Fall Anime Week 12-13

Completely forgot about these. Most of the series reviews are up and last week happened to be a break week anyway. Let’s quickly get this done.

Not before I flood this post with pictuers of Jojo’s New Opening and Magi’s. Magi’s opening just before we cover the weeks’ episode. Magi’s rather nice ending will get their own pictures next week. Jojo might get one but eh, until we get all the Jojo’s I prolly won’t screencap em all, not yet…But really wish they keep the same ending for the end.

By the way, the last two Magi opening pictures are actually gifs.

  JosephLisa LisaJojo Opening 2Jojo and ZeppeliWhamACDCCarsFight! Caesar   

He brought tequila and a can of whoop-ass
He brought tequila and a can of whoop-ass

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Jojo continues his trip through Mexico and more or less figures out that he’s being followed. When he turns around he doesn’t see anything but he quickly gets attacked by Donavan, a German Spec. Ops agent. The two engage in a fight but Jojo gets pinned down next to a cactus. As Donavan starts gloating, Jojo channels his ripple through the cactus and hits Donavan with a crapton of needles Final Fantasy style. Jojo explained how he didn’t even try to fight with him fairly seeing how fast Donavan was compared to him. He demands answers and is overjoyed to hear that Speedwagon is alive. Jojo leaves for the Nazi Base, tying up Donavan to a cactus to meet his fate. At the Nazi Base, Stroheim is able to awaken the Pillar Man and names him Santana due to the “good air in Santa Ana”. Stroheim laughs his ass off when Santana barely manages to stand up and when they test out his abilities by sending a man who was exposed to a stone mask, Santana absorbs him into his body. Stroheim sees that Santana’s powers are no laughing matter and the men begin to panic. When he assures them at the walls are keeping them safe, they hear Santana mutter “Stroheim”. Everyone in the room (even Speedwagon is…) starts to panic again. On the outside, Jojo identifies the Nazi Base and sees two German Soldiers getting free eyecandy from the Mexican populace. Joseph tries to sneak his way through by dressing as a woman but the soldiers immediately identify him as a hostile. This doesn’t stop Jojo from kicking their asses (and making them yell Tacos) but it does suprise him how they saw through his disguise. Either way, Jojo gains entry to the base. On the inside, the crew is sh*tting their pants when they find that Santana is nowhere to be seen. The surveillance cameras reveal that Santana reconfigured his bones to get through the air vents. When the soldier approaches one, he is immediately grabbed and is “assimilated” to Santana, think of reverse/forced absorbtion. Santana begins to talk to them but gets pumped full of lead. He points his finger at them like a gun and suprisingly shoots bullets out. A familiar sounding voice tells Speedwagon that they should leave but when the gunfire continues, Jojo reveals himself and yanks out Stroheim’s hair to use as a barrier to deflect the bullets.

Instead of engaging Santana in a fist fight to the death, Jojo tries to see if Santana is actually a good guy and tries some childish idioms. Santana ignores this and Jojo’s attempts to trip him to investigate the firearms the soldiers used against him. When Jojo tries to get his attention, he gets knocked out. Santana then heads toward Speedwagon (who’s still afraid) to see if every human is special like Jojo. Jojo immediately wakes up and attacks Santana, who has figured out that Jojo seems to the only one special. Jojo’s attacks prove futile once more and when Jojo is getting absorbed by Santana, Stroheim honors the Reich before pushing the self destruct button. Jojo yells Stroheim to stop as it was his plan to get absorbed half-way. Taking the advantage, Jojo’s tears Santana from the inside using his ripples. Jojo then grabs a knife and net to tie Santana up and asks Stroheim if Santana is weak to sunlight. Stroheim confirms this and Jojo begins to crawl up the stairs with Santana with him, to open the door. Jojo almost reaches the door but Santana’s flesh from the ripple accident starts piling up on his legs. Stroheim jumps in to save the day (leave it to a Nazi eh?) and tries to open the door. He is promptly stopped by Santana’s remaining flesh and all seems to be lost. Stroheim however one ups Jojo as the hero of this week by asking him to remove one of the axes mounted on the walls to cut off his restrained leg. Jojo refuses to do so but Stroheim gives him a passionate dose of being a proud soldier. Jojo answers Stroheim’s wishes and slices off Stroheim’s leg. The door is finally opened but Santana is not fazed as he reconfigures his body once again and forces himself up Stroheim’s leg stump. Stroheim hops outside and sees no other choice but to pull out an Ullapool Caber Stick grenade. Stroheim gives an extremely quick reason to why they were experimenting on Santana in Mexico. Apparently, the German forces have unearthed 3 more Pillar Men in Europe and are planning to awaken them as well. Stroheim tells Jojo that his ripples are too weak to combat against them and tells him to travel to Rome to find a person to help him. Stroheim dies an honorable death to save humanity, but Santana is unharmed. He attacks Jojo as he tries to guard the well. Turns out that Jojo predicted this and pulls off his trademark “You’re gonna say….” as the well’s water reflects the sunlight directly above the well (apparently, it was exactly noon). Santana returns to his stone form and Jojo is victorious.


If it takes that much trouble to kill one Pillar Man, I can’t wait to see how Jojo and co deal with Cars’ crew. Speedwagon reprised his role from the first series with his usual yelling and explanations, only this time we have Stroheim helping him. Jojo’s infamous Tequila Joseph was 10 seconds of absolute hilarity, even better when the Nazi’s yell Tacos (Viva!). Jojo’s attempts to identify Santana’s character was a funny thing to watch, especially when I saw it translated into English and Korean. What’s with Japan and making Nazi’s likable? I first saw it in Hellsing and how Stroheim is such a nice guy. Next episode we have Caesar and the “AWAKEN, MY MASTERS!” line….Dammit…I can’t last another week…

1-Magi Op 1 2-Magi Op 2 3-Magi Op 3 4-Magi Op 4

Magi: After the bad news from the general and the deputy king himself, Morgiana voices her worry about the fate of the city and its people. She tells the Sinbad and his crew that Alibaba is the only one who can save the country. Alibaba is unable to think of some plan to get anything done and despairs. Sinbad encourages him and tells Alibaba that he must become the king. Alibaba heads out to think about the Aragorn/Alistair-esque(anyone get those references?) plans, but he gets mobbed by the beggars telling him to save the country. He gets cornered to a bridge and gets pulled on to a boat by none other than Kassim and his crew. Kassim takes Alibaba to their other hideout and announces his plan to forcefully overthrow the king using the people and the weapons given to them by a mysterious arms dealer. Alibaba rejects the plan and then he and Kassim have a major falling out and Alibaba leaves. He refuses to tell anyone about Kassim’s plan though. He goes to Sinbad and wishes to train under him to get stronger. A few days later, Alibaba heads toward the palace alone.


Woot, new opening (YAMUUUUUUUU), I guess we’re going to have a Fate/Zero or Jojo style progression of episodes.  Anyway, Princess Kogyoku, the crazy (adorable) girl from before apparently doesn’t realize how political marriages work. She proves to the audience how she’s not crazy at all, she’s just like any other girl who wants to experience love. She doesn’t like the idea of the arranged marriage but she wonders how her betrothed looks like. That instantly gets answered by Abumhad’s fat face who got a new set of royal bodyguards from the Kou Empire. Outside, the royals find Alibaba fighting off the guards and Abumhad sends his new guard at him. The elephant headed guard fights against Alibaba and he gets overpowered. The usual “life flashing before X’s eyes” sequence kicks up and Alibaba gets up again to invoke his Djinn Equip (think Shaman King in Middle East and South Asia) and slice the damn elephant in freaking half. The remaining elite guards are sent after him and when faced with hydra-regenerating monkeys, Morgiana shows up to beat the crap out of them with her fists. She lifts Alibaba up to the other side of the gate and reassure him that she’ll be alright. Alibaba gets interrupted by a panther/cougar guard but his magoi runs out, but remembering his lesson with Sinbad he throws a pot of oil at the guard and ignites the oil, making makeshift magoi to power his blade. He slices the guard in half and races toward the king’s room. In Morgiana’s case, she herself cannot beat all the monkeys so she tries to build up momentum by launching herself off the nearby spires. Alibaba finally reaches the king’s room and confronts Abumahd. When the guards are ordered to kill him, the deputy king interrupts and orders the soldiers to stand down.

Sword of Amon

Episode 12 only served to just get the mood right for episode 13 where the real action begins. Kassim will show up again, I’ll just leave it at that. I like how Alibaba still thinks of him as a friend even when told that Kassim didn’t like being around him. The new opening in terms of music isn’t as good as the first one in my opinion but the visuals do impress me a lot. Except for Hakuryuu, I just don’t like him at all. He reminds me of Shu from GC so much especially when…well I’ll just say the word “arm” and I’ll let that be. We finally get to see Alibaba kick some ass on his own before Morgiana shows up to get her spotlight (as if she didn’t have enough, but I’ll stop my complaints). There will be a bigger fight so hype it up.

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