Music of the Week #65

So many posts, so many delays, so much sh*t.

Not much to say here folks, I’m just gathering pictures for the 11-12 megapost while prepping up the holiday posts along with some other series reviews. Fall’s Week 12 is pretty short so it will be a out a bit sooner. God, I am just so behind on this stuff. My brother is just taking up a lot of time, well, I’m the one taking up his time too as we just end up watching Jojo and the upcoming game. Whatever, let’s get to the music so I can continue writing EVERYTHING ELSE.

This week’s song is Angel Beats’ Ending song, Brave Song (summed up by our co-founder, Siegetank as the: worst song title ever). I REALLY like this song, but like the opening, too bad the series never developed a bit more.  Like the opening, both of the sequences feature our main characters (even those who were never explored deeply) and the episode’s op/ed is based on what happened in the episode. Either way, it would mean so much if the series was actually “complete”.

Here ya go folks.