Music of the Week #70

Completely forgot about this with all the studying in order

Bought me a figure and it will arrive sooner or later. I thought I wasn’t going to get it but I guess I didn’t hold true to that. I’ll have more to talk on that when it actually arrives. Weekly recap from last week is almost done, pictures, Oreshura, and Maoyuu are the only ones that need to complete. I have 3 Gametalks planned, but hopefully I can pull through and finish them because I have 2 essays due next week, I guess priorities take place at the moment. Finished Vento Aureo and because of the lack of proper translations of Diamond is Unbreakable online, I’m just reading Stardust Crusaders again. I….I think I have mancrush on Kakyoin

Either way, I can’t wait for the rest of the Jojo’s to be animated, so let’s just move on to our music

Like I have said for the past month, Durarara’s strength comes from its strong cast. Said cast being featured in every opening/ending sequence. Trust Me just made the internet explode with countless parodies. Stuff ranging from the regular shounen stuff with its abunance of characters (even useless ones) and to stuff like Team Fortress 2 and Pokemon games. I would post some of the parodies, but duty calls and I have a bunch of stuff to write down.