Winter 2013 Anime First Impression-Thoughts

Weeks behind, let the minimalism commence

I'm late, so I'm off to finish more overdue stuff
I’m late, so I’m off to finish more overdue stuff


Maoyuu Maou Yuusha: The story takes place in a age where humans and demons have engaged in a bloody war. However, a cliche 4 man RPG Dungeon raider crew rises from amongst the bloody battlefields to act as a beacon of hope for the side of humans. As another twist, the leader of said group leaves his band to pursue his personal goals. He somehow is able to make a bee-line toward the Demon King’s room and he is baffled to see that the “demon king” responsible for all the bloodshed is actually an extremely beautiful girl. His attempts to do the right thing as a hero to “kill” said Demon King doesn’t seem to work. His naive/one-sided viewpoint of demons are evil and humans are good are quickly proven wrong by the Demon King when she gives him some documents on how the economy of the world as increased thanks to the war effort. The “War Economy” has helped humans rather than hurt them (well of course, many have died). The Demon King expresses her happiness to finally see the chance to reason with the Hero and literally asks him if “he would her’s”. After more elaboration on the gains of the war instead of losses, the two sit down and have some tea. The Hero gets angry for the peaceful atmosphere and the Demon King retaliates by handing him a magic lamp that shows the memories and thoughts of the holder. The Hero is reminded that the more wealthy cities behave as if there wasn’t a war at all. When the Demon King shows her wish to “go beyond the war” and try to cure the world’s problems before the war ends. The Hero sees the validity of the points she makes and agrees to her plans. This is of course after a few failed attempts from the Demon King. After accidentally touching the lamp and seeing what the Demon King “plans” on doing, they head out to fulfill their promise.


Sweet Jesus, that’s the most adorable Demon King I’ve ever seen. “Will you be mine?” Hell yes, here’s my soul and my dignity with it. This reminds me A LOT of Spice and Wolf, which is a DAMN good thing. It’s a light-heated atmosphere in a serious, gray, economic world. Once again, it’s sounds a lot like Spice and Wolf, which I wouldn’t mind rewatching again. The premise also reminds me of Hagure Yuusha, only without the trollish main character or weird looking girls (the reason I didn’t watch it because good main, but just unappealing females, least for me). Economics and actual plans for the future leave a good impression in my head to be short, I’m pretty eager to see what’s next.

Oreshura Not what it looks

Oreshura: Oreshura begins like any other harem-romantic comedy when the main hero awakens from his sleep thanks to his cute next door neighbor who also happens to be his childhood friend. They go shopping for food and establish the facts that: The girl, Chiwa, is dependent on our main character for food and she actually listens to trendy magazines. Our main, Kido Eita shares with us his sentiments and disinterests in romance. He recites that going to the top grade college with a scholarship, ignoring love due to his divorced parents, and making sure not to label himself as gay are his main goals through his highschool years. Chiwa mentions something about a girl named Masuzu Natsukawa, the 1st year beauty who she seems very envious of because of all the attention boys give her. Our main however, doesn’t really give a damn. Of course, school begins and when seat changes occur, our main is seated next to the one and only Natsukawa. He continues to not do anything but study. As the days go by, the boys get jealous of Eita’s proximity to Natsukawa. This eventually blows out of the roof when one day after school, Natsukawa asks Eita if he would walk home with her. Eita, having absolutely no experience in this only blurts out questions on why she would ask him. She responds with a confession and before the class kills him, the two leave. Eita takes her near a clearing and asks why she told everyone that. While it seemed like genuine love, Natsukawa shows her true colors when she tells us that Eita was right, it was all an act. Natsukawa turns out to be very similar to Eita, she doesn’t want love at all and think it’s pointless. Because of her beauty, she had been confessed to around 50 times in the past 2 months and wishes for this to stop. She picked out Eita because of their similiarities and tells him that she wants him to act as a fake boyfriend to shut down everyone’s advances toward her. Eita doesn’t want to involved but has no choice when she pulls out his notebook filled with rather negative thoughts on others. Apparently, Eita threw that away on accident when cleaning out. Seeing no choice (because the notes got uploaded to Nastukawa’s PC as well), Eita agrees to this.

Not quite as fabulous as Jojo himself but w/e
Not quite as fabulous as Jojo himself but w/e

The premise is basically Tonari no Kaibutsu, only in reverse. Girl wants to romance with a boy, who’s too interested in graduating at the top of his grade to care any bit about social life. It’s Tonari no Kaibutsu again…with a at least one peg up or down, I’ll judge whichever it was at a later time. Natsukawa is actually just using Eita to stop boys from asking her out and is pretty adamant like him to not have a relationship. So it’s fake-love within a harem which kiiiiiinda interests me, which you should have guessed because I’m only watching around 3 new series this season. Anyways, more on this later.

asdfghlrewqt KOBATO

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT: Let’s start off the new season by reaffirming everyone’s social status within the school. Kodaka begins the new season off by reminding us that he’s still percieved as a menace to society and the student body as a thug. When we return to the Neighbor’s Club, we meet our two “main” heroines: Yozora and Sena. They’re too busy trying to insult eachother’s hairstyle. Our trap-maid Yukimura and “has a fetish for everything” scientist Rika is there too. While talking about hair, Yozora mentions a rather strange hairstyle everyone seems to be trending toward. Sena is pretty interested but Yozora is able to convince her through her regular peer pressure and reverse psychology methods to get Sena’s hair completely pimped out. Cameras shift between more characters that didn’t join our regular cast, mostly on the rare ocassion of two cute loli’s that didn’t get too much show in the episode. Either way, Kodaka tries to study for finals, but Sena keeps asking him to cure her from boredom. Sena then invites him over so she can help him study and he is greeted by Sena’s dad, Pegasus (Kaiba-boi). Apparently, he was very concerned of Kodaka’s wellbeing at school, he asked Sena everyday how he was doing. When Kodaka enters Sena’s room, he finds the entire ceiling cluttered with photos of Yozora. He even finds a wig Yozora used the day before on Sena’s bed too. The two study for a few minutes, but Kodaka doesn’t really get any help and the two end up playing games. When Kodaka is asked to stay the night, his bath gets invaded by Pegasus and the two have a conversation regarding Sena’s recent behavior. When Kodaka promises Pegasus that he’ll take care of Sena when more weird things happen, Pegasus seems set on…something.


What can I say, it’s one of the series I really liked back for another season, and it looks a lot more “refined” than last season. It was pretty smooth last season and now it’s very….soft. Yozora’s attitude seems a little less harsh than before  and Sena remains the same. Rika seems less of a pervert and Yukimura stayed the same with…its attitude. Maria and Kobato didn’t show up because Kodaka needed to get help with studying. Sena is suprisingly very spiteful (and veerrrry creepy) when it turned out she has an obession with Yozora’s cruelty to her for the past few seasons. Her entire household (excluding herself) seems to want Kodaka to further her relationship with her. Other than guy’s in the bath, good start to another season.

Late, can’t talk now


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