Music of the Week #71 Soul Special

What? Where’s the new picture of a cute anime girl? Well as much as I would love to grace this site with another cute picture, on this intentionally late music post: I’m here to commemorate something.


February 7th marks the birthdays of two rather influential people in many people’s lives, including my own. Today is the birthday for two hip-hop artists, producers, and legends Jun Seba (AKA Nujabes) and James Dewitt Yancey (AKA J Dilla). While not as popular as some growing music industry craze back in the day, their music attracted a godly amount of attention following their tragic deaths early in their lives. J Dilla was diagnosed with Lupus and passed away in 2006 while Nujabes passed on in 2010 after a car crash.

J Dilla

You know, I’ll be honest. Although my attention to hip-hop was minimal during their operating years, I can’t really say that I’m not one of those “fakes” or “posers” who didn’t start out as fans from the beginning. Yes, that’s true, but that shouldn’t deny me the right to honor these men who created such beautiful music for the hip-hop world. Even if my attention to current-day mainstream hip-hop is minimal, I always come back to my favorite tracks from JD and Nujabe’s albums and singles. I first heard Nujabe’s works in Samurai Champloo along with the myriad of other great artists while I first heard JD’s music on [adultswim]’s late night bumpers. Oh man, those bumpers back in the day of [adultswim]…

Call me a poser and a fake. Call me one of those fanboys who just got into a genre of music. But what you’re doing is discrimination, and music was never intended to do that. Music was supposed to be the language that transcended all ethnic barriers, it was there to bring us together. Nujabes and JD brought me into the wonderful world of hip-hop and soul. They showed that rap and hip-hop didn’t need all the uneccessary emphasis on thug life, women, drugs, and money. I only scratched the surface of a beautiful hidden gem in a world where music currently consists of pop songs and profanity screaming rappers and hip-hop artists. They led me to other great artists such as J.A.M, Nomak, Ayur, and so many more.

Maybe you’re like me, maybe because of my post today you got to know these two great artists. Well, you’re never late, it’s always a party as the soul of our beloved JD and Nujabes rests within all of their fans and supporters. It’s a tragedy that hip-hop and rap have fallen into a state of commercialiaty and easy money.

For the entirety of February and until we hit Music post #90, music of week will consist of songs from JD, Nujabes, and the many artists that these two have helped me find.

Happy Birthday and Rest in beats JD and Nujabes. God almighty himself got too impatient and wanted his two favorite artists. In this lazy, Asian kid’s soul, You will be never be forgotten.


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and with that, a duo-feature from these two

I heard that in Champloo’s baseball episode while I heard below in the many, BEAUTIFUL [adultswim] bumps.

One thought on “Music of the Week #71 Soul Special”

  1. I forgot about Nujabes and J Dilla their music was great and i want to say the hip hop industry may be easy money and easy way to get fans or whatever to me hip hop died to me. only few like Nujabes and J Dilla are a few that I actually enjoy listening

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