Music of the Week #69

Almost there!

Weekly Recaps from two weeks ago just need some pictures and then it will be on its way. Half of last week is done and pictures will be added soon. Other than those two, I have 2 Gametalk posts and maybe another figure post because I just got me some cash to spend. Light has been more active in terms of videogames because he’s now into League of Legends. He’s still a noob though, farming bot games for IP to buy champions. I sense some potential but since I haven’t seen any actual PVP situations with him, I’m not to sure on that.

Other than League, which is pretty addicting in its beginning levels with its overwhelming amount of content, I got Light to ALSO download Kamidori. The two games have been eating off his life for around a few days now. More on Kamidori later but on to the music

Durarara’s second opening isn’t AS good as the first one in my opinion. But it still features the large caste of charaacters with fitting places for all of them. I think this isn’t as popular as the first one though, either way good song and we’ll finish off DRRR next week.