Seitokai no Ichizon Lv.2 ONA Series Review

Sugisaki returns. Not to get verbally abused, but to actually get some appreciation from his harem.

It's all about Sugisaki
It’s all about Sugisaki

In my case, that was a good thing considering some kickass main characters never get a somewhat happy ending with a lady (in this case, around six girls around Sugisaki’s arms)

We’ll miss you Sugisaki Ken. Your name shall be engraved next to likes of Onizuka and Harima.

Plus excuse the lack of high-res pics or any of that sort. So let’s jsut use LN pics

Seitokai no Ichizon LV.2 ONA (or just Ichizon [2] from here on out) picks up….some time after the first season ended. New VA’s for Mafuyu and Chizuru and a completely different looking student council room. One of the reasons I wasn’t disappointed by season 2 of this series is that I watched this first. I was moved by Sugisaki’s goals and convictions that I immediately caught up with the series in a matter of days. First one was hilarious, the 2nd one didn’t make me laugh as much but what it did provide me was some romance scenes. Some of these were from the light novel but they didn’t get all of them. Either way, let’s get to it



To sum up the last episode in the most concise way possible to avoid ruining the moment, Sugisaki finally gets some love back….by all four girls (unfortunately, not the way you just thought of you understandably sick puppy you). He tries to get his side of the appreciation out by gets distracted by other characters until he finally gets it out, and the girls have something in store for him.


Characters and on to the real talk…well actually, the characters ARE most of the real part.

  • Sugisaki: One of the best harem (well, not yet officially) leads ever concieved. Sugisaki’s character embodies what the average man truly wants: A harem of cute girls. Sugisaki was abused in the first season but now gets the effect of the cause he so valiantly repeated so many times in the first season. Sugisaki is given the episode 0 treatment where it details his 1st year in highschool. That alone made me, the guy who didn’t watch the first season at all so inspired by his character to watch it all in a matter of days. Sugisaki himself remains a bit less perverted and outrageous from the first season, but when he is actually appreciated a bit more by the girls I couldn’t care less.
  • Prez: Being a loudmouth and a loli, Sakurano/Kurimu/Prez was just always stuck at the bottom of the character rankings. She doesn’t really get a “focus” episode this time around but does more or less confess to Sugisaki. Of course, the confession as a sense of “everyone staying together” and that “Sugisaki is a core part of their group”.
  • Chizuru: While I felt somewhat glad that Prez didn’t get a focus episode, I was pretty sad when Chizuru didn’t really get one either. Chizuru’s sadistic side is shown less once again because of the more “appreciative” part of season 2. Chizuru almost got a confession out, only the three other girls wouldn’t let her.
  • Minatsu: Minatsu got a focus episode and served as the transition from the regular “Ichizon” experience episodes from 1-3 to the quote on quote “appreciative” side. She goes all in and gets real close with Sugisaki, the latter being completely terrified of a “soft Minatsu”. Sad thing is, nothing much happens between the two after this.
  • Mafuyu: Because she already confessed to Sugisaki in the 1st season, Mafuyu is mostly ignored once the “A” part picks up. When Ringo gets introduced, she fears that the “cute” character’s seat will be replaced by her. She mostly did because Ringo did prove to be a more entertaining character.
  • Ringo: Ringo was one of the girls responsible for Sugisaki’s middle school hardships. While not actually two timing at all, Sugisaki was taking care of her and going out with Asuka and couldn’t find a balance. She was mentioned in Season 1 but she shows up at around episode 5. Just when I thought the already impressive harem couldn’t get better (or rather, more hilarious) Ringo just proves that . Ringo herself is extremely naive and picks up new sayings and phrases very easily. Any sort of influence on her usually sticks, such as Asuka’s sharp tongue and Sugisaki’s player language.
  • Asuka: Asuka was the other girl that caused Sugisaki’s rough time in middleschool. Apparently, her upbeat nature influenced how he acts today so his player style can be attributed to her in some ways. Asuka, after a lot of foreshadowing finally shows up the episode before the series ends. She’s the…let’s see…oh hell, EVERYONE has confessed to Sugisaki in one way or another but I guess Asuka has the most say in Sugisaki’s decisions. Personally, I think Sugisaki should go back with Asuka but the harem master has his ways I guess.
  • Lilicia and Minase: Finally got a spotlight this time around. While it seemed like she was a pompous “ojou” with the trademark “ohohoho” laugh (and she completely is) the spotlight episode did remind us nicely that she’s still a female character for Sugisaki’s arms. Minase only mattered for episode 0 to act as both a supporter and rival to Sugisaki and his goals for the student council. She said that without full concentration on studying, Sugisaki would never enter the Student Council. Sugisaki proves her method wrong as he was able to match her marks even with healthy socializing and ahem, gaming.
Damn creases D:
Damn creases D:

I honestly understand why some people bash on this season. Compared to the first one’s riotous parodies and somewhat abusive comedy, the second severely lightens that up a bit. While some people may prefer the comedy over the love, I actually wanted the love to increase, this season was a particular godsend for me. The character developments that happens in this season are from the LN as well so take that as you will.

Sugisaki got cooler

Sugisaki’s efforts are just portrayed really nicely for me. It’s an inspiring tale for a guy like me, who wouldn’t be awe struck to see a pervy nobody become Valedictorian and an absolute player? Then to see that player and hardworker profess his love for the four girls who help turn his life around. Seeing him strive to romance, or rather repay back the girls  through his own expense is…admirable. He obviously couldn’t have gone very far without them, so now he devotes his life for them. Their happiness is his happiness and as much as he is aware of this in a spiritual sense, he isn’t afraid of expressing his “bodily” desire. Of course, it’s the perfect balance between his perverted side and his devotion that really sets his character. The ultimate ending, the Harem End, stands as not only as a basic term for the best end but stands as Sugisak’s personal “Nirvana” or “Perfect” end to his goals. He stated that the student council is his “Dream”, the perfect harmony of his goals and his happiness. It’s a pretty inspiring effort to me as I’m basically stuck in his situation of being unable to find a good balance between studying and screwing around. So yeah, consider his character got to me on a personal level which only increased my opinion on the series.

While the girls may be the main attraction along with the comedy, Sugisaki makes it a more enjoyable experience. So to those who wanted some more comedy, it’s still there but not as big as a factor than Sugisaki getting the respect and proper attention he deserves. To those of you who really liked Sugisaki’s serious side show up from the first one and finally see that work repayed upfront, you’ll love this one

Fanservice Chizuru!



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  1. While I’ll obviously irk at the incrementation of mushy moments in season 2, as long as the torture quality is as exquisite as the previous season, I’ll forgive the show’s dull parts.

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