Winter Anime Week 3

Quick! Before the Week ends!

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But Week 4’s Recap is halfway done too. Of course, I got delayed thanks to…..Wait. I got DMC3 almost platinumed, Kamidori is getting repetitive so I’m taking a break from it, and….Oh wait, I’m reading Vento Aureo. Anyways

Let’s get this done

Gif from last week, deal with it
Gif from last week, deal with it

Jojo Wham

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Caesar tries to fight the Pillar Men with his bubbles, but Wham counters them with his horn. The small air blades that popped the bubbles also are countered by Wham’s headgear (that blocks ripples). Caesar’s face is cut a bunch of times and then the Pillar Men start to leave. Joseph calls the attention to himself as he becomes offended at how they awknowledged Caesar as the only one who knew the ripple. Jojo challenges them and pulls out his signature weapons, American Clackers. He infuses the metallic bolas with ripple and throws one at them but P.Men effortlessly dodge his attacks. Jojo tries to keep up with them with his sneaky tactics but they prove useless against their amazingly contorting bodies. Wham answers back against Jojo’s challenge while ACDC and Cars await him above the entrance. Whamstars by slitting Jojo’s wrist and gives him a minute before he dies of blood loss. Jojo’s fight is able to injure wham by using the boomerang clacker and Wham unveils one of his attacks, the Holy Sand Storm. He rotates each of his arms in an opposite direction and powerful vortex in the middle is blasted out. Jojo tries to hide behind a pillar but the storm completely catches him and he is defeated. Wham is still angry and plans to kill Caesar and SPW, but he keeps checking on Jojo’s body to make sure he’s dead. Jojo plans to escape the fight scene and even the narrator comments on Jojo’s actions. Caesar baffled at Jojo’s cowardice but that completely turns up-side down when Jojo is able to get on a mining cart with Wham chasing after him, saving Caesar and SPW’s hides. Wham is able to see through a multitude of Jojo’s desperate tricks but when the mining cart reaches the end of its tracks, Jojo has one more up his sleeve. Wham prepares to kill Jojo but he counters back by saying that he will be able to beat him if he’s given a month of formal training. Jojo is able to pull off against Wham’s “warrior pride” and infuriates him enough to let Wham spare his life. However, Wham as a sick joke forcibly places a ring on one of the arteries near Joseph’s heart, ACDC flies by to place one of his rings around Joseph’s throat. The two laugh as they tell him that the rings contain a poison that will be released if they are not cured by the rings on their respective faces. The two join Cars for their search for the Red Stone of Aja and Jojo faints from exhaustion. Caesar runs to Jojo aftet trailing the cart and finds a new trust towards the guy who just bought them precious time to rid the Pillar Men.

Jojo Bigamy

Holy Sandstorm along with Joseph’s balls. Episode was trollishly and fabulously subbed by large doses of Duwang. The subs were actually pretty hilarious to readand nonetheless, got the point across that even nonsensical language can be used to describe Jojo. Wham is a pretty wise…being, no suprise because he was Broskander sometime or another. Jojo’s hilarious playing dead segment was a sight to see and the ridicule he got from Caesar which made even the narrator start his lines. The last part with the wedding rings were a thing to see as well, even more so with the subs. Next episode, we have Lisa Lisa making her entrance alongside a crapton of training in store of Jojo and Caesar. Can’t wait for the fights!

Magi Dem things 

Magi: Alibaba had just finished giving a heartfelt speech about turnin the country around with the people’s new power of Republicanism. The crowd is won over with tears of joy, until Kasim arrives that is. Kasim single-handedly manages to turn that happiness into rage as he speaks against Alibaba, effectively saying that it’s too late to change anything or heal an old wound. While all the negatively spreads like wildfire, Aladdin has himself an inner quest, quite literally when he returns to where we first started the series off, Ugo’s room. Ugo informs Aladdin of the spreading black magoi and gives him one last gift before they part. As they do, Ugo bades farewell to his friend and entrusts a great power to him. Back out in the real world, the soldiers wish to fight back but Alibaba orders them to try and contain and contain the rebels while he goes off to fight the troupe’s heads alone. Kassim’s command squad is cut off from the rest as Alibaba circles them with his fire. Like always, the two converse in small talk but Kassim’s rather neutral attitude toward all the violence and the removal of monarchy pisses Alibaba off. Alibaba’s flame sword (Rank S) cuts through the fog blades and neutralizes the group, and then he puts his sword at Kassim’s throat. Alibaba is told to end Kassim’s life to end the entire revolt but Alibaba is completely unable to take his best friend’s life. Kassim is taken aback while Alibaba pleads for him to end all this. Kassim walks off and then remembers the words of the mysterious arms dealer who told him to stab himself with his black blade to “damn” himself. Kassim does so and the broken pieces of the other blades flock to his body, transforming him.

Magi DT

My memories seem to be a bit fuzzy, as I remember the fights being stretched out a bit more, but then again, mangas do that. It’s good to see Alibaba in a more badass light, with his awesome sword and the conflagrated effect it has on his hands. Kassim weaves complete chaos in a moment that was supposed to be filled with joyous cheer. Fog and smoke blades rendered useless by OP Alibaba eventually create a more OP Kassim. I couldn’t stop thinking of Devil Trigger. Aladdin has is spiritual journey like any sort of mage has before he unlocks a godlike power. More to come with an inevitable fight next episode!

 Maou- Knightess

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha: Signifying how late I am, the anime has proceeded three months into the future and D.K’s plans have become successful as the crops have begun sprouting. The two decide to further their plans and warp toward a city with a large church running said city. The two arrive at the city’s convent and request to talk with the head prioress. Turns out that the head prioress is actually the enraged Knight that was previously with our Hero when he fought to kill the D.K. D.K gives their fake testimony before Knight finishes her accusations. She tells us that after Hero left, the group disbanded and she started working at the convent. The Old man now works at an intelligence agent while the mage went off on her own to find the Hero. Before the Hero does anything, economic plans kick in once more and D.K shows the prowess of potatoes (just like the Irish did) and propose that the prioress order a convent to be built around specific areas so they may be able to have a larger harvest. She agrees to this and shuts down the Hero who tries to protest that point for some reason. On the sidelines, few merchants dicuss plans to contain their wealth. Episode ends off with Hero leaving the estate in gear to find his mage friend, leaving our lonely D.K without a kiss.

Maou- D.K

So we learn of the lifes of the other group members after their parting. Old Pervert went off to another work taking the money they recieved for their services, Knight ended up to act more like a woman, and the awkward-silent mage went off to find the healthy and alive Hero. It seems as though that Hero and D.K haven’t advanced their relationship any further in the past months, which is kinda sad. The Knight adds to another character roster and will prove interesting when she becomes a mainstay once the church around the area is complete. Don’t know what to expect next as the Hero leaves to find his friend.

Oreshura Chiwa Episode 

Oreshura: Natsukawa goes full chuunibyou and wants the club to partake in a “previous life” battle. Chiwa does the 5-year old girl dreaming of a castle and being a princess while Eita seems to have a more boy-ish dream of conflict and all that non-sense we saw back in Chuunibyou. Once again, Chiwa becomes the main source of Natsukawa’s plot as the former bursts into class and begins acting out a scene. The end turns out with a rather positive response from their “comedy” skit. Either way, Chiwa gets her confession accepted by the “whats-his-name-who-we will forget-in an-episode-cough-cough. That night while discussing Chiwa’s confession, her feelings don’t really affect Eita too much with all the “I reject humanity love” thing he has going on. The fact that he basically put her in the childhood friend/little sister place isn’t enough for her and she runs out.

Oreshura Cute but tryhard

Something about Chiwa that I just can’t synch up with. I think it’s the fact that she just tries to hard to gain attention. While I’m all in for putting your best effort, I guess there’s a limit to each activity you set those thresh-holds for. But, pity points around for Chiwa when she runs off and the main character can’t do anything (least, not this episode) to do about it. The chuuni-skits just feel awkward and so was that sentence cause I got nothing left to say…..Either way, my final judgement shall be given when I actually see everyone else in the cast.

   Haganai Rika no glass  

Haganai NEXT: Kodaka walks in the clubroom to find Rika…WITHOUT GLASSES. Turns out that she just wore them for show and never really needed them. Kodaka voices his praise for her looks, which he thought he said it in his head but apparently wasn’t the case. Rikka panics, and the other girls don’t take too kindly to Kodaka’s very poetic description of the glass-less Rika. However, he does complain that Rika will still be Rika and doesn’t go further than that. Rika gets hit in the feels in a bad way and decides to watch some anime…some fujoshi-orientated man anime. Yozora is completely against it but Kodaka seems strangely willing to give things a chance and wins her over too. By the movies half way point, Yozora and Sena are completely enamored by the manliness. Somehow they didn’t expect the kiss between guys at the end. However, Yozora and mostly everyone else agree it was a pretty good flick. Then Sena and Yozora get in a fight over the movie and eroge Sena was playing. Yozora once again baits the rather socially retarded Sena to “Line repeating” contest. Yozora flawlessly executes manly lines from the movie while Sena has some trouble repeating the most over-used lines in H-Scenes. Either way, Sena actually says it but is met with weird stares than praise (what did she expect). Class ends and Kodaka walks out, only to be called by a nun who seemed to be half asleep on the bench. The nun approaches Kodaka and thinks he dyed his hair blonde because of a troubled life. When he tells her that it’s natural, she backs off. She introduces herself as Takayama Kate, and as Kodaka thinks over that, Maria runs by. Maria and Kate turn out to be (obvious) sisters with a pretty violent and insulting relationship with eachother, Maria runs off and Kate resumes her conversation. If anything, she thanks Kodaka and the club for helping Maria socialize, mostly because she was too smart for her own good and just didn’t have any friends at all from before. Later, finals have ended and Yozora wishes to do the “normal thing” to do and wants to compare answers. Things seem to go well but Sena walks by and of course, leads to bouts.

Haganai KAATE

Two “new” cute girls! Rika is essentially the same only without the glasses while Kate is basically an older Maria without the penchant for insulting people with words related to crap. Shout outs to YARANAIKA even with the creepy smile and pose on the bench. Not much to say about the beginning half of the episode, nothing we haven’t seen before. Just Rika’s crazy movies and Sena actually retaliating against Yozora’s challenge for once. 2nd half was were it was at, Kate didn’t disappoint and I can’t wait to see more of her along with the newer characters from the opening (which also spoiled that Rika was going to take off her glasses sooner or later).

Moar Pics of Rika and Kate Go!

Haganai RikaHaganai Kaaate

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