Music of the Week #74

Like Week 5 and 6, I’m working on 7 and 8 at the same time and only pictures and Maoyuu are left to be completed

Special Music

Other than the weekly recap posts and Gametalks, I planned on Figure posts and a Spring anime preview. The former was delayed with because I honestly don’t have any figures that I want at this point in time and the latter probably-will be delayed because I can’t seem to find the right list of what’s coming up. Until I make up my mind for both, I’ll just continue working on gametalks and weekly recaps.

Been finding a lot of technical hiccup videos for the new DmC and realize how extremely EASY it is compared to the first 4 games. DMC4’s DMD mode was annoying as hell (but Nero’s buster moves were seriously overpowered) and don’t get me started about DMC3’s DMD mode…Been playing Fallout New Vegas again, wandering around to find the “unique” weapons that came with the Gun Runner’s DLC plus thinking about getting all the trophies (I hit platinum before the first DLC even came out and I have the Gun Runners and Lonesome Road trophies to unlock). Other than that…it’s just been League of Legends…and fawning over tidbits of info on Fate Extra CCC

Anyways music time. We continue with the beautiful tracks made by Nujabes: this week’s song is Horizon.

Music of the Week #73

Busy week, sorry for the lateness

Special Music

Oh man, am I behind on some of my posts. I just have so little time on my hands because of schoolwork and…well I ain’t really got no excuses than that. I only have New Vegas to play and I just finished Jojo Part IV (and it’s official, Josuke is my favorite shounen hero ever). I guess it’s just laziness and school work that has been the reason for my delay

In any case expect these posts

  • Weekly Posts 7 and 8 will be worked in tandem
  • Around…5 gametalks slowly being worked on
  • Figures? Maybe
  • Kore Wa Zombie got interesting developments in the LN and once volume 12 pics are released, I will share them with you (plus the pics from 10-11)

Goddamn I’m behind…

Anyways music time: This week is World Without Words by Nujabes. Relax and take a small break to catch up with some music 🙂

hippiefreak’s Simplistic Philosophy on Watching Anime

Good ol Kai from Deluscar got a project running around the anime blogosphere and since I’m pretty oblivious to what’s going on around the local scene, I figured this would be a good way back into the community.


Original Post

So as the title suggests, the topic this time around is a simple but deep question on Why do we watch anime?

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Winter Anime Week 6

Here it is

I didn’t catch up with Week 7 but I might as well get this out as fast as I can.

The Generals Magi

More posts shall be worked on in the coming days. Kamidori will get a seperate gametalk as the game really deserves a full post. I’ve gotten back into Fate Extra and Fallout New Vegas again too, but they won’t last me TOO long.

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Valentines Day 2013

It’s been a while since I updated with strictly pictures but eh, here you go folks, enjoy. It’s mostly Touhou like last year but hey, better than nothing right? Weekly posts and figure posts on their way

Happy Valentines Day folks, I wish you better luck than yours truly. While I’m not sure how Light and my other friend is doing, I personally wish you luck in any sort of romantic endeavor you plan on doing, go get em guys/girls.

Valentines 1

Valentines 2 Valentines 3 Valentines 4 Valentines 5 Valentines 6 Valentines 7

Music of the Week #72

Happy belated Lunar New Year! Would have posted pictures but it coincided with Valentines Day too easily soooo yeah, expect some pictures to go up

Special Music

Week 5 and 6 are being worked on simultaneously so it should be done sooner rather than later. Gametalks are being brushed up, got figure post (deal with it), and…well that’s basically it. So moving on.

Not much to say for the next few music posts everybody, I’m just sharing with you some nice (mostly ambient) songs made by Nujabes/JD and the tons of other artists I discovered thanks to them

But we got to start from the basics. This week, it’s 1st Samurai by Nujabes, sink into the fast paced ambience