Winter Anime Week 4

One more week to go, here’s hoping I can make it and catch up

Haganai Maria~

Lisa Lisa Venice

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: After a brief trip to the hospital, Jojo and Caesar head toward Venice to train themselves with Caesar’s teacher. When Caesar approaches a man and his gondola, the man doesn’t respond and throws the oar onto the waters. The man balances himself on the oar, and skillfully twirls it with his feet to smack Jojo in the face. Jojo lands on the water and is able to stand, which gets a reaction from the masked gondola man…err woman named Lisa Lisa. Jojo seems to have no qualms about hitting ladies but before he does that, Lisa straps a mask onto to Jojo’s mouth which limits his breathing only to ripple breathing patterns. Lisa intends to train them to fight the Pillar Men, not to save their own lives. With that pretty harsh introduction, she welcomes them to Venice. Immediately as the crew arrive on Lisa’s private island, she traps them into a pit of oil with the only way out being climbing out of a large oild pillar. Caesar starts climbing while Jojo wallows at the bottom trying to think of something crafty and something violent to do once he gets out. When he tries tot use ropes, Lisa throws knives to cut them and only when Jojo sees Caesar using his fingertips does he harken back to what Caesar told him at the hospital. As a smaller hole will shoot out a concentrated blast of water, Caesar had been using his fingertips to concentrate his ripple. Jojo finally gets the hang of it and climbs up. The overhang around the last quarter meters hamper the duo’s acsension. When Jojo notices a crack, he puts his hand there for a breather…only to activate a switch that activates a mechanism that makes the oiled pillar burst high pressure oil from the edge. Caesar gets through by using two different ripples with his lower and upper half of his body, cancelling out and allowing safe passage through the oil. He reaches the top and pleads Lisa to stop the oil. Jojo’s attitude will only get him knocked off to his death or get cut in half by the oil. Immediately, Jojo attempts to jump across. Instead of going through the oil though, he uses his ripples to slide to the other walls where the oil’s pressure is significantly lower. Jojo nearly makes it but is too tired to continue, Caesar reaches out his hand and saves him. Lisa allows this and the two are able to pass. Jojo’s attitude quickly goes back and forth from trying to injure Lisa to praising her for her training. Either way, Lisa has more in store for the two as she brings in her servants, Loggins and Messina who will be personally be training their asses off for the next few weeks. Cue up Roundabout and their training begins, and only a week remains before Jojo must defeat Wham and ACDC before his rings release poison.

Jonathan through Joseph

Lisa Lisa shows up to train our duo, by means of throwing them down a pit where they only way out is climbing an oil drenched pillar. Jojo and Caesar have some time to bond, in a sense that they overcame an adversity together. Lisa Lisa is pretty cruel in her ways of teaching but what Caesar and Jojo will face deserves this sort of training. Speaking of training, I love how they used the later parts of Roundabout to serve as the ending, said ending being a training montage. Did Lisa Lisa throw food down the pit? Because Jojo and Caesar have been down there for more than 2 days, it must have been hell focusing ripples and fighting off hunger. Next episode is the fight with ACDC!

Magi Badass

Magi: Alibaba stares in awe and horror as Kassim transforms into what the masked man calls a “Black Djinn”. Formed together by man’s hate toward eachother, the monster powers itself from human emotion and can apparently use gravity as its power source. Even with all that, Morgiana is able to kick the thing down to the ground for Alibaba to finish it off but it regains its powers before the two can do anything. Sinbad tries to detain it for Alibaba to get a clear shot but the black rukh inflicts damage on to Sinbad as well. Alibaba goes for one more hit but then Judal shows up and blasts him out of the air. Apparently, Judal has some connection to the masked man and utilizes the black djinn before him to just do whatever the hell he wants. Alibaba seems to be the one most annoying out of the bunch and they go for him. Sinbad gets pinned to a wall with ice so he’s taken out of the equation. Judal gives the djinn a bit more fighting juice and it turns even more sinister and lobs off more of its gravity spheres. Alibaba asks Morgiana to chuck him up so he can get close. Alibaba gets a lift but gets pinned down couple more times, he keeps trying even after his sword is sundered. Before Judal can finish anyone off, Aladdin shows up with a radiant aura around him. Counter-acting all the negativity around the area, he turns those into hopeful, ambitious power. With the entire city with him, Aladdin basically gains a F*CKING STAND. With the stand, a mark appears on Aladdin’s head with the mask man calling it “Solomon’s Wisdom”

Magi More Badass

Oreshura Chiwa's Skilz

Kassim’s new form reminds me of some enemies from Final Fantasy with its dark colored gravity spells. The fight was, kind of uneventful, Judal just had to show up. Sinbad turns out to be completely useless without his equipment. Bonding moment through peril: Morgiana and Alibaba have some moments but that doesn’t work out so well. Alibaba doesn’t lose his resolve though. Aladdin shows up with his new abilities and when a name like Solomon comes up, serious stuff is about to go down.

Oreshura Chiwa's Skilz

Oreshura: After Eita and Chiwa’s falling out, Eita doesn’t forget to monitor the situation with Masuzu. They basically watch Chiwa, who’s waiting for the date to arrive. Time passes, and the dude finally shows up. The earnest sportsman turns out to be a complete thug, even with a drastically different voice. His two friends and the two girls accompanying them taunt Chiwa, which ticks off Eita and he leaves Masuzu to “save” Chiwa. Masuzu is against the idea, saying that they both know the insignifance of romance. Eita agrees but he doesn’t want to promote their unhealthy hate for love. Masuzu shows vulnerability but first things first, Eita’s gotta save Chiwa. That of course, completely turns upside down as Eita gets his sorry-ass kicked. Someone throws Chiwa a nice stick while Eita is getting beat, and Chiwa kicks their asses with said stick. Eita gets saved (how embarassing) and Chiwa doesn’t seem hurt by the taunting. Next day, Eita’s ass-kicked status with Chiwa’s ass-kicking status spreads around the school. Eita meets up with Masuzu after school and she is moved from what he said to her yesterday. She abruptly kisses him and spouts out some lines from Jojo Part 1 with Dio’s asshole-ish first kiss stealing manuever. Then a regular harem fiasco goes down in Eita’s house when Chiwa and Masuzu show up without eachother knowing.

Oreshura KONO DIO DA

Chiwa earns some points this episode by not being affected by the taunting and by kicking ass. Although, it is a rather embarassing scene to see. A guy runs up to save a girl, guy gets his ass kicked, girl saves the day. It’s almost like the beginning of Phantom Blood, only Jonathan refused help. Enough Jojo references though, this show makes at least one every episode. Masuzu’s shell seems to have cracked a bit, cute scene there, but too bad Eita doesn’t really end up saving the day at all. Last scene with the letter in the shoe locker, let’s see where that goes.

 Maoyuu Pillow

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha: Some time has passed since the Hero left. Knight showed up a while ago and went berserk after hearing he ran off somewhere. D.K apparently has a meeting with the merchants from last episode (who mentioned keeping their wares in an inner circle of buyers). She introduces them to another cash-crop: Corn. She gives them parameters of growing and the merchants are skeptical on why she is sharing a new economic factor with them. She just states she wants the war to end in a truce. Soldiers start appearing near the estate, and Head Maid has already prepared to counter this with her abilities. The merchant is apalled by D.K’s offer of truce as he only sees victory for mankind, but when she states that they’re just neutral merchants with only something to gain, he is passionately won over (She said be a merchant before -insert alliance- OF COURSE, the anime does a lot better job than doing that than I just did). The other merchant takes his hat off, signaling the troops to fall back. The merchant is taken away by the D.K’s knowledge and confidence and bravely states that he wishes to marry her, as soon as he comes back to retrieve the corn and proper marriage gifts. At another scene, we see Old Man from our Hero’s Crew discussing with his associates on the growing economy thanks to the Church’s help, but talks of war are spreading around. Piles of letters litter the D.K’s room, some of them being from Hero and his many strange experiences along the way. When D.K leaves the room, turns out Hero actually never left the estate and had been avoiding D.K for his fear of their relationship advancing. To put it even more simply, he’s scared that if anything bad happens to him, D.K will be affected ten-fold. More developments of war and the Knight training everyone else and one of the maid’s worries I’m too busy to address will probably be answered next episode.

Maoyuu Hero's fear

Pretty slow episode, just more negotiating (although, I enjoyed the scene). Head Maid is pretty scary and seems to REALLY hate breasts, wonder if there’s a story to go with that. Anyways, Hero’s been gone, but not really. While is concern is genuine, I still hate that he’s so reluctant to get close to her. He’s getting some competition now so maybe he’ll realize it sooner or later. Episode was slow (once again, repitition) but let’s hope we have more to see next episode. Dat pillow hug 😀

Haganai Kate

Haganai NEXT: The Hasegawa house is invaded by Maria who apparently ran away from her sister when she said that Kodaka wouldn’t make her do chores, or just about anything related to labor. While Kodaka has little to no qualms about this (after Kate calls him to just do what she wants), Kobato is the one who doesn’t like the idea at all. Whether it be going through dinner, playing games, or taking a baths, Kobato and Maria can never stay quiet (or calm) around eachother. Plus, Kate keeps calling the house to check on Maria, which leads Kodaka to conclude that she has a sister complex. The next day, Kate shows up to pick Maria up and then we move on to the club room. With exams over, Kodaka feels like they haven’t really done anything special so they decide to throw a small celebration. Kodaka is reminded how Yozora couldn’t handle soft drinks when he sees Yukimura can’t handle them either. When he asks her if she still can’t drink, the crew take notice of the word “still”. Either way, they decide to play the popular King’s Game. Weird commands all around, bare your chest, wear a swimsuit, repeat lines from an eroge/doujin, and finally the rather common Kiss challenge. Sena and Kodaka are picked and Yozora can’t really stand by and do nothing. Kodaka’s compromise being the indirect kiss route, which suprisingly is favored by everyone rather than the actual thing. Later on the day, Kodaka gets a call from his father who finally checks in on his kids. Out of nowhere, he asks if he’s going to marry “Zaki’s” (Pegasus’) daughter.

Haganai Kobato and Maria

First half of episode focused on everybody’s favorite loli’s, which obviously meant good tidings for me. This is the rare series where I actually like the loli’s. Kobato staring in awe at her t.v show was too cute. Kodaka, unlike many male leads seem to be unfazed with naked loli’s running around his house. Usually, male leads will either over-react or faint in loss of blood if this ever happened, but Kodaka seems to have some natural resistance to it because he has Kobato (something similar happening in first season). Kate turns out to be a siscon, even though she comically abuses her sister a lot. 2nd half has the infamous King’s Game and the last order becomes a kiss. Even though Yozora stops it, even (even) Sena opts out of it with an indirect kiss instead. Then wtf-moment with marriage plans, let’s see if that goes anywhere


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