Music of the Week #68

I got 2 posts in the making and god knows how many non-review ones I promised. Either way, gotta get music post out first, and then the Winter First Week’s stuff before I can get the 2nd episodes along with Jojo and Magi. If that made any sense, then I’ve finished my talk here

Why the delays? Schoolwork being unhealth-ily pushed back due to Kamidori, it’s…pretty damn addicting. Also got into looking at figures again, been narrowing down choices because I’m a picky mofo when it comes to money (isn’t everybody?). Something about Miku I just never get tired about. Until I get a surplus in my weak funds, I probably won’t buy any of course. Kamidori, League, and DMC3 HD are still keeping me entertained for the moment and I may buyback DMC4 because I feel like playing Nero now.

Music time though. Durarara is quite the series with its characters. Much like how I do any series review, characters really make the series for what it is and if there’s one certain bad character or just a sizeable amount of bad characters, I probably won’t like it. Anyways, Durarara was an enjoyable series with good storytelling and it’s diverse cast of characters. A set of characters so nicely recieved that every opening and ending of the series focuses on showcasing them in their everyday antics. If I had to rate it, it would go: 1st ending, 2nd ending, 2nd opening, and the first opening (in order from best to meh). Since I’m in a rush, here’s the 2nd opening, which is still good and I found it interesting how they added tidbits from the actual episode in the opening (and then proceeding to the 2nd verse of the chorus and finishing it off)

Complications by rookiez is punk’d

Erika and Walker’s part, I spied SAO, C3, Dokuro, etc

….it’s a series like this which makes me wish I lived in the city