Small Update on the Series Reviews to Come

Hey guys, just a quick post.

[UPDATE]: Recap 12 will be bundled with 12 for further convenience. Specifically, Tonari’s ep 12 and Btoom’s ep 12 will be bundled as the other serie with more than 13 episodes will continue on with the actual week 12 recap

With my brother back in town, I can’t really find the time to post (since he’s basically with me the entire time). Just so happens that the end of the season is upon as well. Strangely, a lot of the series that I’m watching are not really going to be ending with a mere 12 episodes. I’m currently trying to find time to post 2 series reviews that are overdue (well, I’m in the appropirate time zone if I get some out) and a few others that need to get done.

Here’s the list of upcoming reviews and other things 😀

  • Btooom’s review will be worked on as soon as I wrap up Week 11’s Recap post
  • Chunnibyou was actually sat through by me and that will be getting a review
  • Sword Art Online will get one. No Comment
  • Seitokai will be included in Week 11 and 12, its episode 9 was the finale so series review after I get those two out.
  • Tonari will be included in Week Recap 11 and 12 while getting a series review after episode 13 is released
  • Jojo will go on forever, but I might do a small recap on Part 1…but probably not
  • Magi will continue for god knows how long, they have enough manga material for a 26 episode one
  • OniAi will get one but nothing for TLDR and HNG because those have had animes before.

Short but hey, I still care about this place.

Happy Holidays everyone