Music of the Week #70

Completely forgot about this with all the studying in order

Bought me a figure and it will arrive sooner or later. I thought I wasn’t going to get it but I guess I didn’t hold true to that. I’ll have more to talk on that when it actually arrives. Weekly recap from last week is almost done, pictures, Oreshura, and Maoyuu are the only ones that need to complete. I have 3 Gametalks planned, but hopefully I can pull through and finish them because I have 2 essays due next week, I guess priorities take place at the moment. Finished Vento Aureo and because of the lack of proper translations of Diamond is Unbreakable online, I’m just reading Stardust Crusaders again. I….I think I have mancrush on Kakyoin

Either way, I can’t wait for the rest of the Jojo’s to be animated, so let’s just move on to our music

Like I have said for the past month, Durarara’s strength comes from its strong cast. Said cast being featured in every opening/ending sequence. Trust Me just made the internet explode with countless parodies. Stuff ranging from the regular shounen stuff with its abunance of characters (even useless ones) and to stuff like Team Fortress 2 and Pokemon games. I would post some of the parodies, but duty calls and I have a bunch of stuff to write down.

Winter Anime Week 3

Quick! Before the Week ends!

Too late for that

But Week 4’s Recap is halfway done too. Of course, I got delayed thanks to…..Wait. I got DMC3 almost platinumed, Kamidori is getting repetitive so I’m taking a break from it, and….Oh wait, I’m reading Vento Aureo. Anyways

Let’s get this done

Gif from last week, deal with it
Gif from last week, deal with it

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Music of the Week #69

Almost there!

Weekly Recaps from two weeks ago just need some pictures and then it will be on its way. Half of last week is done and pictures will be added soon. Other than those two, I have 2 Gametalk posts and maybe another figure post because I just got me some cash to spend. Light has been more active in terms of videogames because he’s now into League of Legends. He’s still a noob though, farming bot games for IP to buy champions. I sense some potential but since I haven’t seen any actual PVP situations with him, I’m not to sure on that.

Other than League, which is pretty addicting in its beginning levels with its overwhelming amount of content, I got Light to ALSO download Kamidori. The two games have been eating off his life for around a few days now. More on Kamidori later but on to the music

Durarara’s second opening isn’t AS good as the first one in my opinion. But it still features the large caste of charaacters with fitting places for all of them. I think this isn’t as popular as the first one though, either way good song and we’ll finish off DRRR next week.

Music of the Week #68

I got 2 posts in the making and god knows how many non-review ones I promised. Either way, gotta get music post out first, and then the Winter First Week’s stuff before I can get the 2nd episodes along with Jojo and Magi. If that made any sense, then I’ve finished my talk here

Why the delays? Schoolwork being unhealth-ily pushed back due to Kamidori, it’s…pretty damn addicting. Also got into looking at figures again, been narrowing down choices because I’m a picky mofo when it comes to money (isn’t everybody?). Something about Miku I just never get tired about. Until I get a surplus in my weak funds, I probably won’t buy any of course. Kamidori, League, and DMC3 HD are still keeping me entertained for the moment and I may buyback DMC4 because I feel like playing Nero now.

Music time though. Durarara is quite the series with its characters. Much like how I do any series review, characters really make the series for what it is and if there’s one certain bad character or just a sizeable amount of bad characters, I probably won’t like it. Anyways, Durarara was an enjoyable series with good storytelling and it’s diverse cast of characters. A set of characters so nicely recieved that every opening and ending of the series focuses on showcasing them in their everyday antics. If I had to rate it, it would go: 1st ending, 2nd ending, 2nd opening, and the first opening (in order from best to meh). Since I’m in a rush, here’s the 2nd opening, which is still good and I found it interesting how they added tidbits from the actual episode in the opening (and then proceeding to the 2nd verse of the chorus and finishing it off)

Complications by rookiez is punk’d

Erika and Walker’s part, I spied SAO, C3, Dokuro, etc

….it’s a series like this which makes me wish I lived in the city

Music of the Week Week 67

Oh boy I’m late on this one

Troubles in class got me down again, I’ll find a way out it eventually. Either way, been busy playing this

Wilfred Dion. I can honestly say he's a really nice protagonist
Wilfred Dion. I can honestly say he’s a really nice protagonist

But of course, a picture of the impressive main character won’t do anything so….

Would find better picture but you get my point
Would find better picture but you get my point

I kinda went in for the pretty art, but the game itself is addicting as hell. Love scenes are kind of awkward though, you have your main routes reserved for the 3 heroines but have a rather considerable amount of side-characters who get their way with our main character as well (and vice-versa). I personally fell for a side character (of course, one main character stood out to me), cause come on…not a lot of fictional characters can say that they romanced a freaking archangel in her own damn church.

Enough of that though, Small news and right onto the new music. Jojo and Magi will get seperate posts this week and once I finish the Winter anime post, they will grouped together. Winter animes that already aired their 1st episode and are currently on the 2nd one will get their section with the Jojo and Magi post. On the topic of Jojo….I can’t freaking WAIT for the full version of Bloody Stream.

So on to the music: We finished Angel Beats and now another series will be introduced

This week and the few weeks following will be Durarara! A series that featured one of the most trollish anime character I’ve ever seen (Izaya). The first opening for you all. Time for me to study and play some more.