Winter Anime Week 2

One more week and then I’ll be caught up!

Go go go

Actual episode commentary are short while summaries of course, being me, are long.


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: So what has Speedwagon been doing after Jonathan died? Well, he struck oil in Mexico years ago and became a filthy-RICH. Since then, he has founded the Speedwagon Foundation where they focus on the development and research on medicine, science, and archaeology. Most importantly though, they secretly prioritize research regarding the stone masks and most recently, the Pillar Men. Santana’s body is taken into the Foundation’s hands and placed under watch. Heeding the most heroic Nazi, who just saved the world last week, our heroes make their way to Rome. Jojo decides to grab a bite at a restaurant and encounters a blonde dude wooing a lady. Jojo is somehow disgusted with the cheesy stuff he overhears and decides to fling some ink spaghetti at him, infused with some ripple of course. The blonde dude however, catches the rippled noodles and flings them back….while kissing the lady. Turns out this lady-killer is actually Caesar Zeppeli, the grandson of our beloved William Zeppeli from Part 1. Speedwagon introduces Jojo and Caesar but they don’t seem to bond too well. Jojo would rather spend time with the birds near the fountain while Caesar starts wooing another lady. Speedwagon tries to solve the problem but Caesar knows his family history enough to say that he refuses to work together with the man who’s grandfather was the reason his own grandfather died (I wonder if he knew about the whole “destiny as told by Tompetti” thing but whatever). The two get in a fight, Caesar doesn’t move and just kisses a nearby lady while Jojo charges toward him. Caesar had filled the lady with ripple while kissing her and she moves on her own to throw Jojo into the fountain, Caesar finishes the job with his special Ripple-Bubble technique. Jojo is caught and is unable to do anything….except predict Caesar’s next words to the lady. Caesar proceeds to kiss the lady again to remove the ripple but a ripple-filled pidgeon is launched at him instead..from the lady’s mouth. The two cease their rather creative fight and Caesar takes them to a hotel.


After Jojo and Caesar catch eachother cheating in cards, Speedwagon notes that they have been waiting for 8 hours for Caesar to show them something. A car drives up near them and everyone gets in. Caesar explains that Italy and Germany are in an alliance after they found the Pillar Men beneath Rome. Caesar starts to talk to Mark, the driver’s girlfriend and seems that they had history together in Germany. We skip scenes to the German troops stationed near the 3 Pillar Mens’….Pillar. A hole appears on the one with a single horn and a German Soldier gets close to inspect it. The horn extends and impales the man and the troops turn up the UV lights but the 2nd Pillar man to awaken, and smears the soldiers’ blood on the lights. He steps out of his 2000 year sleep and inspects his surroundings. The 2nd Pillar Man refers to himself as Wham(!) and weaves through the troops and drains them of life. He moves back to the remaining pillar man and awakens them with the iconic “AWAKEN, MY MASTERS”. The two others with their own fabulous poses step out of their slumber. Mark leads our trio into the Mouth of Truth and they find the dead bodies within. Mark runs off in the wrong direction and gets his shoulder bumped by one of the Pillar Men. Half of his body is absorbed and Caesar rushes to his side. Speedwagon regains his role in explaining everything as he declares that the Pillar Men considers them as ants being stepped/unoteworthy. The Pillar Man face eachother and discuss their plans now that they are awake. They plan to find the Red Stone of Aja while testing out how humans have advanced. Cars, the leader of the Pillar Men steps on Wham’s shadow and he instantly flings kick toward his master. ACDC is enraged by this and prepares to punish Wham for his behavior, Cars stops him and rather apologizes to Wham for not remembering to step on his shadow. The three proceed with their business, not even caring to look over the man they just brushed past. Mark pleads Caesar to end his suffering and he reluctantly does so. Caesar and Jojo in rage, charge toward the Pillar Men. 

Jojo Pillar Men

Another famous one liner gets its awesome voice over work. Speaking of voice over works, Caesar’s is really good while the 3 Pillar Mens’ voices are just PHENOMENAL. You have Broskander voicing Wham, Kakashi voicing Cars/Kars, and Maes Hughes voicing ACDC/Eisidisi. Caesar justs turn up the posing count to  dangerously fabulous amounts of awesome, he jumps, poses, and THEN sits down. The small scuffle is pretty hilarious too, poor girl got used in a fight and had a bird shoved down her throat. They just flailed the death flag with Mark and his stupid mistake of running to the opposite direction from where they entered. Wham has a knack for kicking anyone who dares steps on his shadow and Cars is actually a really considerate…being if we’re talking about same species. Big fights ahead, go go go.

 Magi Before

Magi: Alibaba get’s his thoughts out as the 2-person coup actually works against Ahbumad’s (I spelled it like 3 different times, note that I don’t give a damn, he’s a fatty). Ahbumad seems really intent on staying king and tries to assert his power over everyone in the room. With at least 3 candidates to be king, Kogyoku walks in after fantasizing about meeting her “prince”. Kogyoku tries to keep her composure (and her excitement over not marrying Ahbumad) and tries to press the point that she needs to marry somebody to fulfill her orders. The Deputy King steps down from any direct involvement to the throne as he says that he is as guilty as his brother for not trying to defy him and the only person left is Alibaba. Alibaba tells Kogyoku to completely ignore the planned treaties to be signed the next day, as he wishes for the country to become a republic, effectively making any treaty or allegiance to the Kou Empire completely useless. Kogyoku and Ka Koubun warns Alibaba that the Empire would not take kindly to this. Sinbad comes in with 3 of his other friends, who happen to be representatives of three of the Seven Nation Army Alliance. Sinbad backs up Alibaba’s ideas and plans to bring Balbadd into Sinbad’s large alliance. Kogyoku has no counter other than asking Sinbad to come to Kou to discuss this with the higher ups and she joyfully leaves. Alibaba addresses the people gathered below and announces the country’s new system of rule. However, the mysterious arms dealer watches from one of spires as Kasim and his troupe approach the palace.

Magi After

Told you Kogyoku was cute, but she gets even cuter so we can wait for that to happen later on. Once again, not too much happens this episode other than political plans and Kogyoku monologue on staying cool in weird situations. Sinbad brought part of his crew along and just for real, not much happens this episode other than what I just mentioned. It does set up for the next episode with the confrontations with Kasim so we can talk about that when that’s done. Short plus I’m lazy.

 Oreshura More Poses

Oreshura: Chiwa is completely jealous of Natsukawa and she doesn’t try to reveal the fact that she likes Eita (it was obvious from the start). Natsukawa however completely see’s through her and stops Eita from trying to reveal their secret to stop worrying Chiwa. Natsukawa finds this oppertunity to completely troll or completeley help her in getting a boyfriend. She invites her to a new club she starts for helping girls to attract guys, of course she puts in the application for the creation of said club in a more eloquent fashion. Natsukawa trollishly bases her “lessons” off of the ransomed notebook and Eita suffers a bit more. Chiwa basically decides to aim high and try to seduce one of the 3rd years, namely a basketball ace. Natsukawa’s information network concludes that if that’s the guy Chiwa is gonna seduce, she needs some interesting feature on her. Taking an embarassing entry from Eita’s notebook, they decide on using a guitar for Chiwa and provide her tips on how to sound like an actual guitarist without actually playing anything. Natsukawa assures Chiwa that if she’s asked what kind of music she likes, she can basically just name a Stand from Jojo Part 4: Diamond is not Crash (or Unbreakable Diamond). When asked what Jojo was, Natsukawa gets irked off and orders her to read Part 4 first. Chiwa and Eita play their role at their plan, and somehow it works…only for a while as Chiwa runs off. Natsukawa laughs her ass off and the two find Chiwa in the clubroom perfectly fine. Apparently she wasn’t too effected by the psuedo-trollish set up. Chiwa inquires on why they started going out and after a false story about an Ichigo 100% esque beginning, Chiwa leaves, vowing that she will find success and get boyfriend.

Oreshura Let there  be rock

Natsukawa decides to troll the obvious Chiwa who makes it pretty obvious to everyone that she’s jealous of Natsukawa. Natsukawa’s trollish attitude uses readings from the notebook like a religion and fools around and orders Chiwa to do embarassing things. Natsukawa’s attitude itself entertains me while characters like Chiwa are just….meh. You could say that I’m ready for new characters any day now. Oh yeah, Chiwa doesn’t know Jojo which kinda deserves some punishment, plus her DORARARARARARA is weak, check this link at around 2:05

Maoyuu Love

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha: Picking up from last time, our duo leave the demon lord castle in order to traverse high and low to see what they can correct. After a few mishaps with teleportations, they arrive at a small hamlet in the countryside. D.K here has already arranged one of her subordinates to find them a place to stay while they educate this poor village to become a prosperous one. The subordinate who doesn’t really give herself a credible introduction after yelling “demon lord” for a few blocks  turns out to be the Head Maid of the D.K’s household. She’s rather direct when it comes  to getting facts across but whatever. The cover story for the two is that the ended up badly wounded in a fight against the Demon Lord and the “Hero” has either fled or died.  D.K unveils her beginning plans to change the crop system by rotational shifts in crop along with switching land. I would go into the more specifics about crop systems but that isn’t what you’re here for. The negotiations for these changes don’t go along so well and when trying to spend quality alone time together, our duo is interrupted by a commotion in the stables. The two find two girls who have ran away from their work are found by our duo, and then the maid. Her judgement is to send them back with an apology but Hero doesn’t really allow that. The Maid however is able to straigthen them up as newly recruited maids and the rest is history. D.K also goes about teaching the sons of nobles politics and economy and starts teaching children as well. The work exhausts her and she finally goes to the town elder to unveil her “secret” weapon

Maoyuu Lost

The Maid is pretty…interesting to say the least. She’s helpful, a bit clumsy in a sense that she calls D.K Demon King across the town for them to hear. She’s very strict with everyone else but turns out to be sort of forgiving. I loved it when she said “everyone loves maids”. D.K seems pretty intent with keeping their promise and it’s just adorable to see the two try to get close. Of course, names would definitely help but I guess they’re gonna do that at the VERY end. Not much happens but I would love to see more of the two.

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