop) everyone starts bashing the ride but they freak out as soon as the ride startes to intensify. The crew splits when Kodaka takes Kobato to see a show, with Sena following behind. The announcers mention how Sena and Kodaka seem like a married couple, plus Kobato leaves after Sena keeps yelling. The crew reunites at a restaurant and the other half turned out to do absolutely nothing of value during the seperation time. When Maria mentions she wants to ride the roller coaster again, Kodaka responds for everyone because no one else wants to ride it. Sena’s pride and attitude get the best of her as she states she wouldn’t mind riding it again. Yozora’s dislike for her gets her to see that as a challenge and the two face off by constantly riding the roller coaster, the others go off on other rides. The crew spend time at a bath house and Maria follows Kodaka and Yukimura into the male section. When Maria points out that Kodaka has something (yeah, THAT) Yukimura doesn’t, suprise suprise Yukimura is a girl (who didn’t see that coming?). Kodaka entrusts Rika to inform Yukimura about how “everything” works and our crew leaves for home by train.

Haganai NEXT Aftermath

Entertaining as always. Our ragtag crew go on a small trip to the amusement park. Of course, they don’t do too much without Kodaka’ involvement. Sena and Yozora compete against eachother with rollercoaster rides while the rest actually do something that’s worth doing in the park. You know, for people who rarely socialize, (mostly) everyone had pretty good fashion sense (Yozora ftw). In the second half, we learn that Yukimura is gender-confused, and apparently thinks that you grow “one” quite literally. What kind of family is she from….One last thing I wanted to note is that Kodaka is indeed a peg above the average harem lead. The sight of bare loli’s would get the most average of the average protag to die of bloodloss but Kodaka doesn’t even give a f*ck. Nor does he freak out “too much” when he finds out Yukimura is a girl. While he is a bit…dense (but I cheated and read ahead), I still approve of him as a lead.

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